The Good Wife Review: Swinging for the Fences, Alicia

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Faced with the job of a lifetime, Will chose to continue doing what he loves on "Feeding the Rat." The only questions for viewers, following a stage-setting episode of The Good Wife, was this:

Is he talking about work... or Alicia?

Harvey Fierstein on The Good Wife

It was almost comical to hear Will and Alicia agree that she's a "no fuss, no muss" kind of woman. For two-plus seasons, the Alicia Florrick we've known is all fuss, entirely muss. She analyzes every situation. She wonders if she's a good enough wife, or mother or attorney. She's never entirely sure about the path she's on.

Yes, Alicia is trying to be the laid back gal who is eager to get it on with her boss in his private bathroom these days, but it's a struggle. A new haircut doesn't automatically equate to a new attitude, although it has led to a much funnier Alicia. Loved the jab at Jackie in her final conversation with Will.

But like most storylines this week, the L word debate mostly laid the groundwork for what's ahead. When will Alicia and Will go public? Will they remain on the same romantic page? How will Peter react when this relationship does get out? And, seriously, how tension-filled and perfectly-played are all Will/Peter scenes?

Elsewhere, pieces were moved within Lockhart/Gardner, as I can only hope Diane's decision to take on Legal Aid means more Romany Malco on the series. He's been a favorite ever since his stint on Weeds. Eli didn't exactly get what he wants, but I did: more Eli/Kalinda scenes, a humorous analysis by the former of the "mom and pop" company around him and more adult conversations between characters.

Meanwhile, is it safe to already say that Cary has a new love interest? The insertion of that UASA felt a bit random, but I wouldn't dare argue with more screen time for the man with the smarmiest smile on television. Cary hasn't had a lot to do so far on season three, so let's hope he and the Reverend's granddaughter make for an interesting duo, professionally, personally or both.

Finally, is this the last we've seen of Lisa Edelstein? Do you want it to be? Celeste has been a welcome addition, in my opinion, used just enough to shed more light on Will's past and to help him see what he wants from his future. It may involve circling the bases, but not as baseball commissioner, as Alicia's serious boyfriend. But will she give him the stop sign? Or will she let him swing openly, passionately for the fences?

And will I apologize for using such lame, obvious baseball metaphors? No, I will not: this episode was a double.


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Just wanted to say that Celeste is one of the most vile women I have seen on TV. It is like she grew up, raised by a buch of drunk men who taught her that she had to be "one of the guys" if she wanted to win. She is horrible. They have this character looking like she just downed a fifth and fell out of a bed to face the day! Yuck! She has one more episode scheduled. I want her gone.


This was a strong episode despite the fact that we could guess the real shooter(the "eyewitness") early on. Also my husband pointed out that the innocent bystander, who was arrested at the scene, was not given a gunshot residue test, which would have showed that he had not recently fired a gun.
if the police had done that routine test, they would have turned their attention elsewhere, maybe tested the "eyewitness" as well, and caught him in a lie. Also, don't most convenience stores these days have a video camera?


I agree with most of the comments. Like to see Alicia doing her "lawyer thing". She's a good lawyer and she's gaining more confidence in every episode. Liked that Will slipped the "love you" because I believe he does love Alicia. And, she loves him, too, but has a lot more to loose, especially her chaildren. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like Celeste. She's really over the top. If she stays I think they need to tone her down some. Why the awkward questioning of Will and Peter? What is she trying to prove? I also think that this show handles race issues realistically. Black attorney defending white suspect. I didn't catch that the black eyewitness was really the killer. nice touch, because he was looking all "Poindexter-sh) with his glasses and the white guy was looking all scruffy. Good job, writers. Also, writers, don't make Eli a whiney baby. I like him when he's edgy. Like that Diane is bringing legal aid in house, again, didn't see that one. Can't wait until next week.


Loved the show last night - but I do dislike Celeste intensely - she is quite nasty in a passive aggressive way. I think Diane's actions were believeable - she was conflicted from the time she sat down in the Legal Aid office - as always, loved the scenes with Eli - he is sharp and acerbic but still quite likeable. And Alicia and Will - fantastic!


Love Will. Thought the Diane's actions were way ridiculous.....too much change there to be believable.


I really liked the legal case in this episode. I HATE Celeste, I think she needs to leave NOW. Eli Gold is starting to irritate me in this season. Loved the scene with Will and Alicia on the telephone. I think deep down she loves Will, but because she was hurt with Peter and also you need to remember that Will has had past relationships with different women, so she is going to find it difficult to trust or fall in love with anyone for now. Really loved the scene at the end with Diane and Will supporting legal aid and bringing them in-house, so glad that is going to upset Eli.


Is it intentional that the DA office is portrayed in such a vile and disgusting manner? Cary deserves to be in jail for corruption and impeding justice - such dishonesty and ruthlessness has no place on the 'right' side of the law. And Peter is a felon - how can he be DA? This is a great show and I enjoy it a lot, but I'm tired of the liberal whining and the snarky characters, like Lisa Edelson plays


i loved this episode! way better than last week. the case was good and how they showed it was good (even though i figured out the killer in the first 10 min of the show) i liked how they went about it though. the will/peter/celeste situations was awkward. there is tension between peter and will and i think peter wants to get to the bottom like about alicia and will. i think it will destroy lockhart/gardner once he does. i dont like celeste she really needs to go. will slipping i love you to Alicia was so cute. Will has already fallen in love with Alicia. does anyone else think Alicia is in love with Will but is denying it because she has so much on the line? i do and just way she smiled when he said i love you, or her look at the end of last weeks ep with her brother saying shes not in love. seems like she wants to avoid it right now. and how she got jealous when diane told will to charm celeste. im loving Diane this season! so glad she wants to bring the legal aid in the office. eli will be mad but will get over it. im not liking eli as much in this ep kind of got on my nerves. i did like the kalina/eli moments they are the best. i want the kalinda/alicia moments back and they become bffs again! i know it will take time but want them take baby steps at least.


I loved the episode. This show is just phenemonal writing all around, all the time. They aren't afraid to push the envelope and they always pull off some of the most unthinkable things in an intelligent, ambiguous, non-offensive way. Truly hard to do. For example, I loved the case. I liked the refreshing turn of events where we knew for certain that they man was innocent. It made it all the more intense as you silently prayed that it wouldn't be *that* case where she loses and it kind of kills you inside. I loved that they brought up the issues of eye witness account and chose to reverse the racial aspect of it. If you've seen one forty year old, you've seen them all. When it comes down to it, yeah equally as plausible that the generic description could apply to just about anyone.I loved that. And even though I suspected early on that the eye witness was really the perpetrator I enjoyed the ride. And what other show could make the black eye witness end up being the criminal trying to railroad the innocent white guy, and not make it seem cliche or offensive or anything of the sort. They handled the race issues with class, intellect, and realism. You can appreciate it if you're white, black, latino etc. I love that about the good wife. I hadn't thought twice of the UASA being a potential love interest for Cary. Nice take on that Matt. I liked her though! She demanded your attention as soon as she appeared on screen. Didn't hesitate to be snarky but professional. She gained Cary's respect instantly. I hope to see more of her!She was fun, had a nice attitude about her. Again something else I like about TGW, they put just as much thought and development and good writing into secondary and tertiary characters as they do their main characters. I loved Will's Admission. It was so Will, and it still left things out there but not. I loved Will's awkward moments with Peter, you could feel the tension, it was amazing. I loved his internal struggles with fighting who he used to be and who he is now, the poker scene, his banter with Celeste. I don't like Celeste, don't think she's meant to be likeable, but I admit she added something to aiding the storyline. Wouldn't want to see her regularly though. Eli and Kalinda....awesome!Love them! Will and Diane...I always love those two and the scenes they share together. Diane's overall toughness but her bleeding heart...loved it again. It was such a Diane thing to do taking on the Legal Aid. I love that woman and it was good seeing her get some more time again this week.It had all the great things that makes me love this show this episode so I was thoroughly entertained and pleased.


This is my favorite show. I liked last nights episode Will and Alicia are so hot. And that elevator scene was super hot.! I didn't know Will had it in him. I'm so hooked. Before i was in medical i wanted to be a lawyer. And a dam good one like they are.

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