The Mentalist to Make Like Person of Interest

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We can't arrest an offender before he's offended.
It's better than after, don't you think?

The Mentalist will take a page from Person of Interest, its Thursday night counterpart on CBS, next week, as evidenced by the exchange above. On "Ring Around the Rosie," Jane will notice a suspicious looking man at a political rally and set out to prove that he's a psychopath on the verge of murder.

Where is a Machine when you need one, huh? Check out the official promo now and revisit the most recent installment of The Mentalist via this detailed review:


I am extemely disappointed! How cliche a white male who is legal to carry a concealed firearm ends up being a mass murder!!??? Wow talk about discrimination. I am a white male who is legal to carry a firearm. I believe in some sort of immigration reform (in case you missed the rally in the show, which is soooo much a way to sway missinformed watchers) and I have never considered anything like this. I am so tired of television show's trying to take political standpoints in a subliminal manner. I have been a loyal watcher of The Menalist since the first episode, but after this one I doubt if I will ever watch another one!! Jeez they should have just put the guy in a KKK outfit to finish off the stereotyping!

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