The Vampire Diaries Review: Who They Gonna Call?!?

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Paging Doctors Spengler, Stantz and Venkman: the residents of Mystic Falls are in desperate need of your number. These folks require some serious ghost hunting!

Indeed, the latest Vampire Diaries episode, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," treaded heavily - too much perhaps? - in what Vicki referred to as The Other Side. There were apparitions aplenty, from Anna's pining over Jeremy; to Vicki's devious deal with a late, powerful witch; to the return of Mason Lockwood.

Wait... what?!?

Dancing... with the Devil?

Yes, folks, Taylor Kinney has stepped away from The Edge of Glory for a bit and come back to... haunt Damon? Enact revenge for his murder? Mentor his nephew? There's no way of knowing at the moment, which is part of the frustration with this ghost-heavy storyline.

It's all rather muddled. Anna can apparently touch Jeremy. Vicki was a vision only Jeremy could see, then Matt, then she was back for quasi real, tried to kill Elena, and then was banished again. Now Mason has been added to the paranormal mix. It's a lot to take in and there's no way to make sense of any of it.

It's one thing to keep viewers in suspense; it's another to outright confuse them with one random event after another. Right now, my eyebrows are furrowed more than my pulse is pounding, but have Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec given us any reason to lose faith? I'm confident these ghost stories will come together at some point. In the meantime, let's gather around the camp fire and eat smores with Damon and Rebekah, shall we?

I have a feeling neither gender will object to that plan. Double yum.

Aside from ghostly befuddlement, two major, fascinating developments went down:

1. Is Katherine dead?!? I have to assume not, as she has more lives than Chloe King. But we definitely learned what separates Mikael the Vampire Hunter from other vampires this week: he feasts on his own kind. Perhaps killing Klaus is as simple as sucking down his blood.

2. Tyler is totally sired. And he isn't just a freaky Klaus slave minion, as properly dubbed by Caroline, he's been baited into becoming his own type of Ripper. Damn. How will the taste of human blood affect the new hybrid? And how will Rebekah use him? As a force to be reckoned with, alongside her brother when he returns? Or a force against her brother? These two Originals don't exactly get along all the time. Would anyone be shocked if Rebekah turns Tyler loose against Klaus?

She's the show's biggest wild card at the moment. She's also really attractive.

A few concluding notes on an episode that concluded with a shock, but went in many different directions - without really accomplishing much - in order to arrive at that point:

  • Poor Alaric. The guy loses his wife, then his girlfriend, now his car. And people don't even call him by his proper name most of the time.
  • How, exactly, did Rebekah get into Tyler's house without an invite?
  • I would pay good money for a Mystic Falls Timberwolves t-shirt. Even better money if it were dry fit.
  • Barbie Klaus. Buffy shout-out. Simulation of a school bell ring and a sexy lesson on how to get to a vampire's heart? Damon enjoyed a strong hour.
  • I'm the guy who's been assigned to protect the human blood bag. I mean, no offense. Offense totally taken, Stefan. You better develop a solid defense now against a newly-trained Elena.
  • Take a look ahead at next week's "Ghost World" via THIS PROMO.


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I've been for Damon and Elena for a while now and I know the two are a couple outside the show but I have felt and feel even more strongly now, there's more spark between Stefan and Elena. Might seem like a bit of a traitor here but I call a spade a spade and those actors have had a chemistry bath since day one. I recall when Stefan was playing football and Elena was on the sidelines in her cheerleading outfit and he put the necklace on her. Effortless chemistry. I think I got carried away with the Damon character and got a little bored with Stefan but now look out Damon. When Stefan caught Elena, the music and the look between them was better than any Damon/Elena scene I've ever witnessed. And sorry I agree with another who commented here that the attraction seems more acted than real between Damon and Elena. And yes too much of the ghostie business. I figure they are coming back as pawns of the witch who controlled Vicky.


I have to say I am really enjoying this new Stefan. Earlier I thought his character was, not boring, but less exciting. And I really like the scenes with him and Elena, because even though he has lost his humanity he seems to be somewhat drawn to her? I know he is supposed to be around her to protect her, but I think he kind of enjoys being around her, like she amuses him? Fact is he don't have to talk to her to protect her. Of course since he is all evil now maybe he enjoys torturing her. But maybe the love he had for her when he had his humanity still lingers and will show itself in other ways than love, like obsession? Or maybe I'm reading way too much into this. What do you think?


Wow this is a great2 show I've ever seen...i've been watching eversince the very first episode...;)
Okay,what about this week's? Yup as always the writers left the story with full of that we love it more n keep anticipating for the next. Agree? Haha
1.One thing mentioned by evryone in comments above: How did Rebekkah came in? (Come-and go) my opinion,coz she's an original,she's super,moreover the other vampires,she can do anything,either summoned any human walk-by n let her in or just compell Tyler's mother to let her in! So simple!
2.Will Katherine die? No, of course not! Remember that previously it was told that Katherine had built a body defense against vervain? N that means she sipped on vervain each n everyday? N so if Michael is still vampire,doesn't he should be reacting against vervain,as vervain was toxic to vampires?
3.Vicki's back n gone,through a ritual...I'm assuming that ritual was one which could resurrect all the deads...n also the powerful witch of the other side, I don't think she'll stop until someone succeeded to have Elena killed to bring back the nature's balance,n that's why Vicki's made to do the ritual,to bring everyone else who was ready to kill Elena...therefore it'obvious if Mason's back,Anna's too. But I'm still stuck in the question of if they're back,can they still be who they are?

Amy jackey

Klaus's sister pisses me off. I so hope someone kills her. It sucks that mason is back. i was 18 year old senior in high school and i didnt fail a grade.


Overall enjoying this season better than last; the tone and action are more varied, and I'm enjoying not knowing which Stefan we're going to get at any given moment. Paul Wesley seems to be enjoying not having to be St. Stefan all the time. And, I think Joseph Morgan has been a perfect choice for Klaus; love or hate the character, he's mesmerizing. Rebekah--would like to see them either develop or (preferably) lose the character; at this point she's too one-dimensional. Damon-Elena. Glad to see Ian given some good lines; seemed as though last season Damon's quick wit and snarkiness got lost, and the character was allowed to go a bit far off the rails. To viewers linking the onscreen interactions and chemistry to the actors' personal lives, I'd invite you to go back and check out some of the season 1 episodes (Miss Mystic Falls comes to mind); there has always been a visible spark. Although the series in many ways does not follow the books, the Damon-Elena chemistry was a key aspect of the books, and Damon's flirtiness and ability to charm women--as well as his desire for, and protectiveness of, Elena--were central aspects of his character, just as the loyalty dilemma was a central aspect of hers. There is a lot of ambivalence on her part and a LOT of sizzle in their relationship in the books. Candice Accola has been great in so many scenes this season--vulnerable ("Daddy?"--as he came to torture her), sexy, fierce--and it's been good to see the character of Tyler as more than just a jerk. The ghost action--I initially liked the uncertainty of the Vicki/Anna dynamic, and thought Kayla Ewell was very good in her scenes with Matt--but it's starting to feel a bit overdone. Nothing against Taylor Kinney, but I'm not glad to see Mason back--are ALL the dead characters going to cycle back through? The fact that viewers liked the actors--a point made by Julie Plec in interviews--can't be the driving force in plot development. It makes sense for Daniel Gillies as Elijah to return--it's well-established that Originals can be staked and revived--but the "rules" for the other characters are starting to feel a little fast and loose. Overall, great season so far. Looking forward to meeting more Originals.


@ChristinaLee Elena died during the sacrifice and by the time her head touched the groynd not breathing the house did not had an owner!!!also elena is now leaving in her old house so in the salvatore mansion there in no living thing thing staying there!that being said any vampire can enter the salvatore mansion anytime he or she wants!!!


I love how the writers conveniently forgot that the Salvatore brothers gave Elena the house so it could be her "Safe Haven" and vampires had to be invited in ... Rebecca just walked right in :| Hmmmm ....


i dont know what would i do if katherine is dead, please let her alive, she is one of my fav characters, i love this episode, i think that i cant wait until next week, its going to be like a year or more, what about mason? he is definitely hot but i prefer damon, so what the hell?, and bonnie´s grand ma is coming back, as well as lexi, what about the other side, i relly love vampire diaries, is the best show ever.
secret circle is also awesome, but please dont kill katherine.


I know Stefan is supposed to be all ripper like and evil, but for one moment, right after he catched her, I saw Love in their eyse.. I hope..!! I'm really enjoying Damon and Elena and their chemistry, but i so hope Stefan will one day be good agent...!


October 20th, 2011 10:51 PM
Thought this would happen. It just looks like Nina is trying harder when she is with Ian. Guess it's because there a couple in real life. Don't worry Damon fans. I know what your going to say, if we don't like it then don't watch. Sad thing is haven't liked the show since they've been dating. It's a different show now. Like it's all the Damon and Elena show[/quote] So you did not like season 2 at all? Because Nina and Ian are dating for a very long time now. After season 1 the first pictures of them together were taken which implied they were a couple (at least way more then just friends/co workers) They denied it for a very long time and I can't blame them because the fans seems to make a big deal out of it. Just like you do now. I've only heard Ian and Nina saying nice things about the couple Stefan and Elena. Nina's performance is still great as always. People like Damon and Elena because they have a natural chemistry. They already had that chemistry since there first scene together. I understand that you don't like Damon and Elena that is you opinion. But don't blame real life relationship between Nina and Ian. Damon and Elena are popular because the fans like them. I my opinion Stefan and Elena do get a lot of attention as well.

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