TV Ratings Report: Season High for The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory didn't just tie a season high last night in the ratings game. As a lead-in, it also somehow enabled Rules of Engagement to be watched by over 11 million households. Come on, people, you do own a remote, right?

Laurie Metcalf on The Big Bang Theory

8 p.m.
The Big Bang Theory: 14.7 million viewers/Rules of Engagement: 11.5 million
World Series: 11.4 million
Charlie's Angels: 5.6 million
The Vampire Diaries: 2.85 million
Community rerun: 2.5 million/Parks and Recreation rerun: 2.5 million

9 p.m.
World Series: 13.1 million
Person of Interest: 12.3 million
Grey's Anatomy: 9.4 million
The Office rerun: 3.2 million/Whitney rerun: 2.6 million
The Secret Circle: 2.1 million

10 p.m.
World Series: 14.2 million
The Mentalist: 12.5 million
Private Practice: 6.55 million
Prime Suspect rerun: 2.8 million


Grey's is averaging about 8-9 million which isn't too bad. Last Season had some good episodes that were rated very high so I don't think we will be saying good bye to that show anytime soon. They do need to get things going. Maybe it is time they trim some of the extra cast members off.
I still think this is gonna be the most exciting season yet. I loved last nights episode! It was a good mix of all the right stuff. Mer and Der seem to be on track except for the whole no talking neuro surgery. I actually like that story line. Mer can't always be in neuro and be by Der's side. It would get boring. They need to freshen things up and I am glad things for the changes. It creates a new dynamic in their relationship. I can't wait for Owenstina relationship to blow up. I am really happy with what is happening this season. Its gonna be great!!!!


but this season is amazing private practice, the better the program, but then so were their rates of this season, hopefully with DVRs and commercial sales give us a full season and another season.


Yeah what's up with private practice? Is this gonna be our last season? :( TV without Kate Walsh sucks! She should go back to seattle then! Shonda is spending too much time on Scandal. She needs to get back to her roots!
TBBT was awesome last night. I don't understand why Rules of engagement is still on. Not that it wasn't a. Good show when it started. Shouldn't they be married by now?


Not good news at all for Private Practice or Greys Anatomy.


Rules of Engagement is a much funnier comedy that Big Bang Theory..never got why people think that show is's right up there with Frasier and MASH...2 more not funny comedies that people seemed to love. Rules does not get the respect it deserves.


whoah! thems fightin' words! i like me some rules of engagement. oliver hudson is a hidden gem.


Private Practice keeps declining! This is not good news! :(