America's Next Top Model Review: Fashion Olympics

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It’s getting down to the wire! With just five girls left in the house, tensions were running high for all involved in "Exploring Greece." When Mr. Jay announced that the girls had to critique one another for the challenge, you could just feel that fuse burning.

Sure enough, Angelea thew a fit when Dominique passionately announced that the former was the weakest link in the house. It probably came as a shock to Angelea because all the girls (making history of ANTM) magnanimously announced that no one is less deserving than anyone else.

Angelea and Nigel Barker

Although Dominique and sweet Laura attempted to help Angelea, she stormed out and was coaxed back only by Mr. Jay. Maybe it’s because I adore Laura and she seemed genuine, but I thought Angelea completely overreacted. Does anyone think that girls were simply trying to throw her off her game?

I’m loving the change of venue so far, and it’s refreshing that ANTM is trying to honor Greece and its wonderful rich culture.

The photoshoot with Nigel Barker involved “fashion Olympics.” The girls actually attempted to mimic real ancient Olympic sports with fashion accessories. Via their fierce wardrobe and gorgeous cliff scenery, I thought the shoot was stunning. 

Another plus? Nigel Barker modeling the sports. The man is sexy with a javelin and a shot put. The photoshoot was relatively painless, as Dominique and Lisa stood out the most. Lisa’s constant jumping was an advantage when she modeled the “hurdle.” Laura was my personal favorite with archery. I loved her dress and her jeweled veil-helmet, and she looked so graceful with the heavy bow. 

Unfortunately, Angelea and Allison struggled with the shot put and discus. Not the most glamorous sports to model - and it definitely showed in their shoots, even though they looked stunning.

With the judges nitpicking with only five girls remaining, the bottom two - Angelea and Dominique - came as a surprise. Although Nigel repeatedly stuck up for Dominique, who did quite well in the shoot, she was sent home. 

I thought that the judges kept Angelea around just for drama, but do you disagree? And how much are you loving Greece so far?


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I was so mad that Dominique had to go. She is a much better model than Angelea, and has much stronger character. I agree that Angelea was just kept on so there would be some drama. If Allison doesn't win, this show is a total joke.


This is the second show this week that definitely made the wrong call. Dominique was consistant, and she was not such a drama queen. When the judges asked, would Angelea be able to hold it together if she had a bad day and had to interview a celeb, I thought they were kicking her out. I don't think she would hold it together. If a celebrity said anything to offend her, she would go off with her ghetto style. She has been in the bottom two more times than I can count, she doesn't hold herself with poise, and her last photo shoots, and her video, they said there was nothing in her eyes. I don't understand why she is still there, and Dominique who was never in the bottom two was out. I don't get it.


Angelea should have gone home. I don't dislike her but she doesn't have the temperament or grace of a model. Her shoots consistently disappoint me. The decision in this episode just goes to show that ANTM no longer takes itself seriously. Dominique is definitely more of a model then Angelea. Angelea is just used for trainwreck entertainment. I'm embarassed for her that she doesn't recognise this.


I definitely think Angelea should have gone home. She's rude and abrasive and just doesn't belong as a top model. The girl needs to find some class.


Ang should have fine home and I like her. She isn't on the same level as the others. Laura is the leader right now.

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