Courtney Ford to Fall for Crosby on Parenthood

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Courtney Ford is about to add another hit drama to her resume.

The actress - who has appeared on Dexter, The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood - will guest star on multiple episodes of Parenthood.

Courtney Ford Photograph

Ford will portray a cellist who rents time in Crosby and Adam’s recording studio and who is described as "warmly appealing" by a network casting note. Look for her and Crosby to "really connect," NBC sources add.

She will debut in January.


I hope this time Jasmine is moping seeing Crosby move on. He annoyed the hell out of me at first but I'm sick of seeing Jasmine emotionally just beating on him all the time. I liked her bulldog personality on TB so it will be interesting seeing her be "warm" on this. Good opportunity to display her acting range.


Finally! A love interest for Crosby. I was really getting sick of him moping around because Jasmine had moved on with their son's doctor. It was so depressing! How long were they going to have this guy pay for his mistakes? And considering who they have falling for Crosby, he should be saying "Jasmine who?" in no time. Great!!

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