Dexter Review: The Return of Who?!?

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I remain very down on this season of Dexter. But it's no fun for me to write, nor for you to peruse, consistently-negative reviews.

Therefore, allow me to quickly list my main problems with the season, all excaerbated by "Just Let Go," and turn it over to readers to see it they agree.

Dex in the Lab

ONE: Dexter has no connection to the main serial killing case. He's barely charing the culprits, they don't know anything about him. I say it every week, but that's only because these episodes are failing to deliver it every week: Dexter is at its best when there's some kind of cat-and-mouse chase going on, not when Dexter is simply pondering his belief system.

TWO: I don't understand why Dexter has not turned what he knows about Doomsday over to the police department. He's often worked with them on cases, unless he has a personal reason not to. But... see Issue Number-One.

Dexter doesn't really care about Doomsday. He has other business to attend to this season. So why wouldn't he just tell the crew about Travis being at the crime scene and end this thing? He's simply responsible for every murder carried out by Travis and Gellar now, something that goes against his character. Dexter has never courted innocent deaths by any means. He aims to punish those who get away with their crimes.

THREE: Travis and Gellar are a snooze. They have the same conversation every week, with the former hestitant and the latter claiming this is God's will and then Travis acquiescing and doing something grotesque to thei latest prey.

FOUR: We've done this "Who Am I?" dance every season. The show is just couching it in religious terms now. Instead of wondering about "faith" and "light," Dexter has spent past years asking whether or not he can live a "normal" existence while still carrying his Dark Passenger. That's what he struggled with when he dated Rita, when he married Rita, when Harrison was born.

Go back and watch the final scene of the season five final again. Dexter realized, once again, that he's a monster. So fast forward a few season six episodes, he drowns Nick (someone who very much fits the profile of every other Dexter kill)... and this is meant to be some transformative murder? A realization on Dexter's part that he's such a dark individual that he's akin to his brother, hence the vision? I don't buy it. I see this as the same Dexter he's always been, both in viewer's eyes and in his own.

So that's where I stand on the season so far. It's repeating the same themes as past seasons and, above all else, it's simply boring. Do you agree? Are you fascinated by Dexter's internal struggle? Or, like me, are you hoping the back half of episodes raises the suspense level and significantly increases the story's urgency?


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The reason why Brother Sam's death is so frustrating is we spent so much time with him in episodes this season. His time really didn't move the story forward in any concrete way, and now he has no chance to be relevant to the story line. I'm hoping now that Quinn is acting totally against Deb, he tries to "get back at her" by investigating Dexter again. I'm also hoping that what we saw in the last minute of the show doesn't turn in to a big cop out. Dexter's Brother, Trinity....all of the past seems to be coming back at once and I'm not sure how that will play out with the Travis and Gellar storyline.
This season, like last season, is going way too slow and doesn't give us the Dexter we enjoyed watching the first 4 seasons. I predict there will be two more seasons. Next season will end with Deb finding out about Dexter and the final season will have Dexter and Deb's relationship strained to the point where he loses the only sanity he knows and make an error that gets him caught.


Thank you reckonerX for also noticing the relationship between Travis and Gellar. I've been thinking the same thing since around episode 3, went back to review the earlier episodes to confirm my suspicions and have been paying attention to the relationship in every episode since. Travis told Dexter that Gellar did the killings, but Travis is the one we see with all the victims. No one seems to see or interact with Gellar (including the victims) except Travis. In public, Gellar doesn't touch anything that would be noticed by someone else (like the newspaper with his picture). He drinks from a coffee cup, which is probably also imaginary and handles objects that only Travis sees him handling. I think we'll find out soon that Travis is psychotic and imagining all his conversations with Gellar and confirm that Travis is the responsible party for everything basing his murders on Gellar's teachings. He probably also murdered Gellar 3 years ago which may have set him off in the direction he's taken. Travis will be the main victim on Dexter's table this season. I am sorry that we've lost Brother Sam, I think it might have been an interesting story line to have him continue to interact with Dexter and either start Dexter turning Brother Sam back to his own darkness and end up on Dexter's table or have Dexter starting to see his own light and eventually rejecting it to follow his Dark Passenger. I'm enjoying this season so far but can do without Quinn's "I'll show Deb I can do without her" attitude (I can do without his character totally) and LaGuerta's attempts to get Deb in trouble by giving her bad advice to make herself look good. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.


Also, Almos and Hanks are going to end up being one person. I'm guessing Hanks killed Almos's character long ago and is hallucinating. They are going to try to have a lame twist at the end.


The show sucks now. It's been on the decline for a while, but it's god awful. The only defense people offer anymore is "just wait, you'll see, it'll get good." It's jumped the shark. Here's hoping they end it this year before Showtime runs it any further into the ground


ONE: The connection that these killings could have to Dexter could very well form by the end of the season. Judging this halfway through the season is like whining "I don't get it" halfway through a book. Maybe eventually this will all mean something, and we WILL get it. TWO: Doomsday is his prey. And he's clearly distracted from it this week by more personal matters. He was JUST dealing with Doomsday last week and sent off Travis so he could eventually use him to get to Gellar. This isn't a wise choice or one in line with Harry's code, but Dexter has ALWAYS withheld at least some information from Miami Metro. And in season 4, it was for entirely selfish reasons. Dexter may be a vigilante, but on a personal level he has never shown interest in preventing crimes unless they involve a child or someone close to him. And He's only "not cared" about Doomsday for one episode. He will likely go back to caring in the next. THREE: This week saw a serious development in this plot, with Travis defying Gellar. Travis DIDN'T do something grotesque this week. He set the person free. Thus, based on this comment, I actually must assume you didn't watch this episode at all. While I can see why you'd find them boring, perhaps you could have, I don't know, actually review THIS episode instead of list off a problem that this episode remedied without even acknowledging the problem was fixed... FOUR: We don't know exactly what this season is getting at there, but it clearly isn't "can I change right now and be a good guy 4evaaaaaaa????" The premise in this episode was that Sam wanted Dexter to forgive his killer... and Harry was in turn telling Dexter he should let someone go "this one time." Dexter, in turn, comments that he's already "set in his path" and that forgiving Sam's killer would be a "detour" (those are exact or close to exact phrases and words from the episode.) I'm just assuming you decided not to watch this episode and wrote a review trashing the last few instead.


Hmmm, I have to agree with the whole - Who am I ? - crap this time.It's pretty obvious he can't change, why show it off a billion times.We get it.


My biggest complaint about this season is no one has made it to his table yet? WTH how many eps in and he hasn't found a single bad guy that needs to go. Not the Dexter we all know and love that's for sure.


Yes. This. Word. I thought it was just me. I've been a fan of the show since the first episode, but I'm just not feeling the love ,and for all the reasons you mentioned. And even Deb, who is normally such a great charcater, is just kind of boring this season so far. There's no real tension. I just don't care anymore,and that's sad, because this was one of my favorite shows.


This is the weakest season by far. I was excited when I heard about Olmos and Hanks but they are just the most uninteresting thing this season. Also where is the love interest for Dexter? Where is the cat and mouse game between the him and the serial killers. Why isn't Quinn going after his suspicions about Dexter? Just because he saved his ass at the end of last season. I hope it picks up fast.


This season is great and my anticipation is really growing now. Haven't you watched the other seasons? They all start slow and about halfway through it picks up into the most suspenseful part... next weeks episode looks like where it will pick up! It's a great show and has so many viewers for a reason.

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