Dexter Review: The Return of Who?!?

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I remain very down on this season of Dexter. But it's no fun for me to write, nor for you to peruse, consistently-negative reviews.

Therefore, allow me to quickly list my main problems with the season, all excaerbated by "Just Let Go," and turn it over to readers to see it they agree.

Dex in the Lab

ONE: Dexter has no connection to the main serial killing case. He's barely charing the culprits, they don't know anything about him. I say it every week, but that's only because these episodes are failing to deliver it every week: Dexter is at its best when there's some kind of cat-and-mouse chase going on, not when Dexter is simply pondering his belief system.

TWO: I don't understand why Dexter has not turned what he knows about Doomsday over to the police department. He's often worked with them on cases, unless he has a personal reason not to. But... see Issue Number-One.

Dexter doesn't really care about Doomsday. He has other business to attend to this season. So why wouldn't he just tell the crew about Travis being at the crime scene and end this thing? He's simply responsible for every murder carried out by Travis and Gellar now, something that goes against his character. Dexter has never courted innocent deaths by any means. He aims to punish those who get away with their crimes.

THREE: Travis and Gellar are a snooze. They have the same conversation every week, with the former hestitant and the latter claiming this is God's will and then Travis acquiescing and doing something grotesque to thei latest prey.

FOUR: We've done this "Who Am I?" dance every season. The show is just couching it in religious terms now. Instead of wondering about "faith" and "light," Dexter has spent past years asking whether or not he can live a "normal" existence while still carrying his Dark Passenger. That's what he struggled with when he dated Rita, when he married Rita, when Harrison was born.

Go back and watch the final scene of the season five final again. Dexter realized, once again, that he's a monster. So fast forward a few season six episodes, he drowns Nick (someone who very much fits the profile of every other Dexter kill)... and this is meant to be some transformative murder? A realization on Dexter's part that he's such a dark individual that he's akin to his brother, hence the vision? I don't buy it. I see this as the same Dexter he's always been, both in viewer's eyes and in his own.

So that's where I stand on the season so far. It's repeating the same themes as past seasons and, above all else, it's simply boring. Do you agree? Are you fascinated by Dexter's internal struggle? Or, like me, are you hoping the back half of episodes raises the suspense level and significantly increases the story's urgency?


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What is bothering me most this season is a simple thing; Dexter is a blood splatter expert no full foresics and that is what they have him doing this season, plus the whole thing about him keeping what he finds to himself. This season does seem a little lost.


there are alot of crazy people in this world.


I watch this show because my Daughter is a big fan and has some seasons on DVD. She comes over to watch because I have ShowTime. I have really tried to get into it but frankly , I enjoy her company more. This show is just a snore to me and so far-fetched. She reads the books too and insists they are great. All in all this review was exactly what I was thinking!! Good job!


Where is the actual review for this episode? You've done an overall for the show and not the specific episode. Anyway, I blame the showrunner. The show has had about 3 of them in 6 seasons, correct? This is probably the reason why. They probably don't know what they're handling and simply can't do the job.
I will admit that I like the way Travis and Gellar are going, but it's getting repetitive by Travis constantly doubting it every time. He's already responsible for the death of 3 people, so why did he decide to let the 4th victim go? Honestly. It's just pathetic.
As for Dexter, I'm glad he killed that guy. Yeah, it makes me sound crazy, but I'm proud that he's done it. But I think doing so has made him switch the inner voices in his head. He's now seeing his brother and not his father. So hopefully the last 6 episodes coming up will be good. The least 3 episodes of Dexter in every season tend to get better than the episodes beforehand.


I agree this season is a snooze. I did think that this episode showed that it had promise to get a little better. I am excited to see Trinity's son next week. The big bad villain this year seems forced. Like they had up with something and the Book of Revelations was the best they could come up with. They should go more with the Jeff Lindsay Dexter books. Lindsay is way more creative in the villain arena. If this show is going to stay on past this season, Deb needs to find out what Dexter is. There is a whole dynamic there waiting to be told.


stop reviewing dexter. u dont know jack about this show or what a good episode is. this season has been great.

Jo gr

I have to agree with point 1, isn't it harry's law that Dex's playdates can only be those that are guilty and the law can't get?

Matt richenthal

@seriously: Our ratings are based on the shows themselves. A 2.5 for Dexter is based on my expectations for a Dexter episode, I'm not cross-comparing it with other programs. Does that make sense?
@you suck at reviewing: IGN and myself disagree on the episode. Your point?


Seriously?! You are giving this episode a 2.5 stars and shows like 90210 get 4, even 5 stars. Seriously?!


I actually liked this episode more than the rest. Brian coming back in Dexters thoughts is AMAZING. I do agree that the DOOMSDAY storyline is not interesting in the least. THAT BEING SAID, this season is a miiiiiiiiiiiiillion times better than last season. I praised Jesus when Lumen left. That season NEVER picked up in the middle or made better by the end. Absolute crap. Every season of Dexter is better when there's other serial killers involved, but I feel this whole story of faith and religion is what's killing it as a whole. Oh and the only good thing about this season was Brother Sam, but they went ahead and killed that. Literlly.

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