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"And Those We've Left Behind" was a nod to pretty much every viewer in an understanding that we all lose those we love at some point, whether through death, disease or erasure from our time line.

Okay, that last remark is most likely not going to happen to us, but you get the idea. How we cope with our loss is what matters.

Stephen Root and Romy Rosemont on Fringe

Olivia’s and Walter’s reaction to Peter
You, Peter, you’re the problem. Yes, it was only said in a dream, but there is no doubt that Olivia believes it. She not only feels absolutely nothing for Peter, but has no interest in knowing why he is so fixated on her. His appreciation of her has not gone unnoticed, but she merely wishes he finds his Olivia again. That hurt me; it had to hurt Peter.

Walter took the path I predicted and turned his back on Peter completely. He couldn’t look him in the eye and called him “the object.” The pain Peter feels at seeing Walter so crushed, so lost after he worked so hard with him in his own timeline to ensure Walter’s assimilation after taking him out of the mental institution, is portrayed excellently by Joshua Jackson.

Can we have some love for Jackson?
It appears a lot of the viewing audience feels it’s time that Olivia gets her due. I feel perfectly fine giving this time to Peter. He supported Olivia as she dealt with her kidnapping, and Walter as he reintegrated into society. Even though Peter Bishop was the key to two universes, Jackson was a secondary player on Fringe. It turns out he has the same powerful acting chops we’ve seen with the others. In short, he belongs with this wonderful cast.

The space time continuum!
Any time the phrase space time continuum can be utilized, I go into fits of happiness. To hear it used with complete seriousness on my favorite show is pure joy.

I loved the time jumps. We saw one last week. Now that I know there are hints in every episode of the one to come, it made sense. While the apartment fire was definitely freaky, seeing the ghostly apparition of the train appear and disappear was by far my favorite effect.

That Peter was the only one on the team who was experiencing the jumps should have been telling, but it took them a while to figure out he had a connection to what was happening. The jumps were done so well - how he was in the middle of a sentence sitting in a car and finished it, hand gestures and all, walking on the street. Ah, those brilliant minds of Fringe producers.

I could understand why Raymond (guest star Stephen Root) would so desperately want to find an enduring solution to changing time. I wish the same every day. While he only gets jumps in fits of minutes, the jump is timed to coincide with his wife finishing an equation that will make it permanent. Haven’t we all wished for a second chance?

So where are we?
The producers have said that they were not going to introduce a third universe. The focal points are to remain over there and over here. So, logically, we must be over here, with Peter erased. I was shocked that Peter didn’t know he had been contacting both Walter and Olivia while he was lost, because it had to be him channeling communication. He knows what we know.

At one point, Peter acquiesces. He doesn’t belong here. But if this is his universe, then he does belong, and needs to be unerased. There will have to be a merging of the time lines at some point, but how they will accomplish that is beyond my pay grade.

Other thoughts:

  • Where did the cars on the other half of the tunnel go once the time jump stopped? Had that may cars gotten out already?
  • The scenes of Walter listening to music are so enjoyable. Sytx, too much time on my hands. It’s fun to see the world through his eyes with the music playing.
  • How about that poor guy who exploded in front of the house? Made me wonder if part of Walter wasn’t hoping that Peter would explode, too, so he could ease his mind.
  • Walter is such a softie. He borders on being annoyed and proud of the man that calls himself his son. Their relationship must be the key.
  • Peter is finally trusted, and gets to live on campus, out of confinement. It’s a start!
  • The perfect day for Peter and Olivia is one where they are together in a way we've never seen them. How long until we get that chance?

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oh what a great episode. What a great cast, what great stories...Please keep up the good work, and people, keep watching. I want this show to last a little longer


We've seen the "time traveller tries to save his loved one" before on Fringe but the story was different enough and told well that I didn't mind. The agent exploding was freaky. Peter goes from being freaked out by the time jumps to nonchalant in a short time. The time jump scenes were great. Good on Lincoln cluing in to the pattern being predictive.


ok. if peter manages to rewrite the world, or 'return' to his world in like, the very last episode of this season, i might cry. this world makes me so sad! when olivia asks why she should care about him because he's a stranger is so sad, as if poor peter being treated like a science project. damn jj abrams; how can he make such a good episode and at the same time have me wishing they would just GET EVERYHTING BACK TO NORMAL??


Fringe just keeps getting better with each episode, and this episode was no exception, what a cracker, very emotional and moving especally for the husband and wife. Fringe is unique among sci-fi shows in that just when you think its always about the science, along comes an episode that puts everything in perspective. I know of no other sci-fi show that had done that
Great storylines - great and creative writing - wonderfully acted all go to make a enjoyable, wonderful and great t.v show
Keep up the good work cast and crew of fringe, and may you have at least 2 more seasons to work on a storyline that justifies all the hard work you are putting in


That was mindblowingly good. The best episode so far. Fringe just has this excellent talent of getting even more amazing with each successive episode. Also,
"To hear it used with complete seriousness in my favorite show is pure joy." Just like when I read Ken Tucker's Fringe reviews, I feel so happy when I read about a critic saying Fringe is their favourite show. It is so awesome, it's nice to hear from the (unfortunately) few people who really love the show.


Awesome episode.


Great review of a brilliant episode. Very few shows remain with a person forever, but Fringe is definitely one of them.

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