Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks: Bridal Shower Misdirection

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Blair's bridal shower is coming up on Gossip Girl, with the minions doing all they can to keep he woman of the hour in the dark. With Serena trying to pull off the event of B's dreams, she has her henchwomen plant some false information about the shower in order to keep the bride-to-be from finding out the details.

The minions pull it off pretty nicely, too, from the looks of this sneak peek ...

"Jeans OK." Invitations sent out via evite. Calling her the People's Princess (another fun Kate Middleton reference). We've got to hand it to Serena, she came up with some funny fake details for this.

What else can we expect Monday? In their preview for "All the Pretty Sources," producers Joshua Safran and Austin Winsberg tease and theorize on the importance of Gossip Girl herself next week.

What will we find out? That remains to be seen. Your theories are welcomed.

Elsewhere, the epic, budding bromance known as Duck looks to be taking a major step forward, as Charles and Daniel bond over their mutual exclusion from Blair's shower. Hilarious.

Check out the official preview of Monday's Gossip Girl and comment below ...

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Anybody else think that "Lonely Boy" by The Black Keys could've been written for Dan? Lol listen to the lyrics, it sounds like Darena ;p


I kinda wish all of Blair's minions are there like every single one,from Is ,Nelly,Hazel ,to the NYU ppl and the other two from Columbia :)


it's always fun when the minions are around, it just don't feel right to have Kati without Is :(


I really kinda find it hard to believe that Dan would be friends with Chuck. I mean he slept with Jenny. Anyways, I miss the Nate and Dan bromance


I LOVE DAN! His character is awesome and I totally agree with Penn that Dan and Blair are soulmates. DAIR is where the story line is logically going. People change and grow up. I have watched Dan and Blair grow and change into two people who are perfect for each other. I think Blair's minions must be messing with her in the clip. I am still hoping that Dan fights to be with Blair.


OMG I hate Dan so badly now, his seriously gotten worst :/ stay in Brooklyn you Upper East side wannabe :/ sorry for the Dan fans. I swear if he wants to be part of the actaul Upper East Side offically he needs to change his style, and the location of his Where Abouts , sure his friends with Chuck an Blair now and he has new haters Nate and Serena who happened to like him before which I just noticed that Blair and Chuck hated him before but look their friends now and the two people who he was friends with in high school hate him now like seriously stop being an Insider. I still think his gossip girl :) and his change like his a dick now to Serena to Nate to his Dan to everyone but Blair anD chuck (anymore).


I don't think I will be looking forward to any episode until after this wedding is officially over. It's hard to get excited knowing that Blair is currently marrying Louis


love that the minions r back but unfortunately the last episode they were in was a let down except for the apology!!!


I love Dair. They are the only reason I continue to watch this sad excuse for a show. The writing and direction is just terrible. That's why the ratings have been slowly declining. Sad.


So I bet Chivy plays the 'I told him I was Ivy when I was off my meds' or 'I didn't want him to know who I really was and be after my money' cards. Love blair's reaction at her prole bridal shower! Nate attempting to be sneaky and attack GG is just SAD! We all know he's not smart enough for that!

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