Gossip Girl Spoilers: Bachelorette Party Debauchery!

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What's a bachelorette party without some insane partying and memorable stories for the day after?

Or the wild bride-to-be getting arrested and told to cool her heels in a jail cell, for that matter?

As you can see in this photo from the Gossip Girl set, Blair (Leighton Meester) lets loose and gets into a bit of trouble at her bachelorette party after seemingly joking around with a police officer.

Maybe he just didn't get the joke ...

Blair Waldorf Arrested!

According to E! Online, both Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Dan (Penn Badgley) are on the scene to try and help Queen B, but she's still arrested anyway. What do you think she did that got her handcuffed?

More significantly, do you think she'll end up with Dan or Chuck? Or neither?

We're not sure exactly when Blair's crazy night out will be, but we do know Serena throws her a shower on the November 21 episode, and bachelorette parties tend to follow those. So ... there's that.

On an unrelated note, it looks like the big secret involving Ivy (Kaylee Defer) is coming out soon. But E! says she and Carol (Sheila Kelley) find a way to avoid disaster and cement Ivy's place on the UES.

Share your thoughts on these teasers and all things Gossip Girl below ...

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The cop is a stripper...... obviously..... she's not getting arrested. she looks excited.


Where's her baby bump?? That means she lost the kid n is drinking cause of it??


Hardcore shippers RUIN this show.


How wild does she get without the influence of alcohol (she is preggers for godsakes) I dont thow this doesnt make sense to me


I want Dan & Blair!!!!, team Dair all the way!


@CrAZychicke: totally agree with you!


who really needs to watch GG anymore when we can just read these comments. geez.


@Dair fan :) hello fellow dair fan ;) some valid points there. and to all the chair fans that love to abuse us for our opinions - maybe this is why we start to back up our points with long rants. as for dair being a stupid crush, i disagree entirely. it's not a stupid crush, dan is in love with her, obviously blair is in love with louis and she has a messed up realtionship with chuck that is rarely ever over. now, at this point in time blair doesn't SEEM to have feelings for dan and have you all not noticed that after all significant dair scenes the writers have not SHOWN the aftereffects so how do you KNOW what actually happened? p.s the writer's are in TOTAL control about what blair feels... so you can't say that she doesn't love him.. because i believe she does like him as a friend and i think she loves him more so but she's not admitted it because, hey, it's blair and she has a LOT on her plate. but that's my opionion. plus it's the whole romeo and juliet, poor vs rich, loner vs popular love story that i love and there's a lot of other blair/dan fans that feel the same but we just don;t like commenting on here anymore because we get abused.


Ugh Charlie is staying? Really? Why can't the producers see that no one likes her...


blair will end her crazy night with chuck,is so obvious,they will end up sleeping together after this, plus Blair is so not gonna regret it in the morening and what ever she did to get busted with police is gonna be funny ¡ha ha ha!. go team Chair

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