Grimm Review: Where Plot is Left Lonely

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"Lonelyhearts" didn’t offer much this week, there were some high points, but they were few and far between.

As always, one of the high points was Eddie, in a slightly different capacity no less! Nick’s reliance on the book to paint a bigger back story on the Blue Beards allowed us to get a better idea of what the creature was before Eddie filled us in with small details about them. By doing this, Eddie’s role was expanded slightly. Less exposition by Eddie means more comedy, and that’s always a good thing.

Henry Lubatti as Slivitch

Plus, he got a lot more screen time…and by more I mean he lasted longer than Juliette. Who, although still useless, did say something that struck me:

“Well, how do you know you’re not being stupid by being with me?”

To which Nick replied that he thinks there’s more to it than that. Does anyone else have red flags popping up all over? I’m almost completely convinced Juliette is more than what we’re being led to believe. Why else would she be introduced to us? Characters need to have a purpose, and on the surface we’re being to lead to believe she’s merely a girlfriend. That, however, is not something that would work on a show like Grimm. Where almost everyone has something lurking just beneath the surface.

Speaking of things that are not what they seem: Captain Renard. He’s a hunter of Grimms, but why exactly is he letting Nick be? There have been so many opportunities to at the very least give the audience some kind of insight without giving away the farm to the other central characters; and yet here we are, no insight and one less ear to show for it.

The other significant bummer of this episode (copyright Andy Dwyer) was the fact that it was left open ended. Don’t get me wrong, I like that a creature with this kind of power and influence could still be out there, but the impact would have been far more effective had we known of some greater looming danger. Unfortunately, in a world like Grimm standard, procedural cases such as date rape, caging people, and gassing victims isn’t enough.

Now that Grimm is four episodes in they have to begin giving out overarching plot payoffs to the viewers who watch every week. Otherwise, all of those minutely sprinkled elements get lost in the wind from viewer fatigue and lost memories.

Two other thoughts:
  • If that were my half onion ring, I’d only eat the skin.
  • Hotel Room 307 – A quick search led me nowhere, mainly because the Brothers Grimm fairy tales doesn’t go that high. Does anyone have any theories?


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I agree, there is some kind of bigger story line lacking for me, too. Liked the app, thought that this monster getting away, or maybe getting away, was not that bad. Could be that there will be some kind of incidents with him and Nick realizes that he actually needs to kill them in order to stop them. I like the scenes with Eddie also a lot and hope they're gonna see the potential there and expand those further. Also his girlfriend is kind of boring, every time she appears. Hope that there is something more going on with her, otherwise it'll stay pretty boring watching her on screen.


As always I liked the ep. I for one am glad that they are not bombarding us with a heavy all to powerful and multilayered conspiracy theory in style of Da Vinci Code like so many other shows do in our days (e.g. Mentalist, Terra Nova, and even though I love the show - white collar, John Doe etc). I think it is refreshing that they kept it simple just like a fairy tale ought to be only this one is for adults. So:
 There are Grimms and there are creatures
 There are bad creatures and good ones
 Grimms hunt the bad ones and they try to protect themselves with Reapers who in return hunt the Grimms.
That’s it. Nice, understandable, simple and yet provides a possibility for multiple characters since the Reaper organization could infiltrate anything and there could be as many of them as need be showing up in all sorts of situations. :-D Hank was as boring as usual and continued to drag Nick down to the pits of his boredom with him. The actor who plays Nick is visibly struggling and Hank gives him zero to work with as an actor. Eddie was a ray of sunshine. A cello? Seriously? I had to laugh out loud when I saw that and I was drinking coffee at that moment! So you can imagine... That guy is so multi talented. Consider this:
� -he does Pilates
� -he brings in the best sorts of coffee
� -he fixes clocks
� -acts as a Grimmopedea
� -protects sick creature hunters (a.k.a. Grimms)
� -can rip off and arm as easily as I can say "hi"
� -sniffs all sorts of useful Intel
� -and he plays the cello!
I mean danm but this guy is like an all purpose bag of tricks. Plus he is soooo much fun to watch. Juliet is useless like you said but she is also a source of constant annoyance for me, I strain to figure out why is Nick with her in the first place (she isn't that pretty and she looks older than him, in addition to every once in a while spotting out some cliché-bumper-sticker-feel-goodie phrase like when she was calming him down in the end of the last ep when he shot the queen of the bees, or a phrase that will make her look as such a good person that I am going to develop a heartburn.) one of my only frustrations with the show's plot was the apparent uselessness of the French Reaper, it seems that the only purpose this character had was to show us that Captain Renard is the head honcho in the city as far as Reapers go. And don't get me wrong, that little bit of action made me appreciate the scariness of that guy for the first time, but I was a little disappointed that Nick didn't get to face off with him. Speaking of Reapers, I was a bit surprised that they didn't show Nick digging deeper into that lawyer chick from last ep now that he knows who she is and can easily track that blasted Hexenbeast. I am grateful that they made him read that Grimm book out loud this time, they really should get a narrator for this, it would add to the fairy tale style at the same time elevating our curiosity. I really don't know what you are talking about though, when you said:
"Don’t get me wrong, I like that a creature with this kind of power and influence could still be out there, but the impact would have been far more effective had we known of some greater looming danger." You do realize that you are talking about a SERIAL RAPIST not just some fascinating creature. He kidnaps women; he imprisons them, repeatedly rapes them until they get pregnant and keeps sedated on a hallucinogenic gas to make sure they carry the baby instead of aborting it!! There is absolutely nothing to like about that monster being out there. Which brings me to my next point of anger, if that creature can control with a touch then how is he to ever be kept at bay? unless Nick kills him, I don't see the guy stopping which is why I think they will let him escape only to have Nick hunt him down and kill him. On the whole:
• Good ep, great atmosphere creation, Love Nick and Eddie combo or Nick alone just as long as there is not Hank or Juliet.
• i wonder if it's finished with the French Reaper, will he dare to disobey? I hope so. And why is Captain Renard keeping Nick alive? Is he trying to use him as bait in some sort of power play in there world? Or is he trying to eliminate his competition in their world with Nick's hands? Or maybe he is trying to track other Grimms using Nick and hoping that he will lead him to them?

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Seriously? That's like a beer and half an onion ring.


Nick: What are you doing?
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