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After taking last week off, we were treated to "The Rematch" of Harry Korn vs. Roseanna Remmick here, as Harry again defended Puck, the former assistant District Attorney.

Did anyone else feel like we dropped into Puck’s case already in progress? It reminded me of the opening of the last episode where Harry and Tommy walked in hung over, talking about an event we didn't see.

I understand openings like this are supposed to give us the feeling that time is passing and that things happen when we are not around; however, doing it for every episode gives me a different feeling: that I’ve missed something. I find myself verifying episode numbers to make sure this isn't true.

Taking on Roseanna

I enjoyed watching Fyvush Finkel and Katherine Helmond as Abe and Gloria Gold. Helmond looks good for 83 and Finkel still has some strong chops for being nearly 90. Having grown up watching Helmond on such shows as Soap and Who’s the Boss, I was hoping she get a chance to see her amazing comedic talent. Still, I was not disappointed with the more dramatic aspect of their story, as they both did a great job portraying a long-time married couple dealing with the effects Alzheimer on their relationship and life.

Who knew Tommy had a heart of gold?!? Not only was he not a jackass the entire episode, at least twice he stepped up and showed that he could care for someone other than himself, or the all mighty dollar. Way to go, Tommy, you just gained a new fan!

How did you feel about Jean Smart being back as Roseanna only two episodes after the last time we saw her, having already beaten the disbarment charges without even a scratch? Do you get the feeling that David E. Kelly has decided he has a great antagonist and plans on using her any chance he gets? Yeah. Me too.

It might not be a bad thing, though. The show clearly trimmed Remmick back to the parts that worked well the first time around. This has allowed those parts to grow and become a bit more natural. Just imagine what a truly evil blossom this could create. Harry could end up with her hands full... 

What message Kelley was standing on his soapbox about this week? Was it the horrible condition of our economy causing people to turn to kidnapping? The ineffectiveness of our law enforcement agencies? Or was it an editorial about the condition of our elderly medical care? I honestly couldn’t tell. Maybe it was all three.

Overall, this week’s offering was okay, not great, not awesome, but acceptable. It’s sad that a show that I once defended against critics' blasting has become the very thing I defended it against. 

Finally, I will leave you with information I found about Roseanna Remmick’s favorite drink “The Old-Fashioned”: The Old-fashioned is a classic whiskey cocktail that has been served since around 1880 at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. It is the perfect ideal of what a cocktail should contain: a spirit, a sweet, a bitter, a sour and water. Typically, the Old-fashioned is made with bourbon.

Who’s up for an Old-Fashioned before next week’s episode? Drinks are on Tommy!


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Yeah, I've spent some time exploring new music with Pandora too. It's been a ltitle while since I've done that though. I should do it more. I like how you can use it to a certain extent to analyze different music.


The show is getting a little ridiculous. Yes, Harry is nobody's fool and her own person, but a gun-loving, quail shooting Republican Jew? Seriously? And the judge's decision in the latest episode to award custody of the young Chinese girl to the black adoptive parents and not the biological parents whose child was kidnapped from them? Really? There's no way that would ever happen. I don't believe judges have that much discretion to based their decisions on their own subjective emotional experiences. What about the law? Remember Elian Gonzalez?


What an incredible acting cast in this episode! Good to see some of the talent engaged again. What impresses me is that Kathy Bates raises the level of acting far above the writing for this show. But the reality of the characters at the heart of this episode were incredibly poignant and not every viewer is ready for this kind of reality television. It's gutsy and it's demanding. I only hope that the station continues to take this risk, because this is premium entertainment.


The rematch episode was not good -- didn't enjoy it at all. As much as I love Kathy Bates and Mark Valley, HL will be cancelled with episodes like this.


The jokes "Abe" told were on the obscene level, offensive and not funny. This show is shown on a major network channel during prime time. The jokes were way off-base. I will not watch this show again.


Another example of them fixing something that wasn't broke. Should have left "Harry" the star of the show and stop bringing in new people with no talent and changing the idea of small firm in shoe shop. So Long Harry.


I think part of the reason for the slip in ratings-they changed the format-that is, they've gone more like previous shows, Why did they mess with success? the 'street' was more interesting. I think the show will 'tank' with this new attitude/format. Just think how good it would be with the 'witchy' DA and the street crimes? WOW! blow it out of the water! jsut my humbe opinion .

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Harry: Can't we all just behave as grownups here?
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They like me, they like you, they don't like her. Let's get it done!