Hart of Dixie Review: Team Not the Vet

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Well, it looks like we’ll be waiting yet another week for the latest results on the race between Team Wade and Team George. However, maybe a different team came together on this installment, one between Wade and George. Yes, it's a new bromance!

Heck, "Homecoming and Coming Home" even opened up Lemon just a little bit, and that’s something that I can get behind. Plus, it continued the progression of Zoe being just a little bit more vulnerable among her new friends in Bluebell, and that’s never a bad thing, either.

Wade, Lemon and George

Zoe’s best friend from New York, Gigi, served as an excellent example of how far Zoe has come in such a short time. She is becoming more and more comfortable living with the residents of Bluebell. If Gigi is any type of example, Zoe found her moral center in Alabama. This young woman is actually standing up and defending her new pals from her best friend.

It sounds to me like Zoe is a part of Bluebell, even if she thinks she’s lost between worlds at the moment. Aside from this fantastic character growth, though, the party and Gigi fell flat. I can’t decide if it was done on purpose to further emphasize Zoe’s change or if it really was just a lame party.

Thankfully, Zoe wasn’t really the focus of this episode; instead we were treated to the highly entertaining pranking team of Wade, George and Lemon. It’s been far too long of a wait to see George and Wade actually share more than a few scenes together, but at least it was worth waiting for! Watching them scheme and try to take down the older football player who made their lives Hell was a perfect introduction to the lighter side of this duo.

And adding Lemon in to the mix? Finally making her just a little less insufferable? I am all for characters being annoying or boring for a story payoff later, but it was getting ridiculous watching Lemon be all of those things with little payoff for weeks on end. This change of pace for her character - watching her turn the mean jock blue - was far and away a much better version of Lemon. Especially when she told George and Wade “and next comes the scream. Truly funny stuff. I'd like another helping of this Lemon, okay, Hart of Dixie?

Lemon and Levon is still a bit of a hard sell for me because I haven’t seen any true chemistry between the two of them yet. Perhaps a flashback will change my mind, but right now all I see is Lemon maybe loving a guy she had a fling with while George was in New York. Yet, Lemon is so concerned by perception that she’s forcing herself to be this person she may not actually want to be, and stifling everyone around her because of it.

Overall, my only real complaint is with the vet. For someone who seems to like Zoe, is getting with one of her friends really the right way to go? I know they’re technically not anything at this point, but Gigi should have had more restraint and the vet dude should have more sense. Ah, well, better for Team Wade or George, right? What did you all think?

Other thoughts:

  • If Friday Night Lights is real in Hart of Dixie, does that mean George has a long lost twin? My mind is kind of blown right now.
  • I’m still mourning the loss of Mrs. H.
  • Heat rub? Tell us more Wade.
  • What kind of prank involves a helicopter and a tiny monkey?


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To be honest: I like Lemon! And as far as I know me I'm going to love her very soon^^...Also I can predict that I'm gonna ship Zoe and Wade because Wade is the kind of guy I'd fall for! Zoe is funny I like her too but her and George? Nooo dislike! About Lemon and Levon? Hmm I don't know enough about them but I'm really really fascinated about Lemon so I'll go whereever she'll go =)
Generally I'm gonna stick with this serie because I LOVE Rachel Bilson since O.C. She is ridiculous pretty in her tiny way and I'm a sucker for this southern accent. As a german I don't understand everything but it just sounds sooo cool =)


In this episode the plot with George, Wade, and Lemon was very enjoyable. Lemon was absolutely adorable!! Of course her character is normally annoying...she's trying to cover up part of her true self. She has to put on a front for everyone because that's what she is expected to do. She is Lemon Breeland after all. I think with time she will be able to find a middle ground between being so high-strung/overly mature and being free-spirited/charming. I think for now, we're supposed to not like her so we can wish for her and George to breakup. I am enjoying that little bits and pieces of her and slowly coming out. Zoe didn't do it for me this episode. I love her, don't get me wrong, and I think Rachel did amazing as always with what she was given. But her agreeing with Gigi and putting together that ridiculously over-the-top party and really thinking that the people in Bluebell will like it, well...that was just stupid - which in turn caused my disappointment. I understand they did it to show Zoe's character growth, I just didn't love the way they decided to show it. I did, however, love how she defended a fanny pack! :) I was kind of hoping that Judson would be a viable option for just a little bit longer. Just something to fill the romance void. I DEFINITELY want the slow build for George or Wade, but a little something to hold me down until then would have been nice. All of the other characters are very charming to say the least. I like that Annabeth is a "mean girl" just as Lemon normally is. I like that the old lady is just confused and frustrated with the drink and the fact that there was no chicken fingers. And I LOVED LOVED LOVED Shelley and her jealousy. Her line was probably one of my favorites in the whole episode. That and pretty much everything Wade says. It's like the man spits out gems! WHERE'S BRICK?! He's supposed to be the town doctor? How many fishing or hunting trips can a man take? Also, he's super into football, why wouldn't he be there for the town homecoming game? Anyway, I'm excited for the next episode Lavon and Wade in pirate costume...bring it on!! :)


Hmmm. I love Rachel, but I have to agree that this show is not her best performance. It pays to know the creators, I suppose. Her awkwardness does seem to fit the role, but I'm really not sure about the role as a lead. And I'm still not believing her as a doctor. HOWEVER, I really like this show. Being from the South, I am annoyed with most of the fake southern accents. I don't understand why actors/actresses can't seem to nail it? But I do get it. Lemon is this over the top perfectionist. She has an idea of how things SHOULD be. Not how they really are. So I totally get the character... the accent is still annoying. As for Wade/George... what is all the hype on Wade??? Clearly he is going to be the hook up that goes on for a season or two... pushing back the love that Zoe and George are fighting, It's kind of obvious where that is headed. But I like it. Wade is a "fun" guy.... but not the settling down type at all. George... well, he's just a good ol' boy... and isn't that what we are all looking for at the end of the day? Lemon and Lavon... i think that is a stretch. maybe she hooked up with him during her "wild" days... but I find it hard to believe that a perfectionist such as Lemon will ever back down and revisit that time of her life. So... I have to say, I am a little interested to see how that plays out. Still love Rachel!!


I honestly like EVERYONE in this series. Zoe is all-time hilarious, and she's so natural that every funny scene makes me laugh even louder! Her insecurities and flaws make her all the more adorable. I'm in both team Wade and team George, though. Is that allowed? I like her chemistry with Wade but when she's with George, she is more calm and matured. Lemon is cool, too. I think she's nice enough to try and suppress what she's feeling towards Lavon so that she can do the 'right' thing - which is to stay with George, because that's what she's expected to do. But I don't like the fact that she still doesn't like Zoe up till now. Both of them are cool, so make a truce already. Can't wait for the next episode!


I am very much Team George. Here is why!!
1. George is not boring...he is a pillar and unfortunately with that comes a more serious persona. You can't let down your guard and have fun. People depend on u to be strong. That's why his character is more laid back then Wade. 2. Zoe is a city girl from NY, she has never been in a "real" relationship. I think Wade will scare her too much with his free spirit, flirty-ness and such. I think they will have a "thing" at some point but in the end it will be George. He is more stable, he will be able to give her a more secure relationship that she needs and wants. 3. I LOVE George. I guess it's cuz he has my personality...laid back, caring, helping others and being what everyone needs at all times....whether it holds you back from being who you want to be. I think a different side of him is going to come out if/when he and Lemon break up. And i am excited to see it. As for Lemon, love her character...there is a lot to her that keeps coming out.


Me too, I enjoy the build up and the time they take to explore the characters, and that this show isn't so big on the drama... for now. I can't wait for the moment where all the love triangles will fully bloom, and all falls apart and the real drama starts, but I'm for now in no rush to get there and am enjoying the ride. I know there's Josh Schwartz and Rachel Bilson, but people should stop comparing this show with the O.C. We're not talking about a bunch of teenagers who jump from relationship to relationship, doing what they want but never knowing what that exactly is. I love that this show is a bit more mature, takes its time to let the characters grow, discover one another and themselves. This is what this episode is about. Like Lemon said, they are not 16, they can't be (and aren't) as reckless anymore. One of my favorite episodes:
- Lemon!! I still don't like her, but she is becoming one of the most complex and interesting charachter of the show. By the way, if L&L can't be together it's not due to his skincolor!! For one, people had no problem electing him mayor, and two, no one had a problem with him dating Deedee (or Didi?). I think it's because when George was in New York, they still were considered a couple.
- The prankster trio!! They just were awesome, I hope we'll see a bit more of them together =)
- Zoe!! Loved to see how she changed and comes to the realization that New York is not the only place for her.
- Lavon!! I think his friendship with Zoe is my favorite relationship on this show. Question: where is Brick? Between all the games and the fishing trips he takes, it's like he doesn't care if Zoe stays for a while in Blue Bell...


This was the best episode so far from me: Lemon was FUN (!), we learned a bit about her wild/crazy high school-past and that Wade, George and her used to hand out back then doing crazy stuff -so cool. I loved this threesomes entire scheeming routine -and when they totally turned on eachother in Zoe's practice -CLASSIC!
I liked that Bluebell seemes to grow on Zoe and that the vet is HISTORY (what a jerk!) PLUS it felt really good to see a bit of conflict/tension between her and Lavon (it made their relationship more believable and adds another layer to it) I wasn't a fan of last weeks episode AT ALL so this felt fresh and good
-5 stars


More like 85/15, in Wade's favor LOL. You were too kind. ;)


@k I completely agree about Zoe/Wade. Why would people want them to rush that? I personally would rather see a lot of build up (but not too long as you said). I think that's half the fun, and it makes the relationship seem more real and meaningful. Zoe definitely does not belong with George IMO, not ultimately. George doesn't even have a clue what he wants. He obviously does love Lemon and is lying to her. He doesn't know about Lavon and thinks he's lying to a loyal girl. I find that whole situation unnattractive. Wade only wants Zoe, any other girl would be a attempt at moving on that will obviously fail. Wade's funny, him and Zoe are comfortable together, they are both attracted, and they have fun together, and they have great chemistry. George is the guy Zoe was attracted as soon as she arrived from NY but Zoe is slowly evolving and she's not going to be the same person she was because of this experience. I think Wade is the one that she belongs with and she will see this over time.


I don't understand why people seem to want a resolution to Zoe/Wade/George right now. I'd rather it build up for a nice pay off (though NOT as long as it took Booth and Bones). Team Wade, 110%. Lemon has been unlikeable, but I mostly liked her last night. I'm very curious to see what made her change.

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Gigi: You defended a fanny pack.
Zoe: I know, that was weird.

I still think number six is doable, all we need is a helicopter and a tiny monkey.