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Brody: How do you know what tea I drink?

That was when Carrie and Brody's lovely weekend, filled with drunken billiards, drunken sex and romantic hikes, took a turn for the worse. However, our viewing pleasure of "The Weekend" only increased following Carrie's slip up in the cabin.

Jessica and Mike

Brody looked sincerely shocked when Carrie told him she thought he had been turned by Nazir, so I wasn't surprised in the least when he told her to ask him anything she wanted. Nor was I surprised at all of his admissions to her about what had gone on over there, as well as what he had been up to since coming back.

Many of us conjectured that he could have killed Walker in order to survive, and that he turned to Islam as a way of surviving the terrible conditions of his captivity over there. What I didn't expect him to say, though, was that he loved Nazir for comforting him when nobody else had. All of these explanations could mean absolutely nothing, however, since we know he can lie about anything after last week's polygraph.

Because of the way Homeland has progressed through its first seven episodes, I don't think we can take anyone's word for it that Tom Walker is indeed the POW we're looking for. It's a clever twist, though. I definitely did not see that one coming.

But isn't it a bit early in the season to have all of it figured out? I've learned my lesson in attempting to discern who is good and who is bad too early, so I will say there is still a good chance that this Tom Walker business is a perfect example of how to send the CIA down the wrong path.

With how saddened Brody seemed to be towards Carrie after he finished giving her all his answers, and that strong but soft "f*ck you" he gave her as he left the cabin, I will have a difficult time believing he is indeed helping the terrorists. Well, at least until circumstances change yet again in the next episode.

What made all of that tension in the final 15 minutes or so fantastic was how great Carrie and Brody were together for the 45 minutes prior.

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis were electric. From the fun drunken pool games, to mouthing off and beating down Neo Nazis, it was a great time from the start. They had a couple of intimate moments while hammered, and then after admitting to each other that they are extremely comfortable with one another*, they finally had some sober sex.

*Being comfortable is something Brody hadn't been able to do since coming back to the U.S., and it is probably something Carrie has rarely ever felt... if ever.

In the final moments, when Brody was driving away from the cabin in his car, it seemed like Carrie had some serious feelings for this guy, right? That's what made it all that much more depressing to see.

While all of that intriguing, exciting, depressing stuff was going on, Saul was also retrieving Aileen and bringing her back to Virginia, which was not nearly as entertaining.

The story was slight in comparison, so I didn't mind it interrupting the main plot. Saul just isn't that fun to watch. Maybe it's a credit to how good Danes and Lewis are, but any time they're not on screen, Homeland takes a step back.

"The Weekend" was yet another fantastic chapter in this first season. What did you all think of all that went down? And how on Earth are there still five more episodes? I can't wait! Can you?!?


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This is what I wrote in last week's review: Alex Roggio
November 9th, 2011 9:17 PM
Tom Walker is the terrorist. What better motivation to turn a POW than getting beat up by his partner? They kept Brody alive to serve as a decoy while Tom Walker is the real terrorist. He'll be back soon, maybe in Season 2 though. They forced Brody to beat up Walker so Walker's could be at his most vulnerable. Getting beat up by his own military partner not only shattered his hope, his confidence and, most of all, his patriotism. They turned him against the USA by turning him against Brody. And they need to keep Brody alive to keep that anger in Walker brewing. Also, Brody was the perfect decoy. What upsets me is that Brody begged to meet the terrorist 1-on-1, moved him into a blindspot, and the guy killed himself immediately after. And Brody admitted to cheating the lie detector in an official CIA questioning.... So we're supposed to just accept that all these things are "coincidental"? They gave explanations for his muslim faith, the twitching fingers and why he lied about Abu Nazir, but there is no way they can explain those "coincidences". I find those coincidences to be lazy writing just to make Carrie look like a jackass.

Uncle jackass

Is the POW Tom Walker, maybe so. Is Brody still suspected in my mind? Ans: still a Yes. The plot twist of Tom Walker being a POW was surprising, but much like the Vampire Diaries Mid season finale it was due to 'cheating' on the plot. When we were given exposition that Brody tortured and beaten Walker we all assume that he was dead. Then the 'reveal' is that he might have turned first by Nazir was the twist. As for predicting future evenst, we all have inductive skills to varying degrees.


Alex Roggio, you're in the minority. Very few people could've guessed it was walker.


I did not expect Tom Walker to still be alive!!! What that means for Brody's state of mind is very suspenseful and I think the drama of Carrie further damaging a messed up POW and blowing her chance for love is far more interesting and affecting than a mere terrorist hunt. I can't wait to see what she does next! I love Saul - he is very understated and self-contained but every now and then we see a glimpse into his core which I think is just as molten as Carrie's. He is incredibly sensitive and empathic, which makes him a great interrogator, but I think his wife's leaving will affect him in ways we don't expect.


The Tom Walker plot twist was predictable. Obviously, they were never going to reveal Brody as the terrorist so it was not going to be him. Also, they spent way too much time on Walker for that not to mean something. I posted a comment last week guaranteeing it was Walker... I am actually disappointed I was right because that just makes this show a little too predictable. And I think the next few episodes will be focused on stopping Walker and Abu Nazir, not guessing who the turned PoW is.


Damien Lewis is a fantastic actor. Him sitting at the table, spitting his guts out , was amazing. What a great show. There is so much trash on network TV. thank you showtime for giving us this .

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