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Homeland Season 1

"Marine One"

Carrie is confined to bed on the season finale of Homeland, while Saul tries to make sense of her timeline. Brody, meanwhile, prepares for the Vice President's policy summit.

"The Vest"

Carrie grows more manic than ever in the wake of last week's bomb. She thinks there could be merit to her seemingly wild theories.

"Representative Brody"

Brody is officially approached this week about running for office. Carrie and Saul, meanwhile, identify Walker's contact.


We flashback a bit on Homeland this week to Brody's time as captive. We also watch a PR nightmare for Carrie and the CIA.

"Achilles Heel"

Brody and company deal with the stunning revelation this week that Walker is alive.

"The Weekend"

The relationship between Carrie and Brody grows more complicated this week, while Jessica and Mike deal with flak over their past.

"The Good Soldier"

It's polygraph time. Following the suicide of last week's terrorist, everyone associated with him at the CIA undergoes this test.

"Blind Spot"

Brody faces off against the man hat tortured him this week.

"Semper I"

Brody's image takes a hit this week, while Carrie does all she can to link this POW with Abu Nazir. Read on for a Homeland recap.

"Clean Skin"

Can Dana sidetrack an exclusive TV interview with the Brodys this week? Elsewhere, Carrie focuses on a brewing Al Qaeda attack on American soil.


Carrie is handed a revealing piece of electronic evidence this week. She also examines surveillance footage of Brody's home.


Who do you trust? Homeland opens this week with a POW coming home, and a CIA agent questioning his loyalty.

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