Michael Graziadei and Sammi Rotibi to Guest Star on The Secret Circle

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Hunk alert! The Secret Circle is adding a pair of men to its roster.

According to TV Guide, Michael Graziadei (The Young and the Restless) and Sammi Rotibi (Lord of War) will both debut on the 12th episode of the season, scheduled to air on January 19.

Graziadei will portray Callum, someone who reportedly possesses a short fuse and a lot of charm. His behavior will raise questions and fears for Faye.

Rotibi will take on the role of Eben, the leader of a group who is described as a "true believer in his malevolent cause. Sounds like the head of the council, doesn't it?

The Secret Circle returns on January 5.


Callum sounds interesting!! cant wait for january!!! wanna jake back as well thou


Also, it should be noted that they are guest appearing, but their characters have the possibility of turning into reoccurring characters. ...and there are a number of reasons why I'm looking forward to Episode 12. A recent tweet from Phoebe Tonkin a few days back will explain why if you're interested in checking. ;)


Definitely sounds like Eben may just be the head of the counsel. From his history of movies, he seems like the type of guy who may be able to pull that off quite well. I'm really interesting in Callum's character. [SPOILER ALERT BELOW] It is said that Melissa will be getting a new love interest that will cause her to face dangerous situations. I wonder if Callum will be that guy. Also, does anyone notice a somewhat resemblance with Cassie and Callum? (Blonde, blue eyes). Just saying.

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