NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Blindsided!

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I usually can see twists and turns coming, but "The Debt" got me. I was blindsided not once, but twice. I never even considered that Deeks didn't shoot and kill that guy. I should have been suspicious when Callen and Sam were nonchalant about him leaving the team. I thought it was odd, but figured maybe they really didn't like him after all.

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Now that I consider it, that is crazy. Sam is strong in his conviction that you leave no teammate behind and if the shooting was real, he would have been right there helping Deeks out. But they all needed to have Kensi frustrated and angry so she could honestly vouch for Deeks. Their plan worked!

She was more forgiving than I think I would have been. However, a favor from Hetty could come in handy. Plus, she understood why they did it even if she wasn't happy about it; it comes with the job. I hope the show doesn't just drop this when it returns next year.

Kensi and Deeks need to have a heart-to-heart, don't they? Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see them get together romantically at all. They are incredible together - as partners. Regardless, they need to clear the air. If the same situation happened between Callen and Sam, I'd feel the same way.

The other twist I didn't coming was about the mole. Duh! I thought Bates was the mole until Kensi got the phone call about Quinn. How could I not have seen that coming?!? I was so wrapped up in the team dynamics and Deeks trying to clear his name. I never considered Quinn, when he was right there trying too hard to get involved in the case.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode above others because I was blindsided. The writers did an amazing job putting together that mind-blowing twist. I was wondering how Deeks would get back with NCIS, but turned out he never left! The question is: will he remain an LAPD-NCIS liaison or will he turn in Hetty's letter to become a full-fledged NCIS agent?

Were you surprised by the Deeks shooting twist, too? Love it? Hate it?

Odds and Ends

  • It was refreshing to see an episode that didn't focus on Callen and/or Sam. After last week's emotionally-charged Sam-centric story, this was the perfect follow-up.
  • Deeks getting his hair cut would have been a tragedy.
  • Oh, Deeks out on a ledge. How did he remain so calm? Lucky that the window next to Bates was open.
  • Did you catch that it was Deeks who leaked the raid at the end to Quinn on the phone?
  • "Just don't let that little ninja lady come after me!" Ha! Gotta love everyone knows and fears Hetty!
  • Deeks doesn't see Kensi as a female ... umm, what? She is one of the "guys," but his interactions with her indicate that he does realize she is a female. I'm guessing he just doesn't handle girly stuff well.


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sorry for the typo! "lying"
also great to see deeks a little more serious. his one liners are great but its good to see him act seriously too!


so i loved this episode! i know that callan and sam are the senior agents but i think too many episodes revolve around them. It was great to see the relationship and partnership of kensi and deeks progress like we saw. Of course there was something fishy after seeing callan and sams goodbyes to him. I just felt so sad for kensi with the goodbye she got from deeks. Putting the box in between them- the body language was terrible. I know that for deeks it wasnt a real good bye, but he didnt need to crush her the way he did. I think he should have also apologised for the goodbye he gave her when they finally talked in the car. But im glad in a way that he cut her off before she told him "what she needed to say" after all it wouldnt have been fair to her to spill the beans and then have him come back and perhaps been embarassed by the revelation she had made earlier. The only thing i found confusing was when deeks said to kensi in the car "im sorry i lied to you. I was protecting you." protecting us" "protecting our thing" how was lieing to her protecting her them or their thing? he lied to her to protect the case. how was it protecting her or them?
overall a wonderful episode and im really excited about seeing this side to kensi that deeks is bringing out of her. we are seeing a 3 dimensional side to kensi now as opposed to the first season when it was hard arsed kensi keeping up with the boys. We are now seeing a softer more vulnerably side and most of all a playful side to her. Hats off to daniela ruah for her comedic timing.. cant wait to see the next episode!


@coco14 - I think we're being played. I went back and re-read some of his posts and his commend of English is amazingly better in some posts than in others. I have been focusing more on him than the show that I love and I'm done. Have fun, Michael, but I've stopped playing.


@ coco14 I'm sorry you are having troble reading sound like a personal issue also im sorry but Just because Sam a Navy Seal does not give him the right to think he a God


Michael, your posts are painful to read because you struggle so with the English language - Sam is a terrific character and in real life I would like someone like him to be there for me. There are things we all have to do for the betterment of the whole and that is exactly what he does. NCIS and this show have made Tuedays nights worth waiting for.


Did anyone else catch the "Gotta love Tuesdays" line by Sam? I wasn't even sure I heard him right so rewound and yup...he did say it. Thought it was a nice one-liner by the writers. @Michael...why is it every week you bash Sam? Sam is one of the good guys. His backstory is he was a Navy SEAL. He's now a federal agent. Sam is gonna do whatever it takes to protect his teammates and his country. I don't always agree with what our agents do. But it usually is to protect our great nation. You also have to remember that this is a TV show. They can take liberties with reality. Do you really think shoot outs like we see every week actually happen in LA and no one talks about them? I think you need to get a grip on reality and stay off the TV for a while. You are getting too analytical on us. TV is a break from real are supposed to enjoy it...not tear it apart every week like these people are real.


I really hope Kensi and Deeks do not ever get romantic. They are good partners, but a relationship would fall flat. Now Callen and Kensi I could get behind. ;)


i knew there was an alterior motive behind Deeks getting fired. since there hasn't been anything about Eric christian olsen leaving the show. with keeping Kensi in the dark i can see why they did it. they needed her emotions to be real.


@Belinda Bu In complete agreement. Eric Christian Olsen just added something spectacular to this show and it's fantastic to watch. I just love him and even though I enjoy everyone in the cast Deeks just...he's my favorite character. I have to say that I didn't see the Deeks doing undercover coming. I honestly thought he was in loads of trouble and I was trying to figure out how they were going to resolve it by still keeping my main Man. I was so frustrated and annoyed with Callen and Sam behaving so indifferently... I should have seen that it was more to that, but I was too busy being agitated with them both, then couple it with how the lapd were treating him as well and I was too blinded by agitation to think rationally. Sam and Callen would never be that callous with a member of their team and they all have been through too much for them to let Deeks go so easily. I did however suspect Quinn was guilty..he just behaved guilty from the beginning. I loved Kensi in this and she was more forgiving then I could have been. Man I would have been pissed. I loved their scenes together and them alluding to something being between them seemed just a tad bit off and unexpected because it had me feeling as though something had happened offscreen. It was great though. I love those two together whether its just as partners or romantically. Also loved how he viewed Kensi as not being female but just her, just one of the guys..but not because he's so aware of her. Lovely fantastic episode. A Deeks centric one made my day...and everyone was brilliant in it, filled with twists and surprises and great team moments


I didn't see the twists nd turns coming. I loved it. Good to have an episode centered on Deeks.

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