Seriously, NBC?!?

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NBC is the lowest rated network on television by a wide margin, and this is its solution: bench Community. Keep Whitney on the air.

In a move that executives swear does not mean the funniest show on television has been canceled, Community will take a seat on January 12 in favor of the returning 30 Rock. Meanwhile, Whitney will switch places with Up All Night.

Elsewhere, Prime Suspect fans should start saying goodbye now. The show is nowhere to be found on the following 2012 schedule...

30 Rock Headlock

8 p.m. The Voice
10 pm Smash (New show, premiere February 6)

8 p.m. The Biggest Loser
10 p.m. Parenthood (until February 28)
10 p.m. Fashion Star (New show)

8 p.m. Whitney (New time slot beginning January 11)
8:30 p.m. Are You There, Chelsea?
9 p.m. Rock Center with Brian Williams(New time slot)

8 p.m. 30 Rock
8:30 p.m. Parks and Recreation
9 p.m. The Office
9:30 p.m. Up All Night
10 p.m. The Firm (New show, two-hour premiere Sunday January 8; Thursday time period premiere January 12)

8 p.m. Who Do You Think You Are?
9 pm.. Grimm
10 p.m. Dateline

8 p.m. Harry’s Law (New time slot beginning March 4)
9 p.m. The Celebrity Apprentice

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Shame on you NBC! Whitney?? Really?? I deffinatley will no longer be watching anything on NBC as long as Community is off air.


My only and only show is getting canned? There is no need for me to ever NBC if there is no Community, the best sitcom on TV right now.


This is the most atrocious thing NBC could do. Community deserves Six Seasons and a Movie!!


This is an absolutely ridiculous decision. Community is the best show I've seen in years and I've watched A LOT. I hope it comes back soon and we get a fourth season; we need to see Jeff graduate.


DO NOT SUPPORT NBC'S NEW FORMAT! Stop watching NBC until they bring back Community!!!


Community is the only thing on NBC that I watch. All their other shows have just not been my thing. So, I'm very disappointed to see it not make the schedule. What happened to: "Six seasons and a movie!"?


homie don't dean


@kay... yes, fact MORE people watch Whitney than Community


Ok... seriously? Community is one of may favorite shows! Instead of adding all these new shows, they should keep their better shows around: like community and prime suspect. Now I have no reason to watch NBC.


Community is one of my favorite shows!! That is sad! I guess I need to find something else to what on Thursdays NOT on NBC.

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