Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Kiss"

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Via a number of revealing conversations this week, Sons of Anarchy set the stage for true anarchy to come over the final few episodes of season four.

How do we think it will play our? What did we like best about "Kiss?" Our TV Fanatic Round Table crew of Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando is here with some answers. Feel free to provide your own, as well, to the following topics...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: We'll get to it more below, but the staredown between Jax and Clay. The moment Clay uttered the "P" word about Tara, I shot up out of my seat.

Dan: Jax going ape shit and then calming Lobos down to save the Niners was some of the most tense and powerful stuff I've seen this season.

Christine: Gemma and Wayne talking over Piney's body. Wayne's right. Clay's like a wounded animal. Unpredictable and dangerous. He needs to be taken down but Gemma's his wife. She'll do anything to protect him. She'll even use Wayne's feelings for her to do it. The kiss totally shocked me but it proved how far in Gemma is.

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Will Otto turn on the club?
Matt: No, for the same reason Opie didn't turn on Clay, even after he learned he had been behind Donna's murder. Many times, club member must swallow their pride and take a personal slight for the team. Yes, Otto has done this many times. I expect him to do it again.

Dan: I think he has learned enough over the years to realize that his boys might have told him a white lie in order to make him feel better. I have too much faith in Otto to think he'd just turn like that.

Christine: It would really surprise me if he did. He's been through so much. The club is all he has now. I think he'd go to his death protecting it.

More gut-wrenching scene: Juice's reaction to the RICO case or Gemma's reaction to Piney's dead body?
Matt: Gemma all the way. I'd give Katey Sagal the next three Emmys just for that scene. It was a mixture of shock, sadness and anger; first at Piney and then, quickly, differently, at Clay. Because she knew he did it.

Dan: Both tough, but I'm going with Clay following up his heartfelt scene with Gemma about leaving Tara alone... with an immediate phone call to the good doctor out.  Also, I don't see Tara making it out of this season alive, for the sole reason that it seems to be the only way Jax stays with the club for a couple more years. 

Christine: Juice floored me. I didn't see that coming. There's more than one wounded animal in SAMCRO. Juice is a wild card and I can't wait to see what happens with him next. At this point I'll be surprised if he survives the season.

Who would win in a staring contest: Clay or Jax?
Matt: Jax, and here's why: Clay is ALWAYS staring intensely. He' a stoic man. But Jax shows a range of emotions. Therefore, when he stares, you truly feel the force of it.

Dan: Clay. Hands down.

Christine: Clay because he's just so cold but I loved it when Jax told him off at the end. That was a hell of a powerful look he leveled on the old man. Not that it did any good.


Am I the only one confused/creeped out by the "kiss'.
I watched every show.
Thought unser was like a dad figure since he knew her since she was a child.
Icky, incestual kiss. Blah
NEVER EVER felt ANY romance past or prestent.blah


Janet, on some level I agree with you. I am still a little confused as to why if Gemma knew that Clay killed Piney, she would tell him what was going on with Tara?! I really feel like she thinks that she can control Clay or can reign in his emotions to get him to think clearly. HELLO! He jacked you up in the Teller-Morrow parking lot, he backdoored the whole club with this drug mule BS...where has he shown that anyone can control him! I can't even entertain the thought that Gemma was actually setting up Tara...although on some level she wants her son to remain in this life. Man, so many angles!!


We know something happens with Tara next week. My guess is Jax gets to whoever harms her and somehow finds out Clay ordered the hit. Hes been suspicious twice now with Clay having one on ones with Romeo and Luis. When Tara finds out about Piney, she may realize it was Clay too.

Ronald simkins

Ah! TBOAPW scenario Liebniz vs Voltaire. Who knows?


I know this is crazy, but I think Gemma set Tara up...Gem gave Clay the location! She told him Tara was going to Oregon! I think Gemma wants Tara dead. She knows that Tara will pull Jax out of the club, and Mama Bear would never allow that.


I think Gemma will be the one to take Clay out, If he gets taken out that is!! Chibs has really made a big impression on me this season, Juice I pray doesnt really turn, last season we all thought Jax was a snitch , turned out he was playing that dumb bitch cop, but we didnt know so maybe that is kinda where juice is going. Otto never snitch!! I feel bad for poor Opie too, he has lost his wife, mom, and now dad to the club, then married a whore and she left too!! WTF is up w her. Now with Jax leaving he gonna be left feeling really alone, he may be the one to SNAP has every right too, me or Clay would have done been dead.


I loved the conversation that Chibs and Jax had. Gave us a little more insight into Chibs and how he feels for the rest of his brothers, espcially ones hurting like Juice. I think he knows Juice's secret or at least suspects. Very concerned about what is going to happen now that they can't locate Juice. Gemma, Jax, Clay, damn what a night. The whole thing had me on the edge of my seat. Great episode in a great season.


I can see one of the kids getting taken out in the crossfire next week. Taking out Tara would would be the easy way to go. Kurt doesn't play that way. Killing one of the boys would REALLY send Jax and worse GEMMA over the edge. And we saw what a little pussy Potter truly is when he hopped up on the table as Juice lost it. I cannot stand this character. He's creepy and annoying. It's the one misstep in this great season. Two words-ANDRE BRAUGHER. You need a real man to go up against SAMCRO. Throw Frank Pembleton in the box and see who comes out alive (see Homicide-Life on the Streets if you don't know Mr.Braugher).


Hey Pat...FX has already ordered up another batch of episodes for next year. SOA ain't goin NOWHERE....:) :)


Clay's losing it.He has REALLY gone over the edge.I don't know if Tara gets knocked off or not ( I hope not,for the reason to follow),but I can see Jax knocking Clay out once and for all. I loved the look he gave Clay in the clubhouse after the remark about "doctor "P"...pure rage and determination.If the eyes could kill,he would've fried Clay in that chair.I actually sorta lean towards the possibility that Jax and Tara end up being the new Gemma and Clay of the club-like a second generation,with Jax's son Abel taking the reins that Jax has now,later on,as he grows....wouldn't THAT be sweet?? I also loved the way Jax stepped up and saved the day during the head-to-head with the nines and the lobos.Bobby's right-that club needs his leadership.

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