Terra Nova Review: He's The Great Imposter

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There were parts of "Proof" that I actually enjoyed. In fact, Maddie's turn as a detective - in attempting to take down the man masquerading as her apparent hero - was surprisingly one of the highlights.

The problem with Terra Nova continues to be that there are just so many... problems. The acting is subpar, the dialogue is some kind of awful and even when you think a story is going somewhere interesting, it turns out to be a dud.

Taking a Needed Break

I was completely invested in the Josh and Mira story when I though the latter was letting the former go in exchange for a favor down the road that was going to be important. I thought it would be for something she had planned. The fact that she used up that favor the very next episode in order to help her sick Sixers was extremely disappointing.

More disappointing, though, was the entire robbery scene in which Josh stole the medicine Mira needed. It was never established that he had any plan, which was obvious by what a shoddy job he did once he feverishly broke into the clinic. Nobody heard this happening? The glass shattering? The sonic boom of the gun?

Like Maddie, who ended up doing a fine job of uncovering the mystery of Ken Horton, Jim Shannon proved to be just as good of a detective when he stared through the gigantic hole in the window and stated "broke in through the window." Yeah, no shit Sherlock.

While the discovery that Horton was indeed an imposter was probably the most interesting part of "Proof," it also included one of the more reprehensible moments of the season. How did Horton not notice the teenage girl hiding behind the completely open - and nearly transparent - table?!?!?

I re-watched this scene three times, then re-enacted it in my apartment to figure out how ridiculous it was that he didn't see her.  he conclusion: Out of this world ridiculous!

It still was interesting to see Maddie solve the case, though. The fact that there are "facers" that do those types of procedures, that the assistant killed the legend, and that Zoe wanted him to be a vampire the entire time, made it all a bit more interesting. I wish it did turn out to be vampires. That would have kicked things up a notch around here.

I'm also glad that Lucas remained in the picture this week. The continual dance around the Commander's son, Mira, her mole inside Terra Nova, and the Sixers' contact with 2149 are what keep me interested in what's going to happen next. It sure as heck isn't what's currently going on around camp.

Oh yeah! I also figured out who Skye reminded me of. She is a young Lucinda Nicholson!

Let us know what you thought of "Proof" in the comments. Will you be back for more?


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Personally I love this show. I thought Mira had a little more planned than that for Josh but she used him for what she needed him for. If he job was to get the box for Lucas, once she had it would she really need Josh for anything else? He was the best person for the job, well if the card had worked that is. Is this show as great as other Fox shows like Bones, Glee, House, or New Girl? No. But it's a totally different premise. I hate Fox sometimes because they cancel shows soooo fast (RIP Firefly). But Fox also routinely puts out different shows. A show based on a high school glee club? Fox. A show based on a guy who gets himself sent to jail so he can break his brother out? Fox. A show about the future where cowboys and technology both exist? Fox. What does CBS have? 3 CSIs, 2 NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, Person of Interest, etc. This show is at least something different, something families can watch. WHy does every episode have to deal with dinosaurs issues just because it's set in the past? Do we not groan when shows take place in Paris and the Eiffel Tower is constantly in the background? It's not always there and I don't think the dinosaurs are always there. I don't remember if they said in the pilot but it sounds like Terra Nova has been established for quite a few years. Some peaceful co-habilitation has probably taken place.


I love Terra Nova...great family show...my 4 year old son was a little sad this week...no dinosaurs...but every my family and I pile in front of the TV. We enjoy the show. Finally a show that is not filled with smut and bad language. Ok fine I will concede...Taylor says Hell once in awhile. Rumor has it that there will be only one season...that will certainly be a shame. Almost 8 million viewers...come on people...go to work and start sending emails and tell your friends about this show...maybe next week will hit 10 million. I just hate it when a good show gets cancelled...I hope this one sticks around...looks like Fringe is in trouble...if you love Fringe...the time to support it is BEFORE it is cancelled.


I hope that the writers start giving us more background on the Mira and Lucas storylines. The happy dinosaur "utopia" just doesn't seem realistic, a little fear and drama would take the show in a much better direction.


i love this show the same way as i love starship troopers. it has many of the same qualities. (bad acting set in the premise of violence- how very Fox) 2149 is ruled by, what looks like, a very facist government. guess Taylers dictatorship is better :) but thats what i mean! this show is gonna blow up in our faces... its gonna be awesome!


@camuss111 Wow. You really like this show. Good for you. However, I think instead of attacking people, you could debate the show's points politely. I never once said anyone shouldn't enjoy this show. Matter of fact I said I was happy for those with families who enjoy it. Did I give word for word consideration of the narratives? No. Apparently, you read way too much into a brief, high level (instead of in-depth) analysis. You don't agree with my comments, great, but you should never personally attack anyone by saying they lack patience or rationalizing abilities. It seems the level of maturity in your comments is such that you cannot accept others opposing opinions and cannot express your view without resorting to name calling. I happen to watch the Walking Dead, Hell On Wheels, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, etc but I didn't see your reviews on any of those shows. Hmm... These shows I enjoy immensely and yes I do fire off on plot points in each. But that's the fun of this type of forum; it's encouraging respectful, lively debate. Not name calling or personal attacks on differing opinions. Maybe you should take consideration of others to heart before a declaration in which your intelligence and viewpoint is above those of us who you personally attack.


Kids + sci-fi = suck. This has been true since the genre began. And there is a vastly overused plot device - there are man-eating dinosaurs wandering the jungle, but people routinely decide to go on walks, off by themselves, and what not...IN THE DINOSAUR INFESTED JUNGLE! This is like going to the zoo, and deciding to get away from the crowds by jumping in the bear cage. It is only used to artifically create some drama when there isan't any. Just this week Taylor saves the guy in the jungle from the "Kimodo dragon". Instead of using his gun, which we see him carrying, he fights it off with a big knife and a torch. "C'mon you COWARD!" Drammic, yeah. But what the $%%#@? Kill the damn thing already! And if it comes back after he leaves and eats the guy he wants to go on a secret mission for him to Mira? What then? Ooops? A better show would have alternate groups from the future who both have access to the past, vying for control of the planet. Dinosaurs would be occasionally attacking the settlement, and venturing outside the compound would be a risky venture. But venture out they must, if only to prevent the other group from gaining complete control of the planet. Throw in some intelligent dinos - how can they exist, and how did they go extinct? Are they the reason this time period is connected to the future? There is a pretty good show in there. Wait a minute, that sounds like Land of the Lost!


It's a sci fi show, its not supposed to be 100% believable. As for dumping on the actors and dialogue, it just says you must not have carefully watched other sci-fi favorites. LOST, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, SG-1, Firefly. Great shows, mostly mediocre acting, and run of the mill sci-fi dialogue. Science fiction gets a bad rep. nowadays, but people love watching the same show 5 times on 5 different networks, I mean talk about obvious plots, bad acting, huge holes, and shotty dialogue, look at Bones, NCIS, NCIS L.A. any one of the CSI shows, the remake of Hawaii 5-0. While they are entertaining, they have the exact same flaws, and while I loved Lost believability of any sort was impossible, the show even went against its own mythos by the conclusion. While there are great shows worthy of the academy out there, most arent, why criticize a show for being fun? And there is finally a show on television today that doesn't have sex every five seconds, pregnant teenagers, a ridiculous amount of violence, and actually has at least a hint of a moral compass. Even the violence is low key. It's not the greatest show ever, but at least I can let my 11 year old watch it without having to worry what she will see. Also for the people saying they want resolution, in the first episode they explain its an alternate timeline, or else stepping on a butterfly would alter the future. Also they explain they didn't choose where to go the portal just appeared. And for those saying there is no science to back up the show, I would like anyone to explain to me how time travel works, or for that matter the science behind Lost. It's supposed to be fun stop being so critical and go back to being that 11,or 13 year old kid and have fun watching a cool show, we don't always need to be high brow. This is a very fun show, if you let it be.


@ Mrs. CK Dexter Haven he gets the confession by poking the man in his broken and battered body. Remember the sonic pistol that the bar keep pulls out, remember when Shannon mentions that only an idiot would use a sonic blast at that close range? Remember Josh pulling up his shirt to reveal similar bruises? You obviously don't realize how much damage a little poke to a sonically bruised body is going to do. as someone who works with battered people, I can tell you that a little pressure to a bruised sternum can cause astronomical pain, not to mention a sharp stick. she does mention it to her mother who say's the equivalent of not now - rationalizing a seemingly irrational thing - she tells the scientist leader of Terra Nova her suspicions as well, she only tells her little sister because at least that little girl will listen. In all honesty, ma'am I believe you either were preoccupied with something or just don't have the patience or rationalizing ability to understand the narrative threads of this show. You probably don't watch the walking dead or you would be firing on that too. You get on Shannon's back for making a sarcastic comment, being a 'bad' detective etc... and yet you can't even put together the easily gleaned factual occurrences IN THE SHOW that shoot your own complaints in the foot.
LMFAO also, Why take the time to comment on it if you dislike it that much? Seems like it'd be easier to just not watch it. And the vampire thing makes sense, of course literature from the future isn't plentiful on terra nova, but the people's memories of it don't fade either, especially a little girl's


First and foremost, as a fan of the current AMC tv shows (the walking dead, Hell on wheels and madmen) let me just say that This show is the only other one this round of series on tv that i continually watch. The biggest question I have is where it will go, how the ends will tie up IN TIME. It seems that our culture wants the answers to questions sooner rather than later, that patience seems to no longer be a virtue and that the people who sit at home and nitpick over the precepts of a science fiction show have nothing better to do/ or are discouraged with their current situation of living. Plot lines don't always get resolved within the first season (Stargate SG-1, Lost) and Since when has Television been expected to be realistic? LOST had many plot holes and some of the acting was pretty bad...It's tv. These actors and directors wake up every morning to work, they take hours to nail one scene, and when the corporation behind the show calls for another episode, they have to give it, whether satisfied or not. So deal with it. also, it's far more realistic that Mira would call in a favor for a life-threatening illness that only Josh could really help with, we don't always call in huge favors in real life - besides, who says that she and Josh are finished - after all, Kara's on her way and Mira's a devious one. also, I think Horton saw her, but since he already suspected she knew, chose to see how far she would go. This show is far better than many that are in circulation today (exceptions for TWD, HOW, etc..) It kind of goes back to the idea of television that Star Trek (also Seaquest) cemented, exploration and discovery, with little to no explanation of how they got there within the first season. At the very least, Terra Nova seeks to do something that TV shows have been failing to do for about the last ten years or so... It intends to DREAM. I am proud to be a Terra Nova fan


Thanks Carissa! Glad you're keeping the faith :) I agree with The Watcher. I am a huge Lost fan (oh how I miss thee Lost) and was hoping this show may help me get over missing my beloved. I can absolutely think outside of our current reality. I love cartoons but you don't see me complaining Scooby-Doo & Shaggy aren't realistic because they should be in their 60's. Fun, entertaining concepts should be explored. I actually encourage reading vs. television (sshhh don't tell) because of those very reasons. I simply think the intelligence of this show (or lack thereof) is sad. It's like saying we, the viewing audience, don't have the mental capacity and understanding to handle a sophisticated science based show. They have explained nothing about the science of how it works or why they chose to go to that specific time period. I figured it would come up, as the show is based on time travel to a prehistoric era. I'm happy for those of you who enjoy the show with your families. It's great to have that option.

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