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@Dan Clayton
i couldn't agree more!!
Afro-blue is getting worse and worse with every week whereas Vocal point had what, one bad week? really? and they go home!!! this is sooooo ridiculously infuriating, but whatever, i won't think about it any more!
as long as Pentatonix win, I'll be fine with this show.


Kevin did have a problem doing "Let's Get it On." They just didn't show him discussing that in the intro to the song. He had a tough time doing both, but went ahead with it for the sake of the group. So no, there were no double standards on his part.


I think in the long run, the way the judges review, the groups really need two above average performances during the weeks. I think Vocal Point hit it out of the park with "Every Little Step" but bombed with "Ain't Too Proud To Beg." We've seen groups switch songs, so they had a chance to change their song, but they never did which is why I think they got eliminated. Even if Afro-Blue is occasionally mediocre, they weren't necessarily bad. "Ain't too proud to beg" was painful.


I'm sorry but there is no way that Afro Blue did a better job last night than Vocal Point. Even Urban Method was sharp, but I guess you get tons of room for error if you rap, anything is art then. I don't get it. This came off as a producer choice, we have two college groups we want a better demographic for the end... I don't know why I keep getting suprised that Reality shows are not reality

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