The X Factor Review: Thankful For Wild Horses

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This week on The X Factor, we faced the music and gave thanks. What was I thankful for? Melanie Amaro's post-performance speech, and the fact that she broke out a Virgin Islands accent after months of speaking with none at all.

There was still plenty to not be thankful for on this week's episode, specifically L.A. Reid's atrocious method of judging. I don't know why he thinks it is his job to come in to a show prepared to hate every contestant that isn't on his team, but he does.

Rachel Crow Top 9

"I came out wanting to be critical," he told Rachel Crow before praising her performance. He then told Lakoda Rayne "I was completely prepared to not like it," which was followed by more positive comments. Here's an idea. How about you just come in and judge them without bias?

We all may have our favorites on The X Factor, but as a judge of the talent, he of all people shouldn't come in prepared to hate on someone. Let's get onto the performances...

Rachel Crow "Believe" - The overproduction was once again in place as the gigantic chorus drowned out her performance a bit here. When they brought in 20 more backup singers and then dropped confetti from the ceiling, I knew it was going to be a ridiculous night. Rachel was good as always, but she was not nearly as interesting as a few of the past weeks.
My Score: 6/10

Marcus Canty "Mama" - He is really starting to be one of my favorites, even though he seems better fitted for the mid to late 1990s. Having said that, he missed a couple of notes in the middle pretty horrendously, and it ruined what was looking like a nice little performance. His falsetto at the end was great.
My Score: 6/10

Melanie Amaro "The World's Greatest" - Wow, did she have a meltdown after this performance ended?!? If only she could have used up one ounce of that emotion during the actual performance, she might have put together another fantastic outing. Her supreme vocal skills compared to her competitors continue to allow her to slide by though.
My Score: 7/10

Chris Rene "Let It Be" - Wait, he was driving loaded a few months ago? I hope we have a different idea of what "a few" means (I say it's three), because he is supposed to be sober seven months! I loved when he audition with "Young Homey," so I was really digging that he brought it back tonight. It was especially crucial because he was having a difficult time holding the notes in "Let It Beeeeeeee." 
My Score: 7/10

Lakoda Rayne "You Belong With Me" - It's pretty difficult to sound worse vocally than Taylor Swift, who is renowned as a great song-writer but awful singer. Lakoda Rayne pulled this off.
My Score: 4/10

Leroy Bell "Angel" - This was definitely his best of the season. He connected with the song, there wasn't a bum note, and it all came together well. We've known that he is a great singer, but this time around it felt different. It felt good.
My Score: 7/10

Astro "Show Me What You Got" - I love that everyone did videos expressing what they are thankful for - their parents, their sponsor, God - and Astro talks about the issue from last week. You have to give him credit for apologizing profusely, although I don't think they would have let it go any other way after what happened last Thursday. Like I've said all along, he's a very good rapper, which was showcased again here. His stage presence was a bit improved this week and he benefited that the song he was rapping over didn't have much of a chorus, which is where he usually falters.
My Score: 6/10

Drew "Skyscraper" - The very beginning was great, but then she fell apart. Simon was right in telling L.A. that he gave the wrong criticism, but he failed to mention that the correct criticism was that she completely butchered the song. In her defense, Demi Lovato's performance of this song is so etched with personal struggle that it isn't all that fair to compare Drew's performance to that.
My Score: 5/10

Josh Krajcik "Wild Horses" - Uh Oh! BEST OF THE NIGHT warning! Burrito Josh came to play. I haven't been the biggest Josh fan to this point, but he killed it here. It was soulful, he sounded great, he didn't scream, he connected, and he played a nice piano to boot.
My Score: 9/10

Josh Krajcik Top 9

My favorite of the night was obviously Burrito Josh, but who was yours? And who do you think should go home tomorrow? I'm predicting Lakoda Rayne leaves us, but who else will be eliminated? Yes, it's gonna be a double!


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Steve Jones is a tool and I hope he dies. That would be "dope"!


the beautiful thing about dvr is you are able to fast forward, and with that ability you realize which performances you do or don't like by if your finger reacts to that FF button or not. i fastforwarded on drew (she bores me every week, although i do have to give props to her voice, it is unique/lovely) on leroy (same as drew) the group (...just no) and astro (mostly because his pre-show video was ridic, but i do recognize his originality/talent.) i also CUE GASP ff'd melanie. the reason i respect drew/rachel is because they have a different voice. if i heard melanie's voice on the radio without knowing it was her song i'm not sure i would know it was her, if that makes sense? like if i hear rihanna, i know it's her, or...adam levine, or t.swift. i guess it's my preferance but i rather have artists who have very original voices. also her freakout after her performance was weird, and turned me off against her. so weird and...i don't know. just shush and sing, girl. you're trippin. omg i think im a melanie hater. OOPS. rachel/josh all the way


LA Reid and his protege Astro need to go. LA Reid was obviously looking for a forum to attack Drew, one of Simon's girls. Asto is not showing diversity, he has an attitude that is disrespectful and ungrateful. LA Reid should not have apologized for him. After the show showed his mom and step father, I am definitely not buying that his attitude is because of where he comes from. I don't know how much more I can take of the little brat, he just has to go.


Josh and Rachel are my favorites, but I hope Josh will be the winner. He has everything to become a STAR!!!!


Josh always very wonderful voice but sometimes a little too "Joe Cockerish" to me ... Rachel needs to go into acting, what a face that child has! Melanie beautiful voice, no one can sing like her but let her sing something relevant. Marcus nice job but we need to see you move. Young Homey has become so absolutely CUTE but can't sing! Lakoda ... lovely girls but is that why they are there??? Drew is so different than all the other contestants, just let her sing L.A. and shut up. Drew is Alannis M. in new form ... she is premiere style. Leroy can sing really well and is a hunk to look at but are teenagers going to buy his music? And Astro is too young to be on this show. He has his feelings hanging on his sleeve and is going to be crushed if he is not chosen as the winner. Can someone say ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! L.A., maybe that is who you should talk about instead of all the other singers. Paula is always relevant and Nicole is a sweetie but thanks, Simon, for standing up for your girls! You are the best!


Drew and Astro really bored me last night and she was always my fave.
The island girl should have stopped talking…..shut the …up …..JAMAICAN/DOMINICAN/ST-KITTS GIRL
Marcus was soooo adorable yesterday with his mommmmma…
The X-druggie plays the same song over and over….cute but not enough. Needs dental work but I love the tattoos.
The old man was stud then and now!!


I really do not understand why Lakoda Ryne is still there??? I'm beginning to think it's only to keep Paula relevant. "Melanie Amaro's post-performance speech, and the fact that she broke out a Virgin Islands accent after months of speaking with none at all." I heard her accent from the first time she came on, one of the reasons i fell in love with her, i'm originally from the islands so i guess i can easily identify it. Love Josh, Melanie, Racheal Drew, Lakoda Ryne, Leroy Bell and Michael Canty needs to go...


I think rachal is great. i think she is the x factor


I think our little rapper must go home and grow up whats rap anyway and Lakoda Raynes then and Simons little bby girl with the long curls has got to go. By far Josh was the best he gets better every week and meets every challenge.


I've been voting for Josh from the beginning. He has more talent then most of them. I hate that the shows will put people on that have already had a chance and couldn't make it. This venue should be for new talent only. I think Astro needs to go home and grow up and try it again when he is older. If he got upset last week because he was at the bottom how is he going to react later when things don't go his way? He needs to grow up.

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