The X Factor Top 10 Results: A Disgraceful Non-Exit

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If that wasn't the worst display of sportsmanship in singing competition history, I don't know what was.  

The X Factor went from 10 finalists to nine tonight, but not before Astro embarrassed himself and made a mockery of the show by claiming he didn't want to perform for the judges' vote and pouted through his entire performance.

Astro on The X Factor Results Show

After Rihanna danced around on stage in a pair of ripped jeans straight out of 1991, the top eight vote-getters were announced in no particular order as: Leroy Bell, Lakoda Rayne, Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Marcus Canty, Drew, and Rachel Crow.

That's right. That means that Stacy Francis and Astro received the least amount of votes from America. Now I could have been happy that most of America agreed with my take on the young rapper's performance last night, but instead I was quickly saddened how poor of a sport he became.

Astro first claimed that he didn't want to perform for the judges, and asked L.A. if he wanted him to. Of course L.A. said yes... but really? You just wanted to quit then and there, Astro?  ou were voted in the bottom two so you don't think America deserves to hear you again? Following that up with the most lackluster performance of all-time was such a show of disrespect that I wasn't going to be surprised if the judges decided to send him home for that reason alone.

Let's see what the judges decided to do...

L.A. chastised Astro but then voted for Stacy to go home.

Nicole decided to save her girl and send home Astro.

Paula picked to send home Stacy.

Simon mouthed that he was tempted to send home Astro - and was even harder on him than L.A. - but realizing that Astro still has a chance to move forward in this competition, he chose to send home Stacy.

So Stacy Francis is no longer on The X Factor, and Astro has to stay and sing for America for at least one more week. Will he be able to bounce back from this? I'm interested to find out. The most surprising thing of this whole episode was that Lakoda Rayne not being in the bottom two was not even news.

What did you all think?


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My brother suggested I may like this website. He used to be entirely right. This submit truly made my day. You can not consider just how much time I had spent for this information! Thank you! Gazeta de maine


I knew that Astro could not handle rejection from day one if he should be in the bottom two. I am mother of a fifteen and eight year old. My eight year old handle herself better than him. His mother need to teach him alot about being respectful. If I was his mom he would be on stage with me next week making a public apology before he performs. all the best for next week you need it Astro.


I think astro is very young an immature, but does not excuse nastiness, being disrespectful, and having a very bad attitude towards others. I have two thirteen year olds who have respect, great attitude and just very nice young men who are a credit to me and others. I would be horrified if they acted anything like astro, future star or now maybe not. Iwould certainly not buy his album.


OK lets just get this into perspective - this is a fifteen year old kid who has consistantly shown maturity above his years. He is lauded for his "attitude" and consistantly praised as a unique talent who will go far in the competition. The kid is miles from home and has contact with his Mother by mobile phone and despite the judges predictions lands in the bottom two. He is clearly shocked and doesn't know what he is supposed to do - torn between the "attitude" of a talented rising star or the crushing (and unexpected) defeat of just another talent show contestant. If Simon Cowell wishes to continue making enertainment out of the aspirations of the ever decreasing age of the contestants then he has a duty to protect them from themselves especially when they are encoraged on a weekly basis to believe the judge's hype. What we witnessed with the very public dressing down of this very young man was bordering on child abuse. Sorry my opinion.


Yo Yo Yo, Astro gotta go! LA said Drew sounded the same each week. What about Astro?


the judges got it right. stacy was terrible .that was who i had going home. as 4 astro well i did not expect to see him in the bottom 2 last night but i did not have him winning either and thats because its a singing comp and he can not sing every thing he has done is just rap. he was going to win and after last night i think he blew what ever chance he had.

Avatar's one thing to be have an emotional reaction, which every contestant who has been in the bottom two has had, but Astro was flat out disrespectul. No other contestant who has been in the bottom two has come out and said they didn't want to perform for American anymore. No other contestent has stood on stage with that smug, I'm over this sh*t attitude. Stacy came out and performed her song as did every other act but Astro came on stage with the intent to NOT perform, to just quit. Astro was just plain rude. If my child acted that way I would have reprimanded him even worse than Simon or L.A. It shows his immaturity and the fact that he is not ready for this kind of fame or this kind of setting. He will face plenty of rejection if he were to ever make it anywhere in the music industry, and last night was a prime example of how NOT to deal with that rejection. NO ONE is going to want to work with a kid like that.


Seriously, I did not think that Astro was a bad sport, I just felt bad for him. After all, he's only 13 years old, an emotional kid and I think the comments that he's a poor sport are pretty harsh. Do you remember yourself when you were 13 years old? Or your kids? How many times did you or them make a scene for a small incident? Now consider Astro's situation. He's basically told America doesn't like him that much after all although everybody has been telling him that he's the best. So it would have been a surprise to me if he would have taken that in another way. He felt bad, cried, was a kid whose world had been turned upside down and didn't really know what to do about it or how to handle it. Most adults don't know how to handle these situations either. And I'm not so sure about Rachel that she would react otherwise. I mean, she is beloved from everyone and had never had any real problems. So if she is put in that situation, I will be really surprised if I don't see some emotional reaction from her, too. So, I'm looking forward to the next show with Astro. I didn't not like Stacey, but I always felt like she only screamed into the micro and I did not think that she should have been the one coming forward. Astro has a lot of potential. And these situations can make him stronger.


Since the beginning the judges have been concerned with Astro's maturity level and his ability to handle criticism. He's a child. An unbelievably arrogant child. Who can be shocked he had a little tantrum when he found out America didn't like him as much as he thinks they should. If they think he's bad now what do they think is going to happen later? Yeah, he probably said I know I was bad it won't happen again but guess what.... Some children have this appalling thing called lack of self control and it will happen again. And the look on Stacy's face when the MC was asking her if she was devastated by the decision said it all. She was pissed. Basically the judges said she did a better job but they were going to reward the brat because he might go a week farther. Let's reward the bad behavior. And you have to make the inevitable comparison between Astro and Rachel since they're close in age. Just cause you want something doesn't mean you're mature enough to handle it. I'm sure Rachel will eventually have her melt down but odds are it'll be in private and not in front of Millions. So far she's taken the criticisms given her with a smile or a nod or the occasional comment to stand up for herself and her choices. Perhaps her parents have already had the conversation that not everyone will like you and for this business you have to have a thick skin. People don't want to work with brats or divas unless you're famous and you aren't famous enough for them to put up with you yet.


I read your reveiw and then watched the clip, expecting Astro to be a little shit. but all he did was act in a way that an immature 13 year old would react when thrown a massive curve ball like that. some just don't handle rejection very well.