TV Fanatic Staff Selection, Take 5: Chair for Best Teen Couple!

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Welcome to the latest opportunity for a TV Fanatic staff member to defend one of our Best Teen Couple nominees. If you missed previous editions, so far...

Now, it's up to Leigh Raines to pull up a Chair. Take it away, Leigh, and best of luck...

Who is the best teen couple on television, this website is asking? Sorry, Forwood fans, but the answer is clear.

Look, I’m an adult, so I’m not going to sit here and say that Blair has never had chemistry with another person. Yes, even Lonely Boy got some face time, but - with apologies to Dair supporters - I just feel more of a friendship vibe between those two.

So let’s agree to disagree and let me preach to all you Chair fiends out there. I need your voting to go VIRAL. Let’s face it, Blair Waldorf doesn’t settle for second or third place. Therefore, I present to you a love letter to a relationship that’s five years in the making:

The Chair defense rests.

Dear Chair,
            In the beginning, you entertained us with a friendship fueled by a mutual love for schemes and takedowns. Then, a certain champagne-doused evening, with a striptease at Chuck’s burlesque club, led to hot virginity-losing limo sex. Not even Blair’s attempt at confession could put the fire out that sparked between you two that night (twice, if I recall correctly.) Since then it’s been magnetic, electrifying, bewitching, tantalizing, scintillating and whatever other adjective you want to throw my way.
            I’m not going to lie and say these past few years have been the smoothest ride, but then again nobody ever said a great love was easy. They just said it was worth it. So what if it took you guys a few years to say those three words? What was that Chuck said during his best man speech at the end of season one? Oh yes, the importance of perseverance.
            I can’t give you up, because you two can’t give each other up. Chuck, I blubbered like a baby when you showed up at Blair’s, crying after your father’s funeral and she held your hand all through the night. When you wanted to lose yourself around the world or jump off of a building, who saved you? Blair. Against everything in her being, Blair met you at that Paris train station to stop you from running away. That was a beautiful scene.
            Blair, you two may have not been together when you didn’t get into Yale, but Chuck knew he couldn’t let you spiral with scum like Carter Baizen. He applied to Columbia without you knowing. He reminded you when you were floundering at NYU that he wasn’t Chuck Bass without Blair Waldorf. Then, there was that time he took a bullet to protect the ring he hoped to give to you one day.
            This week's ending scene - with Chuck’s overdue apology - probably sealed the deal for me. Blair, you want to love Louis, but love isn’t something that can be forced. Chuck, your apology might be too little too late, but it shows you’re growing into a better man.
            You were both too immature, conniving, and narcissistic to be together in the past. That’s why it didn’t work. But I, like so many of your viewers, know that you two are end game. So Chuck, could you please go retrieve that gorgeous Harry Winston rock and save Blair from the dullest Prince there ever was? Let’s get this show on the road kids. As Blair herself said at the end of season four: “The great loves are the crazy ones.” And you two are certifiably, undeniably and perfectly crazy... for each other.
Chair fans everywhere

Who's TV's best teen couple?

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Elena and Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)

Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl)

Finn and Rachel (Glee)

Aria and Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)

Caroline and Tyler (The Vampire Diaries)

Blair and Dan (Gossip Girl)

Spencer and Toby (Pretty Little Liars)

Matty and Jenna (Awkward)

Annie and Liam (90210)

Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

Emma and Ethan (The Lying Game)

Kurt and Blaine (Glee)

Total Votes: 63262


@S The only "epic fail" is you and your delusions about DB ever being an endgame as is your delusion that Chair is all about sex. It's truly hilarious. We're going on 5 years of Chuck and Blair and it's all leading to them, so you van go weep and cry in your little corner. Fact is there are more Chair fans and Chair are going to end up together. So, you can rage all you want but Chuck and Blair are inevitable.


How very pathetic Dair fans look when they are desperately clinging on to their one and only cliche that is 'I was once a Chair fan but not now because I am bored.' LOL! you are either a fan of someone or not. I have never thought people could be so proud of being fickle but yeah right, you are a Humphrey fan! its in your nature to be fickle.
At least don't use Chair to make silly excuses for your pathetic cliche ship.This strategy is getting old and we are bored.


I love how people "shipped" Chair up to 3.17 and all of the sudden are all "He's a rapist, he ruined her cotillion, he this, he that" so you're telling me that up to 3.17 you didn't mind Blair was in love with THAT?! I'm sorry but that makes me laugh! "You're special enough on your own, you don't need some group to say you are"
"You're the most powerful woman I know" He applied to Columbia for her, meaning that he knew her potential and that she deserved to be in an Ivy League College" But most of all, the mere fact that he loves her and the way he looks at her means that he knows and admires all of her traits. She doesn't have to ask him for a 24 hours free pass to be a bitch, he'd actually help her with that.


@s You really don't get it. They're not redeeming Chuck FOR Blair, they're doing it because he needs it to even live a normal, healthy life. And I'm sorry you hate him so much that you'd rather he just die alone in a gutter, but it's not going to happen. As far as Chair are concerned, they will end up together because of how much they love each other, end of story. If you had read any of the other comments here, you would know it's not just about "limo sex". People have so many valid, thoughtful, articulate reasons for why they love these two together. Now, I don't judge you for presumably loving the mind-numbing mediocrity that is Dair, so kindly quit generalizing us for preferring a vastly superior couple.


@Jonas Great post!
True and accurate.
I used to be a Chair fan too and tried to ignore all the horrible things that happened between them but enough is enough.
I feel very strongly that they should never get back together again. they had their (many) chances and it didn't work.
To redeem Chuck just so he can end up with Blair is feeling so fake to me- I just don't buy it.
I'm sad that after all the awful things that happened some fans still root for them because 'they have great limo sex' and they are 'epic'.
Yeah, Epic FAIL.
Open your eyes, people.


@ALF @pty @Maribells Nice counter to @Jonas who evidently only watches the show through his Dair tinted goggles. When a poster ignores what Blair has done and only talks how terrible Chuck is, I discount them automatically as a Dair lover who doesn't seem to watch the same show I do. I too laughed at the "She's intelligent, she's intuitive; she weeps when she watches Nights of Cabiria" thing because while Chuck ALREADY knew Blair had this side Dan still failed to see her dark side as Chuck does. What Dair posters like @Jonas fail to remember is Blair is not some whimpering flower that Dan needs to rescue. As much as they wish that Blair would never be happy with that or love that. She loves a strong,powerful man who knows her and can call her on her mistakes,not follow her around like a dog wanting the bone he'll never get. And @Jonas Joey Potter was ,perhaps, the most annoying character ever so that couple may have been good but certainly not the best ever. I get you like Joey because she and Dan are about on the same level of GTFO off my screen level, but please, I question you for just saying Joey and Pacey were the best ever. Please go watch better movies and better TV.


@roxie "Everytime I read someone who hates Chair say that these two are too damaged, Chuck is a big bad abuser, they can't never work it's too late yadyada, I imagine the GG writers reaction a la Barney stinson, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!" Ha, I think the same thing! It's exactly why they're working on redeeming Chuck this season. Nothing worth having comes easy, after all.


lol. Everytime I read someone who hates Chair say that these two are too damaged, Chuck is a big bad abuser, they can't never work it's too late yadyada, I imagine the GG writers reaction a la Barney stinson, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! ;D I love Chair, they are the most compelling couple on Gossip Girl. Period.


@Jonas - Not only do I disagree with every word you've written, but I also am laughing at your name. LOL.


@Jonas- I respect your opinion and agree with you that the show is for fun, not arguing. We all love the GG, though, so I think we can discuss it amicably :-). There's no denying that Chuck and Blair's relationship has been tumultuous but it's honestly part of what appeals to me. I am a fan of the heightened reality though. Anyway, I have to agree with Maribells on some of the points. I've never understood the complaint that Chuck wasn't around for Blair's college crisis. Chuck didn't even know what was going on with Blair because she wouldn't take his calls (he asked Serena if Blair changed her number). You can't support someone if you don't even know what they're going through. And side note - I always hated that the show acted like not getting into Yale is tantamount to your emotionally distant father dying suddenly. I also don't hold anything against Chuck when Blair said "I love you" again in the finale since Chuck literally just found out she slept with his UNCLE a month after his dad died! I actually think they could have ended the season with Chuck still angry about Jack but fans would have flipped. I won't defend Chuck's actions in the latter half of season 3 and the obvious stuff in season 4. However, Chuck didn't think Blair loved him when he was with Eva (basically same deal with the Raina situation too) so he wasn't intentionally trying to hurt her at that point. Anyway, even as I recount all that has happened between these two- the good, the bad and the ugly- I can't help but love Chuck and Blair. The writing has been far from perfect but I love the grand feeling of the story. It's all about the "C" word for me too - chemistry. I know it's cliche but Ed and Leighton always deliver. I enjoyed I Am Number Nine and can't wait to find out where we go from here!

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