Twilight Saga Star to Board Pan Am

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Ashley Greene is set to board a flight on Pan Am.

The beautiful actress, best known for her role as Alice Cullen in The Twilight Saga, will appear on three episodes of this ABC drama as a debutante with, as EW reports, a "past connection" to Michael Mosley's Ted. She will debut on December 4.

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ABC has ordered additional scripts for Pan Am, but has not yet picked the series up for a full season.

It airs a new episode tomorrow night and, of course, TV Fanatic will post a detailed review immediately afterward. Won't you join us?


I have fallen in love with this show. It was a bit of a slow start, but after watching last week's episode, I went back and rewatched the original five to reacquaint myself with the characters again. Now, I'm really hooked. It's attracting all ages of fans. I worked in the airline industry from the '70's thru 2001. I love looking back at the glory days of flying, which today's generation did not have a chance to experience. The strong, capable, and beautiful women that were stewardesses and the mostly military men, who were aviators. Each character of this show has such great story lines, and I love how Ted's character is becoming stronger with each episode. (Great writing for him, and great delivery by Michael Mosley). ABC, keep this show flying. It has more and more fans each week. Keep the details sharp! You've got a hit on your hands.


Ooh cool! I'm way too young or just too dumb to understand most of the storylines in the show (mostly the Kate ones). Looking forward to see how her character plays out in the series.


oh yes i will, i know this a publicity stunt, some of twilight fans will tune in o see what is this about, then some more will tune to see her in action, after that i hoe some new fans will stick, and hope the new show-runner will change some things cause frankly pan am potential is going to waste!

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