Wanted: Gossip Girl Fashion Writer-Editor!

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Are you a fashion expert looking to build career experience writing about Gossip Girl and celebrity style? Partnering with TV Fanatic in an exciting new project could be the perfect opportunity for you.

We are seeking a current fashion student or recent graduate, and/or someone with relevant fashion industry experience, to help us revolutionize the Gossip Girl fashion section of TV Fanatic.

This is a paid, part-time position with potential for an expanded role.

Writing experience is a plus, but not a requirement. Again, real-world fashion experience is essential. This is a trial run for a potentially bigger position at our company. Serious applicants only please.

Email resumes and a writing sample to webmaster (at) TVFanatic (dot) com.

UPDATE, 12/1: This position has been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied. We will keep your resumes and contact information on file should any further opportunities arise!

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Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


sorry quando aigntir o limite de 72 Ah uma obs ne3o estou conseguindo assistir o episf3dio 12.Ele carrega completamente mas quando vou assistir ele fica travando e ne3o consigo assistir mais Obrigadaa Tatty


definitely interested:) just graduated from fashion school! I am sending in my sample right now.


I totally agree with you about the Blumarine dress! I was a little surprised to read that some people didn't care for that dress. I think Red-Orange is one of the most flattering colors on Leighton, right next to lemon yellow (B's favorite color).


YES!! About freakin time! Too bad you have to be experienced in the fashion industry to apply. I've read plenty of fashion blogs that center around gg outfits and finding out what they wore and similar (read: less expensive) styles and they were just average Janes. Besides, I can say with confidence that nobody knows Blair's style like me (I've predicted quite a few of her wardrobe selections).
But I'm super excited to see the new fashion section :D


I adore the fashion in this season's GG, Blair's in particular. The orange lace Blumarine in the last ep was stunning. As was the Peter Som ss10 dress in Memoirs of an Invisible Dan. Not to mention the LV floral print bustier dress. Or any of the beautiful Jenny Peckham dresses from The Jewel of Denial. If only I was USA based I would totally apply!


Nothing cam compare to the Gossip Girl fashion in season 1!


I'll send it. I'm a journalist, I need a job and I love fashion!


i would go for it if jenny was still on the show...

Mister archibald

I second that, Snooker. The fashion is terrible this season, and I don't need to understand a lot about fashion to know that it used to be amazing and now they lost it.


Mmm, just don't get anyone who shares the taste of whomever is currently in charge of Blair's wardrobe on the show.

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