Who Might Die on 90210?!?

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90210 will have some fun tonight, airing a fashion-based episode that features Janice Dickinson. You can watch the official promo HERE.

But the CW drama won't conclude 2011 on such an upbeat note, says star Matt Lanter, who tells E! News there's a major cliffhanger on the way for Liam... and it will raise the question of whether or not viewers will see this character again in 2012 again.

Liam on the Catwalk

"He gets physically injured pretty badly, so we're kind of waiting to see if he's coming back," Lanter says, making it as clear as he can: "He's possibly dead at the end of Christmas break."

The odds of 90210 actually killing off Liam are slimmer than none. But would you WANT the show to take this kind of drastic, shocking step? Sound off now.


noooooooooooooo it will be the biggest mistake they ever made i will stop whatching all together if they get rid of liam hes the best they need to think about what there doing also make a catch cause it is gettin boring uggggggghhhhhhhhhhh annoyed now


He's the reason i watch this show.


@Jana i know same here Liams gorgeous face is the reason that show is so good :P
well not just that but its okay now im not worrying any more because i have seen pics (SPOILER) lol that he is not dead just a bit bruised if u go on this site and go to 90210 upcoming episode and look at the pics he is there so its all good YAY :D also another thing i cant stand is why austin slept with holly i cant stand that WHY did they have to do that i LOVED naomi and austin they were adorable together i cant believe the producers are doing things like this thank goodness that liam is still alive or i would sooooooooooooo not be watching this show anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!


I swear to god, kill of liam this show will be over by the end of next season.
You will also loose a viewer who watches to enjoy his beautiful face on screen every week :P


NONONONONO! Not Matt Lanter! He is why I watch this show every week! :(
Well him, and the drama. ALSO why did they make the cowboy sleep with Holly. Nothing can go right in Naomi's life! They were so cute. RECOUNT!


EXACTLY...Liam is the Chuck bass of 90210 and i know for sure that if u kill of liam u will definitely be losing 1 viewer being me!!! the ratings will plummet....


I saw The O.C. and watched all of it, I didn't like Marissa anyway. Taylor was a hottie, although most people think she's annoying. But yes, killing off Liam will be a major step backwards for the show. The O.C. barerly lasted one more season, untill it was cancelled (WHYYYYY!??).


please liam don't lie I swear i would stop watching 90210


Pls don't kill liAm and dnt let dat blonde come between he and annie


they cant take Liam off the show its going to be so boring then

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.