Who Might Die on 90210?!?

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90210 will have some fun tonight, airing a fashion-based episode that features Janice Dickinson. You can watch the official promo HERE.

But the CW drama won't conclude 2011 on such an upbeat note, says star Matt Lanter, who tells E! News there's a major cliffhanger on the way for Liam... and it will raise the question of whether or not viewers will see this character again in 2012 again.

Liam on the Catwalk

"He gets physically injured pretty badly, so we're kind of waiting to see if he's coming back," Lanter says, making it as clear as he can: "He's possibly dead at the end of Christmas break."

The odds of 90210 actually killing off Liam are slimmer than none. But would you WANT the show to take this kind of drastic, shocking step? Sound off now.

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It would be the worst possible move for 90210 to kill Liam off.
I reckon kicking Teddy off was a big mistake too.
but I doubt they will cause it would be really stupid to kill of two main characters in the space of two episodes.
I reckon that chick will try to get in between Annie and Liam, but I don't think it will work for too long cause they're ment to be together.
they do need to change navid's storyline though cause it's getting stupid and boring.


if they kill Liam I will literally never ever watch 90210 again,
I think the ratings will drop heaps to if they kill him cause him and Annie and kinda like the main story.
they do need to do something more interesting with the story line 'cause it's getting really predictable, but killing Liam wouldn't help the show it would make it alot worse.
I reckon they should stop that car thing with navid cause that's really boring.


Did anyone bother to keep watching The O.C. when they killed off Marissa?? I sure didn't. You can't kill off a main character and not lose fans.
I foresee the woman that hit him will steal him away from Annie while he is recooperating. They are not going to kill him off.


They can't kill Liam, he's too good of a character to be killed off. not to mention so good looking!


Nooooooooo he can't die he's to sexy to die




If Liam dies, I swear i will stop watching 90210! I just want Annie and Liam to be together. :-)


DON'T KILL LIAM OFF... I want him and Annie to get back together and then ill be happy (:


if they kill liam off i am actually going to stop watching its stupid!! if they want that kind of drama kill off some one nobody likes but everyone loves liam. hes my favorite character. the accident is a great idea seen as this show is basically all about drama but you CANT kill him :'(


I dont think they will kill Liam off, they would be dumb too! I think he is going to suffer from amnesia (spelling?) and he wont remember Annie wnd will fall for the chic that hit him. I hope I am wrong though cause I want Annie and Liam together!


I'm gonna kill Dixon.


I too get ornery.

Naomi [kicking table]