American Horror Story Rewind, Fast Forward: Where Will Season 2 Be Set?

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The first season of American Horror Story has been over for a week now, but fans are still processing the finale and the major subsequent scoop revealed by creator Ryan Murphy.

The Harmons are all dead? Constance is raising the anti-Christ? Season two won't include any of these characters?!?

To help viewers relive the crazy episodes that were, while also contemplate the fresh storylines that will be next fall, FX has released a pair of videos. In the first, we go behind the scenes of the finale, "Afterbirth." In the second, the cast takes us through a crazy opening season:

MEANWHILE, Murphy told Entertainment Weekly this week that a hint on the location of season two was revealed on the penultimate episode, "Birth." He told fans to go through the installment "frame by frame."

Okay, challenge accepted! We nominate the following two possibilities for a setting in 2012:

  1. Florida, where Vivien's sister lives and where she had wanted to give birth.
  2. A prison. Consider the words of Sarah Paulson's psychic: "You see it all the time in places like prisons or asylums. Negative energy feeds on trauma and pain. It draws those things to it."

What are your theories, TV Fanatics? Where might AHS pick up next year?


Wow, I've only seen two of these, Session 9 and Candyman. I will say that you're right about Session 9, which is creepy and inuprssirg.Dan Heaton recently posted..


I think they'll try to do something "artistic" and "mysterious" with some of the actors that they said they'd see as familiar faces: I think someone like Moira (spelling?), Larry, Hayden, etc. will be in the series again as a different character, but they'll make some subtle reference that they're also kind of the same character ...... I don't know, it's hard to explain. I also think that the clue is NOT something that people said or did. Murphy seemed pretty proud of it, so I think it's probably very well hidden in the background. The Larry going to Illinois thing is too obvious, IMO (and he said Larry is done), but I do think a prison is a possibility. I don't think they'll want to turn this into a season that focuses on inmates, so I could see them using a FORMER prison or mental hospital that now serves another purpose. Also, mark it down now, Jessica Lange (of course with her anti-Christ son) shows up as a complete and welcomed surprise around episode 9! That'd be awesome.


I like the insane asylum in florida idea^^^ i say constance gets caught..send the kid to florida kills a couple ppl and the aunts not twisted so she turns him in gets put in asylum and grows up there fuckin shit up


I think it will be at an inn in Vermont. "Newhart" playing on tv in the opening scene of "Birth" is set there, not in Chicago. "The Bob Newhart Show" was set in Chicago in the '70s...


I think the asylum/prison idea might be on the mark. The name "Morley" might have something to do with it. That was the name on Violet's cigarette pack.


Viven has a vision of ben and son walking down newbury st..but that was before they hung ben. Hmm?


Prison in Illinois I hope - there was a Newhart show playing in the beginning, which was set in Chicago, mention of prisons in many spots (psychic, Larry going to prison in Illinois, Ryan Murphy even mentioned prison in an interview). There is an awesomely scary defunct and empty prison that resembles a castle in Joliet, IL. It was used in Prison Break, Natural Born Killers, and many more shows and movies, but not so much for the scary angle. Seen up close it is ominous and frightening, and some say it's haunted anyway. What a great locale that would make!


Am I the only one upset that the story doesn't continue? I don't want to see a whole new cast. I really liked the original characters and stories.


The second season will take place in Virginia. The Roanoke Ghost Colony was discussed and dramatized by the medium. Also, Constance claimed that she adopted the baby because his parents died in a car accident in Richmond, Virginia.


I think in Florida, the cops find the baby in Constances hose, due to the black guy coming over or something and Vivian or someone hinting to him Constance has the baby, thus the baby sent to the nearest relative. His aunts house, where he terrorizes everything.


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Billie: Her husband murdered her with an ice pick.
Constance: It's hard to keep good help.

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