American Horror Story Rewind, Fast Forward: Where Will Season 2 Be Set?

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The first season of American Horror Story has been over for a week now, but fans are still processing the finale and the major subsequent scoop revealed by creator Ryan Murphy.

The Harmons are all dead? Constance is raising the anti-Christ? Season two won't include any of these characters?!?

To help viewers relive the crazy episodes that were, while also contemplate the fresh storylines that will be next fall, FX has released a pair of videos. In the first, we go behind the scenes of the finale, "Afterbirth." In the second, the cast takes us through a crazy opening season:

MEANWHILE, Murphy told Entertainment Weekly this week that a hint on the location of season two was revealed on the penultimate episode, "Birth." He told fans to go through the installment "frame by frame."

Okay, challenge accepted! We nominate the following two possibilities for a setting in 2012:

  1. Florida, where Vivien's sister lives and where she had wanted to give birth.
  2. A prison. Consider the words of Sarah Paulson's psychic: "You see it all the time in places like prisons or asylums. Negative energy feeds on trauma and pain. It draws those things to it."

What are your theories, TV Fanatics? Where might AHS pick up next year?


I'm kind of hoping that they do explore those three angles, maybe it will be at criminally insane asylum in Florida....? From what Murphy had mentioned before that he will have a brand new storyline to work with with some people but in different roles... I'm putting money that he will also change up the type of monsters to put on the show as well... Can you say Monster Mash?


I think that it's a prison. My two cents. Maybe we'll get to follow Larry? *fingers crossed*


I think North Caroline , where entire colony Roanoke died and became known as the Ghost Colony . It has to be some place where when die your ghost stay .. and thats the only other place we know . Moybe Constans will run to protect her new son from a murder charges ..


I think its going to be a college dormitory, or other building.


I think it will be in a prison. I watched the last three episodes of AHS and in "smoldering children" there are quite a few references to prisons. Larry was going to a prison in Illinois. In "birth" Violet says to Tate that she feels they are trapped in a prison with four walls. In "Afterbirth" they don't mention a prison at all but at the very end where the Harmons are decorating the tree, Tate and Hayden are looking through a window and the shot that is shown looks like they standing behind prison bars. That is my guess. Maybe it will be in a prison in Florida or even Illinois where Larry is and he will be an inmate playing a different part.


I just love this series


I like the idea of an Asylum or Prison, but the Florida thing sounds really good and IF Ryan Murphy decides to somewhat continue to agree with some relation to The Harmon family, then it could focus on her Vivien's sister and lead back to Jessica Lange's character and the baby.


asylum? Vivian was in it so it has a loose tie to the first season


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