Blue Bloods Review: The Reagan Boys Under Fire

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No one in the Reagan family was safe this week. Blue Bloods had Jamie "Moonlighting" as a stock trader, Danny chauffeuring an imprisoned mobster and Erin courting an art thief. In the end, none of the Reagan kids had a very good day.

Danny called it. He knew from the start that taking a convicted killer on a joy ride was a risky situation. As he said, the man was planning on spending the rest of his life in prison and had nothing to lose. So why not try a jail break?

What I didn't expect was the massive shootout that followed. How did the Albanians know that they wouldn't shoot the man they were suppose to set free? 

I certainly enjoyed the ride along with Tommy Barone Sr. He's an entertaining guy... for a multiple murderer that is. But he definitely earned those two punches Danny gave him. At least he was man enough to admit it.

Family Dinner Night

I missed Jackie but Sam was growing on me. Although, I did wonder for a minute if he could be a dirty cop when he didn't take Danny's suspicions about the silver car following them seriously. Then again, there are a lot of silver sedans out there.

I liked the brief scene between Sam and Erin. It would be nice if Erin got a decent love interest. Perhaps a nice guy who won't flee to Europe or be so boring we don't care if he does.

The whole story with Jacob the art thief was just that, boring. I only hope it's over now.

I knew Bianca was going to show up again at some point. I just didn't figure she'd have her tongue down Jamie's throat quite that quickly. Or bring her crazy ex-boyfriend with her. 

Jamie took quite a beating at the end. I guess Harvard Law School didn't prepare him for working undercover with violent crazy people.

The family dinner where everyone joked about how Jamie managed to smuggle out the evidence was both disgusting and funny. Who knew he had such a talent?!? It's more than I needed to know, but I loved the family interaction and how they had such fun sharing the stories with the grandkids. 

I only wish I knew how old Jamie was when he did all of this. As a toddler it's funny but much older and it's just... ewwww. 

Jamie: Mom never did wear those pearl earrings again. | permalink

And who could blame her?


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Mildred Eady - Thank you, Robby, for the spectacular job you did. Jamie's ecrtuips look like they belong in a magazine! You captured our memories perfectly!


Virg shows up once again to kneel and blow Selleck.


I played the prison guard who brought out Tommy Barrone from Sing Sing and Danny gave him back to me when he slugs him. Great bunch ...Great show!


Tommy Barone was pretty fun to watch. I don't think the Albanians or whoever hired them really cared a whole lot whether they killed Tommy or not. Tommy was playing the role of a snitch afterall. I wish they would do an episode where Baker gets a bit of the storyline. She seems like one of the most competent characters on the show. This week we found out she speaks Japanese. I wonder what other skills she's hiding. It must be tough for a family as close-knit as the Reagans to see their loved ones constantly endanger themselves. They handle it the best they can and laughter certainly eases the ever-present tension even when it seems inappropriate. I hope this series has many more seasons.


Another good one. I have to say I love season 2 even more than season 1. I really loved the dinner scene. Nice to see them all laughing. I think they were trying to keep things light because of what happened to Jamie. And I'm sure I'm in the minority here...but it was nice to see Danny with someone other than Jackie...not a big Jackie fan.


I guess a paycheck is a paycheck and/or you must fulfill a contract. But surely a good an actor as Selleck is and long as he has been acting, he knows what poor storylines and writing there is in this show. The way he mumbles his way thru it seems to show he is bored with it as I am. Hope he finds something worth him soon.


This is one of my favorite shows and last night's episode was pretty good. I was just surprised how they could all sit there calmly and eat their dinner when poor Jamie was obviously so beat up. They just seemed to take it in stride...wasn't Frank upset? When they were joking about him swallowing did seem to go a little far...and I do hope it was when he was really little. Glad the art dealer is gone too!

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