Gossip Girl Dair Video Contest Winner: Revealed!

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Last week, we narrowed dozens of contest entries down to six Gossip Girl Dair tribute video finalists.

After a week of voting, the results are in, and your winner is ... "I Got You" by annelli0t. Well done!

Dan and Blair are supposedly moving in together next week, and with 35.1% of the vote, this short, sweet, well-edited and (let's be honest) moving tribute to Dan and Blair ran away with the competition.

See the winning video, set to the music of Leona Lewis' hit, one last time below ...

Congratulations again, and wait, this isn't the last time after all. In addition to being featured on TV Fanatic's homepage, the winning video will be presented on our Twitter and Facebook pages next week.

Its creator has also won a a $50 iTunes gift card!

Thank you to all who entered and gear up for the next TVF video tribute contest. As promised, a Chuck and Blair contest will happen, as will some couples from The Vampire Diaries and more. Stay tuned!

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Chair's video was definitely better made. Chair are better suited in a relationship. Dair are better as friends.


Wow, great video! There are also many dairshippers out there making amazing fan videos. My top favorites:
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... Enjoy :D


Wow..... this is.... awesome.


dair is suuuuuuch a better couple than chair, they actually look happy together rather then chair's obvious suicide pact that will happen if they ever get back together... if louis and chuck were to have accidents, then maybe we can finally see it play out :P Oh wait! 1 down only one more to go! keep it up dan :D


Congrats! I voted for this one. It was the only one that moved me to tears.


Terrific video! Well done!


not a dair fan but this was a great video! well done:)


This video is amazing *_* Dair has been pure love four season in the making!!


now, that's wholesome, perfectly harmonious chemistry!!


I just saw the video for the first time; it's excellent!! :) :)


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