Gossip Girl Dream Sequence: Audrey vs. Marilyn?

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Late last week, a video leaked that appeared to show a dream sequence - reportedly Serena's, but possibly Blair's - from the 100th episode. We've been asked not to post it on copyright grounds, but we can still start a discussion.

As we know, the royal wedding takes place January 30, with two episodes (January 16, January 23) leading up to the watershed event. But for all intents and purposes, January 30 is the date fans are focused on.

In the video, Serena was singing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," a la Marilyn Monroe, with Nate, Chuck and Louis as her backup dancers. The setting for this unexpected musical number: Blair's foyer.

The chorus line alone would be noteworthy, but that's not even all. Queen B shows up shortly after.

At the end, Blair herself makes an appearance, a la Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." As Dan walks over to her, she grabs his hand and Serena grabs the hand, starting a tug of war over Humphrey.

The video, reportedly taped by Chace Crawford, has understandably sparked much debate in recent days. Did you see it? What did you think of it? What does it represent, and what will happen next month?

Share your comments, observations and predictions with us and fellow Gossip Girl fans below!

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Dude, Blake Lively clearly says "maybe one day they will give me ANOTHER dream." It's Serena's dream - Blair only dreams in Audrey Hepburn movies, and this is definitely not one.


*younger, not young. He’s 23. So I guess young still applies. Whatever.


Gossip Girl has been my favorite show since 7th grade. The 1st and the 2nd season were the best but I feel this season is pretty amazing too. I'm not sure why people are always complaning about the writing. The writers are doing the best they can and after 5 seasons it's hard to come up with more scandolous story lines. I also dont know why people hate Serena and the fashion shown on this season. Serena is gorgeous and not blah. The fashion on gossip girl will always be incredible and inspirational. Eric Damon is a genius. I really hope gossip girl will continue next year as the last season.


I liked this dream sequence, especially when Blair took Dan there, lol. This episode will be interesting. I think this is Serena's dream too.


dair are gross they disgust me screw them they would make a pathetic couple of course it is serena's dream CHAIR4EVER




Spoilers are getting more and more


Maybe it's Dan's dream.


Spoilers are getting more and more disappointing...


Clearly it's Serena's dream. There is no way that Blair would fight for Dan. The writers are pulling your strings, letting you think you're going to get Dair. But you're not. Chuck and Blair will never be off the table. They are it. They are what this show is about. He is all she ever wanted. She kissed Dan and decided she still wanted Chuck. There is no way she is changing her mind. Unless they gave her a lobotomy while she's in the hospital...Point is that Chair is endgame-doesn't matter where they take them in the middle-everyone is just a roadblock to Chair.

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