Major Blair-Louis Scene Ahead on Gossip Girl, But ...

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Prince Louis is just not that popular with Gossip Girl fans.

The Dair and Chair 'ship wars aren't likely to end anytime soon, but if there's anything they can agree on, it's that Blair should not marry into Monaco's royal family. Case in point: The survey results below.

With the royal wedding set for January 30, is there hope?

For either Dan or Chuck, that is? Well, E! Online says ...

Blouis Photo

There is more than hope, according to show insiders. There will be a "pretty epic scene" involving Dan and Blair in one of the upcoming episodes that shows he's still very much an important part of her life.

Whether that means romantically remains to be seen.

Also, it looks like there will be a Blair and Louis scene that proves critical ... because it shows Chuck may be even more important to Blair than anyone. Make of that what you will, and hit the comments!

Who does Blair belong with?

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I dont want to make a long comment. Chair all the WAY!!!


@Marie Yes! The game of musical lovers needs to stop! Putting Louis on for so long was a mistake. A C/B/D triangle would've been more interesting. But it will make Blair's character look pretty bad if she gets involved in more relationship bs right after all that's happened. Keeping B single is the way to go and the way the show probably won't go. I like Chuck + any Van der Woodsen so I would love a C+S friendship (and at one time would've been down for a hook up). I wish the group had more age appropriate SLs too! Blair's engaged/pregnant, Nate is the editor in chief of some gossip rag, Chuck's a total suit and Dan is a successful writer? Was there a 15 year time jump I didn't notice?? Jeez, Serena is the only one the acts like she's in her 20s and she's barely even on the show anymore when she's not playing second fiddle to CHIVY! Did anyone laugh at the title of this article? "Major Blair-Louis Scene Ahead..."? Seriously, I'm rotflmao!


I agree with everyone who stated that the show needs to lay off couples and focus on friendship. Serena and Blair anyone? That relationship used to be the focal point of the show and it was fantastic! Now Serena practically left Blair for Chivy and Blair left the whole world for her love quadrangle-thingy...
Why can't Blair and Nate be friends? Ok, maybe because of the chuck thing, but they used to envision a life together. They can't possibly not talk to each other ever now. And for that matter what about Serena and Nate? And Chuck and Nate, the male counterpart of Blair and Serena have also been pushed to the back burner. Basically my point is that we need the NJBC back. And enough of the love couple thingy. Is I have to listen to more Chair vs. Dair mean arguments, my head would explode.


apparently we can only post up to 1000 characters now... continued: And i love Rufus and Lilly too. GG isn't just about Chair vs Dair, although reading the forums it sure as hell seems like it. If GG focusses on something different and making GG watchable again, then I'm keen. On another note, I love that the fact Serena and Chuck are step siblings makes it wrong but Dan and Serena who share a brother and are steb siblings are so right?


@Chair can never be friends Cherena are step siblings and really if feels like they aren't at all considering Chuck is hardly at the Van Der Woodsens. if you remember back in season 1 chuck tried to seduce Serena in the kitchen.. although this was before lily married bart. I would be interested to see a friendship develop there. I think GG needs to not just be about couples. There are so many great relationship that could be developed, such as Chuck and Lily, Chuck and Dan, and where the hell did Serena and Blair disappear too? I would love Dair (as friends) considering I think there's a potential road for Chair (even though this doesn't seem to last each time the writer's throw it in our faces). I agree, what's wrong with Blair being single for a bit and becoming FRIENDS with both Dan and Chuck. She needs to focus on her pregnancy and baby. i want to see more of Dorota/Blair/ Blair's mother / Cyrus.


Of course everything is predictable if you watch the promos and search for spoilers!


@Esther - good point. But I did like Blouis before he tried to destroy good chuck. I rather like good chuck especially now he's friends with dan. GG need to do something better with the storylines, even the lino crash was predictable and lame. Maybe giving us DAIR (as much as I would love it) would cause such controversy that the ratings would pick up and the writer's will actually give us something stunning. Did anyone see the trailer for Revenge? Emily Van Der Camp will be in it alonside, Connor Paolo (Eric Van der Woodsen). And to whoever said they should bring another actress in to play Jenny, I totally agree. The storylines went down hill after she left. I just need something MORE from these writers. But really, if not Dair, then for heavens sake choose chair and get on with it.


Love Chair but I agree with Amie's comment let's get back to when the show was about more than 'who Blair loves/picks' Just make a decision writers either dair or chair, but please just pick one before we lose the will and bin this show.


Real love doesn't make you suffer.



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