Major Blair-Louis Scene Ahead on Gossip Girl, But ...

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Prince Louis is just not that popular with Gossip Girl fans.

The Dair and Chair 'ship wars aren't likely to end anytime soon, but if there's anything they can agree on, it's that Blair should not marry into Monaco's royal family. Case in point: The survey results below.

With the royal wedding set for January 30, is there hope?

For either Dan or Chuck, that is? Well, E! Online says ...

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There is more than hope, according to show insiders. There will be a "pretty epic scene" involving Dan and Blair in one of the upcoming episodes that shows he's still very much an important part of her life.

Whether that means romantically remains to be seen.

Also, it looks like there will be a Blair and Louis scene that proves critical ... because it shows Chuck may be even more important to Blair than anyone. Make of that what you will, and hit the comments!

Who does Blair belong with?

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Blair belonged with Chuck from the moment they first kissed and made love...their love isn't that safety feeling that love give us....most of's an epic love, full of passion!


I think Louis' actions are justified. Yes, he is annoying, pointless, irritating, frustrating, etc... but his actions aren't unjustified. Louis doesn't trust Blair. And he has reason to! She would cheat on him the first chance she gets, and she has! He found a PATERNITY test for goodness' sake. He should have slapped a b!tch and left! I'm kidding, I would never want GG to descend to domestic abuse (ahem, Chair). No, he's not perfect (obviously) and he has done wrong, but all of these things were out of desperation- he's terrified of losing Blair to Chuck. After all, he doesn't stand a chance. I don't get how anyone could ship Blouis. You can ship the Louis part, or the Blair part, but I truly don't see how one can want them together. They are stuck in a loveless relationship with a child, at 20 YEARS OLD! They have too many trust issues to count, and too many issues in general to deal with. Louis is an obstacle for both Dair and Chair. He's in the way of what everyone wants. I would rather him have a "major scene" with a brick wall. Want Louis gone!


Everyone knows Blair's heart lies with Chuck. THeyre meant to be together, and if youve been watching since season 1 everyone should see that right now. Blair has already been in a love triangle with CHuck and Nate and she choose Chuck. We dont need to repeat the love triangle story line with 2 of the same people just adding two other guys. It's really obvious at this point that CHuck and Blair should just be together so why cant the writers just put them happily together already. I mean seriously its been like 5 seasons already and the writers keep creating blocks, love triangles/squares or ridiculous storylines to keep them apart. So please do us a favor and get rid of Louis, keep Blair and Dan platonic but interesting and give Chuck and Blair a happy ending PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


I'm a hardcore Dair shipper! I love them. GG would be so much more interesting if it focused on a love triangle invovling Dan/Blair/Chuck. NO ONE gives a d*mn about Louis! Writers please send him back to Monacco immediately, and let the battle royal between the Dan and Chuck for Blair's heart begin.


@i heart chuck louis already try to destroy chuck in 5x05 remember? but he failed because chuck cant go dark again because he is slowly changing into a better person and learning how to control his dark side. he's becoming a stronger person. the only thing that can prob bring chuck back in the dark again is blair being dead because he cant live without her.

I heart chuck more

I bet louis is going to somehow blackmail blair? Threaten to destroy chuck so she will,marry him *sigh* anything is possible on this show


Blair told Nate she loved him too and will always love him. Yet, here we are.


Blair: "You're all I ever wanted. I love you." I'm sorry, but I just don't see how Dair can be possible after that confession. Blair made it clear that Chuck is the one she wants to be with for the rest of her life. If the writers go back on that and hook her up with Dan, I will personally be rather disgusted. I adore Dan, but to have Blair declare with such finality that she wants Chuck, only to leave him for Dan... that would just be ridiculous. Is there no gravity left in the words "I love you" anymore?


@tinatrina lol im pretty sure she meant all the chair fans want chair not the people who hate chair. by the way would do mean cherena friendship? they already are brother and sister so pretty much the same thing as being friends.


i so agree with you kimmie. love triangles always destroy shows.Blair sleeping with dan make no sense esp after she kissed him twice and felt nothing for him. if blair ever gets with dans it will just be because of her hating self. btw anyone remembers when blair said to serena in 2x01 about how its so lame to date or pine over "Dan Humphrey"? and now she's gonna date and pine for him now? im sorry but that will make her lame and a hypocrite if she does. I miss dan and blair scenes from season 1 and 2. what happen to blairena's friendship? i feel like there not even friends more. Serena and blair were not just best friends they were like sister but dair's friendship is destroying that to. this show sucks so much now. just because dair are friends doesn't mean they have to have sex. i mean if the writers are planning for all the characters to have sex no matter what gender. how about they just put dan,chuck,nate,jenny,blair,jack,carter,serena,vannesa,georgina and etc in one room and just have everybody fuck each other(oh wait everybody has fucked everybody already). if blair have sex with dan than she is the new whore of gossip girl not serena because dan is the only main male character she hasn't sleep with. blair already slept with nate,jack,carter,chuck and now dan? gross. i just hope Serena doesn't have sex with chuck in the future episodes.

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