Major Blair-Louis Scene Ahead on Gossip Girl, But ...

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Prince Louis is just not that popular with Gossip Girl fans.

The Dair and Chair 'ship wars aren't likely to end anytime soon, but if there's anything they can agree on, it's that Blair should not marry into Monaco's royal family. Case in point: The survey results below.

With the royal wedding set for January 30, is there hope?

For either Dan or Chuck, that is? Well, E! Online says ...

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There is more than hope, according to show insiders. There will be a "pretty epic scene" involving Dan and Blair in one of the upcoming episodes that shows he's still very much an important part of her life.

Whether that means romantically remains to be seen.

Also, it looks like there will be a Blair and Louis scene that proves critical ... because it shows Chuck may be even more important to Blair than anyone. Make of that what you will, and hit the comments!

Who does Blair belong with?

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So why does Blair and Dan have to be the platonic relationship? They can always build an awesome platonic relationship between Chuck and Serena. Let's see that happen, people! And Blair and Dan aren't losing their dynamic because the show is forcing them into a relationship. For one, the banter was still there in episode 10. Secondly, all their conversations lately are about Chuck, Louis, baby and pretty much just Blair's issues. They are heavy topics and not about interning at the W so there's only so much witty banter you can have there (even if they still managed to sneak some in). Thirdly, if they are in a relationship, there can absolutely be lots of witty banter - it's pretty much what every romantic sitcom is like. So it's not like it's something that can't be written. And Kimmie, you know you're making a blanket statement about everyone wanting Chair. You know for a fact that there are Dair (and other) fans who do not want that.

Kimberly anne

OMG if the epic scene of Dair is of them having sex then I will literally puke my guts out. Do the writers not understand that if thehy portrayed Blair correctly, she would never sleep with Dan under any circumstances. These people are just pulling stuff out of the air because they are doing the exact opposite of what everyone wants; Chair!
Let's end this wedding fiasco, forget about Dair and focus on the best couple; Chair!!


HAHAHAHAHA "Prince Louis is not so popular with (chair) fans" HEY I loved Louis and Blouis and Hugo Becker - but he was underused and then given crap storylines and everything could have been done better!! Don't even give a %$&! anymore seriously. Just interesting to read people's comments, they are better than the show.


like seriously why cant dair be just friends? why does everybody has to fuck each other on this show? its disgusting. people say that putting dair in a relationship would be refreshing and new? i disagree. I think the writers need to keep the relationship between dan and blair platonic because that something this show never did. which is keeping a relationship between a male and female platonic without having them hook up. that will be new and refreshing and something the writers never did. dan and blair are losing there witty banter right now because the writers are forcing them into a relationship which will cause them to lose everything about what made dan and blair special.


After watching the show since season 1 I have come to a sad conclusion that GG just needs to end basically because aside from Chair and now Dair, the plot of the show is going nowhere, we have been stuck with this story line of whom Blair is going to be with for the past 3 seasons! First the choice was between Chuck and Nate, once Nate got out of the picture, Chuck started showing his dark side in s3 and we all know of by hard what he did to Blair in s3&4. So now I guess we have to endure for the rest of the show who will Blair pick - Chuck, Dan or stick to Louis and I want to correct the people who are saying that Blouis has no fans, no Blouis does have fans, I am one of them. Its just that this forum has become a battlefield for nostalgic Chair fans and optimistic Dair with no respect for each other. No one likes Louis because he is not a manwhore like Chuck and not as smart as Dan. The point is - GG writers are too focused on Blair and her men, the show might as well be called "The Blair Waldorf show". Hello! The show was originally about 6 characters - Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, Dan and Jenny. Now its all about Blair. Everyone else has some crappy story line that anyway leads to Blair and her problems. Blair used to be a determined and strong character - she had goals and plans for her future, now she is a total mess and the fact that she has cant'make up her mind on who is the guy for her is just another proof that her character is a total mess! One episode she is all about asking Dan for help, next she runs to Chuck to have that "epic Chair" scene which has over the years become a total cliche! Then she suddenly remembers that she actually has a fiance, she is actually pregnant and is about get married! And that's not the hormones talking... Will Blair marry Louis or not - it really does not matter, the show is doomed too end soon because more and more ppl see that this is not going anywhere. I am tired of Chair coming back together just to break up again, I am tired of seeing Chuck "become a new man", I am tired of Blair complaining that her life is a mess! God, she was always in control of her life, she had many opportunities to make her life perfect. Louis did not exactly force her to marry him, he gave her a choice. She had the opportunity to be back with Chuck at the end of s4 if she suddenly remembered her feelings for him, she was the one who let Chuck decide her future at that point. All of Blair's problems are caused by her own decisions, thats why she is in the situation she is in right now - 3 men, a baby on the way and a wedding.


At this point, the writers have NO idea what they're doing. They're teasing the Dair shippers to keep those viewers watching, and playing safe with their ratings by continuing this Chair back and forth nonsense. Blair has been a wreck this season, and I can't take any of the other story lines seriously. I sometimes wonder what is even the point of watching anymore.


Uncle Jackass, you're comparing Dan's attempts at making Blair happy to Louis's scheming? I do wonder if there was any symbolism in the last episode where Dan tried to make plan happy by giving her and Chuck the opportunity to get back together and their ending came with a car crash. Who is the show telling us is wrong for Blair? Dan, who tried to make her happy by getting her with her beloved or Chuck who tried to make her happy by being with her?


Ew we don't want an "epic" dair scene. Unless it involves their friendship because what Dan did for Blair in the last ep was really selfless (even though she belongs romantically with Chuck).

Uncle jackass

@all For the most part I concur with the comments. Louis is a recurring plot-hole character who seems to serving as another weak part in distracting or preventing a Chair reunion from the writers yet again (a pre-destinied limo accident being the most recent writer's device). From the introduction of season 4, I suppose it was definitely in character for Blair 'fall' for a Prince, only to dump his sorry Prince ass once he took the Pauper limo driver persona. There definitely is some parallels between Dan and Louis as they have just done everything in their power to make Blair happy and content as possible. I do wonder if it has done more harm than good? The only evidence to the contrary are in season 1 and 4 where Dan is there during Blair's most character defining epiphanies. E.g. in Bad Bad Blair, Dan consoles Blair that her mother chooses to ignore Blair because her mother decides to not make Blair a priority. Or with the Raina saga how Chuck willingly falls for people that aren't safe or suitable for him (and forgot Blair) in an instant. The re-introduction of Louis in the second half of season 4 can be summed up as a fairy tale but cringing plot device. Perhaps analogous to a possible aftermath of the one week tryst between Romeo and Juliet. I'm not entirely sure who to blame for the sudden romance, Blair or Louis? At the time, I remembered ignoring my instincts of a bad coupling because of Leighton Meester's portrayal of Blair being extremely happy from waking with Louis. And Chuck's comparative actions at the time made Louis look like a Noble Knight. And then came season 5, with the question on whether the baby's father was either Chuck or Louis was pondering me on how this happened in the first place? I wonder if miscarried or still born babies was a part of the actor's guild in this case? And thus we have reached the point where Blair is questioning how she creates the 'evil side' in Chuck (I almost laugh until I realised she was being serious). And Louis has now having a dark side too! But which one is it? The ability to be the silent creeper (much like season 1 Angel) or is it the same manipulations that Dan Humphrey is capable of? = Epic Fails. Exactly how does he not realise that the resulting actions (e.g. uploading GG's posters, checking out Blair's draws, posting stuff to GG, and trusting Blair to organize royal distressing attention.

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