Major Blair-Louis Scene Ahead on Gossip Girl, But ...

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Prince Louis is just not that popular with Gossip Girl fans.

The Dair and Chair 'ship wars aren't likely to end anytime soon, but if there's anything they can agree on, it's that Blair should not marry into Monaco's royal family. Case in point: The survey results below.

With the royal wedding set for January 30, is there hope?

For either Dan or Chuck, that is? Well, E! Online says ...

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There is more than hope, according to show insiders. There will be a "pretty epic scene" involving Dan and Blair in one of the upcoming episodes that shows he's still very much an important part of her life.

Whether that means romantically remains to be seen.

Also, it looks like there will be a Blair and Louis scene that proves critical ... because it shows Chuck may be even more important to Blair than anyone. Make of that what you will, and hit the comments!

Who does Blair belong with?

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"because it shows Chuck may be even more important to Blair than anyone." What are we questioning here? That little sentence says enough in my opinion. Even if Louis shows his evil side and blackmails Blair for whatever reasons everything she will do is protecting and loving Chuck. In this case it doesn't even matter who she's gonna end up with because we all know she only WANTS too marry Chuck.


@ Miss Mars I agree with all your points. great post. everything was great in S4 until Louis came along. imho, after turning Chuck down, Blair should've been alone for the remainder of the season leading up to Dair. Then Dair could've been an interim pairing in Season 5, until Chuck, Blair, Dan, and Serena all grew up in different ways, leading them to be the mature individuals they needed to be to sustain relationships with one another: Chair and Derena. Louis has created inconsistencies with Blair's character. Don't get me wrong, Chair's back and forth has done that as well. But the second Blair slept with Chuck in the S4 finale, she should've broken things off with Louis, even after Chuck gave his blessing. That would've shown real growth and maturity in her character. Then the pregnancy drama could've unfolded with a single Blair. The writers have given us some great moments....the beginning of Chair, Dair. But WHY couldn't the good writing continue.


blair needs to be single for a while and start working on loving herself again(both bad and good).hooking blair up with all these guys just make her look weak,fickle, desperate, and pathetic.Dan needs to stop trying to save her all the time and also stop making choices for her.blair needs to take control of her on life and stop depending on other people because it does make her look independent.(and almost every episode its blair crying and dan trying to save her its annoying which is one reason why i dont like dan with blair because he sees her as weak and not a strong and independent woman like chuck does).Dan needs to stop chasing blair around like a puppy doing everything she says. its pretty clear blair will always choose chuck and will always love him. dan is not in love with blair(just crushing). i mean come on? he started falling for blair after she started to hate herself after 3x18 when chuck was the one loving her in season 1 and 2 when blair was loving herself and showing her flaws. and where was dan at that time? he was the one judging her the whole time.


@Uncle Jackass I don’t really understand the Louis hate either; I mean clearly he’s a guest star who’s getting in the way of more ‘important’ storylines, and he’s quite boring, but he’s not exactly the anti-Christ people seem to desperately want to paint him as. I think it’s simply convenient to make Louis look like a bad guy, the writers are positioning him as such while attempting to re-build Chuck as the reformed ‘Mr. Perfect’, and it’s been very sloppily handled. I’m not going to list the terrible things Chuck has done over the course of the series because they get dredged up way too much these days anyway, plus there was a time when Chucks bad-behaviour actually added something to the show… but I think we can agree that Louis is by no means as pathological as Chuck. Additionally, regardless of who Blair ‘should’ be with, she has pretty much acted like a grade-A moron ever since she got engaged to Louis. If she was so in love with Chuck then why on earth have her agree to marry Louis so quickly!? Plus, having her then sleep with Chuck while she was engaged… sheesh, there just isn’t any possible way to spin that in her favour. I don’t care how much Chuck and Blair love each other, she was engaged to someone else! However Blair might have felt about Chuck it doesn’t excuse her behaviour, or his for that matter as everyone seems to forget he was a willing participant in the whole thing. If she wanted Chuck so much then she shouldn’t be with Louis, period. Instead they have made her appear fickle and weak, constantly flitting between the two (despite being pregnant and engaged to Louis… which should probably count for something but doesn’t seem to in GG land…). Her behaviour this season has been pathetic, especially in “The Big Sleep No More�; I am honestly slightly shocked at the depths to which the writers seem willing to drag her character for the sake of a few Chair scenes, especially given the fact that she has always been the undisputable fan favourite. I think it’s Blair who really needs character redemption at this point, which annoys me slightly because I always loved Blair as a character for all her faults and character flaws. The problem is they have now crossed that line between ‘endearingly flawed’ and ‘unlikable’. I tend to blame a lot of this on how they have written her relationship with Chuck… When was the last time Blair was given a story arc that didn’t involve her ‘tortured’ relationship with Chuck?... I think it was at least a season ago. I miss Blair with her funny little schemes that always blew up in her face, I miss her dramas with Serena, even her budding friendship with Dan has just been turned into a Chair vehicle. As much as I would really love to see Dair eventually, I agree with a lot of other posters that Blair needs to be single for a while if they ever hope to redeem her character. I used to love this show, it was a guilty pleasure and I always found it surprisingly witty and not too ridiculously dramatic… now they’ve pretty much reduced it to a prime-time version of Days of Our lives for teenagers. There is no part of that description I can get on board with… Anyway, that was rather long... this is what happens when I'm at work with nothing to do... how pathetic. Might go read some Cracked or something now so I can regain some net-cred :P.


who are these weird 220 people that want her to be with Louis? do they want gossip girl to be cancelled? and YES i did the math, whatuuuup.


at this point in time i don't care who Blair ends up with,...i just don't want it to be Louis!!

Uncle jackass

At this point it's becoming harder and harder to like all the characters that we once liked from season 1 and 2. So, as much as I hate Louis's continual presence. It's not like if he's behavior isn't justified with the manner Blair has tranced him over the months. Blair and Serena are now degenerate characters and former shells of their original shelves. It seems that now that Serena has reached some form of adulthood she's rehashing her greatest hits in her mind. While Blair was reaching a good point of development in the second half of season 4, the plot mysteriously disappeared. Now she's fixated with a fairy tale ending and ignoring her pregnancy issues. @Miss Mars, agreed it's a A+++ assassination attempt. I moan because I really like these characters once a upon a time. At this point, the only two that seem to fit well at all are Nate and Chivy. Chuck with Monkey? Maybe Rufus and Lily.


personally, I think it's a bit stupid to base the 100th episode on Blair's wedding with a guest star that everyone hates. that's why I think it seems to obvious and that she might be marrying someone else. clearly the fan base is not happy with louis so why keep him? it's SO stupid. he can't act and certainly can't brood or be a cute little muppet, so he has to go! ehh this show is really getting on my nerves, the writing is bringing the show down because really the acting of the mains is good


No matter what, she won't end up with Louis. You don't end up with a guest character.

Chair4eva sk


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