New Girl's Schmidt: The Online Dating Profile!

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LADIES: New Girl's Schmidt is seeking a companion to share his lovably douchey life with.

If this newly-unearthed online dating profile of his doesn't make you swoon, what will?

Zooey Deschanel herself posted the following video on Hey Giggles, writing, If The Hills, The Parent Trap and my worst nightmare had a baby together, this would be it. In short, MAX GREENFIELD IS A CRAZY MAD GENIUS. So, without further ado, I give you SCHMIDT’S ONLINE DATING PROFILE… from 2008."

Watch Schmidt channel his inner Lauren Conrad in the amazing spoof below:

Max Greenfield really is a crazy mad genius. Despite being a Grade A douchebag, Schmidt is somehow a likable character unlike the Grade A d-bags you know in real life. That's not a small feat!

The show airs a special holiday episode tomorrow night. Check out Fox's New Girl promo!

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I can't believe Max Greenfield made this himself! When I heard him talking about it at the Paley Center I had to look it up! It definately is "so wrong its right".


Wow... ok, this was the funniest thing ever. I watched it and rewatched it. It reminds me of The Hills intro, don't know never watched it. Schmidt is a genius! Is one of those peole you hate love them.


HAHAHA That looks like the opening credits of 1990's dramedy about female empowerment.


I like the Schmidt character he is starting to become more three dimensional than in the first few episodes. He is not just the token d-bag now, he is an actual person. For me the Thanksgiving episode was the one that won me over. Don’t screw it up Schmidt!


He needs his own show!:D


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