Nikita Spoilers: Implosion, Death to Come!

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Nikita is on hiatus.

But when The CW drama returns on January 6, everything will be "converging and the impending implosion will happen," Maggie Q told reporters on a conference call this week. "It's basically the web of Nikita, Division, Oversight, Percy, Alex... everything kind of coming together and how tangled it's become and what's been bubbling under the surface that's going to happen."

Is that enough of a tease for you? No? Don't worry, the woman behind Nikita offered plenty more spoilers and tidbits during the interview. To wit:

ALEX WILL LEARN more about her family, which will lead to her and Nikita bonding a bit: "There's such an older-sister-younger-sister dynamic that goes on. It's nice, and you're going to see some nice, tender moments with them too... and then you'll see them split apart again."

WE WILL SEE Patrick Miller again.

PAMANDA?!? Teases Maggie: "I think there's going to be some allusion to something between [Amanda] and Percy."

NIKITA WILL TAKE ON Oversight's Madeline Pierce.

A ROAN REVELATION "will be revealed soon," the actress said. "Roan is absolutely involved with everything that's going on right now."

THERE WILL "ABSOLUTELY" BE ANOTHER MAJOR DEATH: "Honestly, by the end of the second season, you're going to be like, 'What?!?' Again," Maggie teases.


HMMMMMM what major character will die by the end of the season? Well I think Nikita and Michael are safe. I don't think its birkoff because they need him. I hope it's not Alex. My guess is Owen! But I hope I'm wrong.


I hope Birkoff doesn't die!
And I can't wait for Alex and Nikki to team up, they rule! ^.^
I hope they go more into Percy's past, that would be interesting, and if Michael and Owen can be done with the Blackboxes in Amsterdam, they are getting tedious xD. But I fear there is a deep secret about them which will disrupt someone/people somehow.


OMG OMG OMG! Michael and Nikita better get back together!


i dont want him to die though cause i kind of like him i love to hate him


i think the death coming up will be Percy


The next episodes sound great and it's about time we see more of Roan but hope he isn't the Major Death he is so in demand.


so what will happen to Michael? it doesn't mention anything about him... damn i wanna see what will happen between Nikita and him???


:O Why?! Why do you have to get me excited when I already can't wait for the next episode! This is torture!

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