Once Upon a Time Review: No One Is Safe

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Let the money change hands and the mourning begin.

"The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" finally revealed that, as many fans had wagered, Sheriff Graham was the Huntsman from Snow White. And just when I was sold on the chemistry between him and Emma, the Queen stole him back the only way she could.

I love Once Upon a Time because it's like a mini-movie every week and I'm completely enthralled by this intriguing other world filled with characters that feel familiar yet completely new.

One kiss with Emma and Graham is more than just enchanted, he's spellbound. Memories of his fairytale life come flooding back, including his spirit guide. It's the same wolf that ran Emma off the road to keep her in Storybrooke.

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Before you know it, Graham is spiraling out of control with strange memories, the type that lead him to Mary Margaret and then Henry, who is the only one who doesn't think he's delusional.

As the story unfolds, we find out the reason Graham is with Regina but feels nothing is because - as the Evil Queen - she ripped out his heart Indiana Jones-style and holds it hostage. The best part about Graham's search for his missing heart is that it leads to his breakup with Regina where he tells her that feeling nothing is better than being with her. Oh, you know that's not going to go over well. 

Then, Regina provokes a fight with Emma over her man. Calling it a cat fight is underestimating these two women. They're more like tigers. The power radiates off of both of them. Someday it'll be fun to see a brawl between them that doesn't get cut short.

The end is heartbreaking. Graham tenderly ministers to Emma's wounds as Regina stalks down her secret passageway to her lair... where a heart awaits her vice-like grip. The final scene proves two things: Emma's walls can't protect her heart from being broken - and Regina is definitely an evil witch.

Other questions I'm left with:

  • What type of gardening was Mr. Gold doing in the forest?
  • What secret did Snow White spill that led the Evil Queen to want her dead?
  • Is there a reason why the wolf has one red and and one black?

I can't believe we have to wait until January to see the rest of Snow and Charming's love story or find out if Emma suspects Regina's involvement in Graham's death. As much as I love the holidays, I'll be counting the days until this fascinating fairy tale returns.


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Emma is supposed to break the curse, thus bringing back all the happy endings. Wouldn't it be fair for Graham to revive after the final battle is over?


Regina knows she's the queen. Shes always known. In the previews for OUAT it says it. I think she's starting to realize Emma has something to do with breaking the curse. As fir Grahams death, I'm super sad about it. I didn't want him to die. I was really hoping he'd find his heart :( can't wait for more!!!!


Oh my goodness, that was heartbreaking. (Pun not intended). The Huntsman/Grahame was sooo compelling in this episode, and I was so excited that he was remembering stuff. Man, Regina is RUTHLESS. But maybe death by magic can be undone; that's a recurring theme in fairy tales, isn't it? And Mary Margaret slept with the doctor; isn't he Doc, one of the dwarves? Eeek...((shudders)) I totally thought Gold had killed the wolf, who gardens in the woods?! I was surprised. And WHY was Mr. Gold encouraging Grahame? Another note: Forget House and HIMYM. This was the best acting we got from Jennifer Morrison ever. And I don't understand how people didn't know that Regina remembered everything - I thought that was obvious from the beginning. It even says so in the opening segment.(shrugs)


@AliceGranger I'm with you. True Loves Kiss True Loves Kiss True Loves Kiss


Wasn't the huntsman killed in the original story? That's kind of why I expected Graham not to last too long once it was revealed that he was the Huntsman. I was torn between him being the Huntsman or the Black Knight, but the former just fit a lot better. And OMG yes! Regina totally knows she's the Queen. There were all these subtle hints since episode one, and this confirmed it. Though, as someone else pointed out, this is the first time that magic and reality directly collided (the passageway to fairytale land doesn't count I don't think as Regina was simply trying to close off the passageway from Storybrooke's end). Maybe this is just another step of the curse undoing itself as the Huntsman's death fufills his "part" in the grand overall fairytale. The curse pretty much put everyone in limbo, as time "froze" in Storybrooke. As time is finding its pacing with all the fairytale characters, this pretty much jumpstarted it, as Graham was never intended to die by the curse's design. Regina/The Queen, with all the characteristics of being unable to forgive or have compassion, is contributing to her undoing. Like all evildoers, they are responsible for their own demise, at least in some way. This is Regina's. I can't wait for January! I wonder if Rumpel is playing both sides against the middle; after all, Rumpel was never really on the Queen's side, he only wants a life for himself, granted it's something of a skewed perception, but he's always been a creature to further his own goals, as opposed to maintaining someone else's. As evil as he is, he's been shown to help each of the Storybrooke's characters when Emma arrives. He knows who Emma is, and after all, he was the one who prophesized that her coming with undo the Queen's curse, so perhaps he's simply contributing to that as well. Dammit! January can't get hear fast enough. Oh well, I'll consider it a birthday present as January is my birthday month. I just hope the show doesn't lose its focus or momentum like Lost did.


Really good episode! However, I pretty much predicted Grahams
death early on in the show and when it actually happened, I didn't find
it in me enough to really care that he died in the end. His character
just wasn't all that around a stand out to me, so I feel like I'm not
going to miss much from Graham. There are chances we may still see him in flashbacks, since he never did die there, but I think overall he's pretty much dead. My one problem with this show was that it moves pretty slow, and the storyline moves pretty slow as well. For example, last night's episode, for me it took pretty much the halfway point of the episode to get interesting. Although, I appreciate the writers taking the risk and killing off a character. Hopefully this is a sign that things will be moving in a faster direction and give the show a little push. It kind of reminds me of when The Secret Circle killed off one of their main characters, the episode right after and those that followed changed the game around and escalated the show to a whole new level making it even more interesting. I will say though that when The Secret Circle killed off their character, even though I only cared about that character a little bit, the scene at the end of that specific episode was really sad and actually got to me. For some reason, OUAT didn't do that for me when Graham died. It just only made me dislike the Evil Queen even more.


they just killed him!! o_o.... I'm officially shocked... even though it was expected.
is killing off the main characters a trend these days, cuz I'd like to see a show in which a main character doesn't die in the first half of the season-.-


Noooo please they have to bring Graham back , he is one of the reasons I watch this show !!!! Can someone plz teLl me what happens in the January preview I couldn't watch what the spoilers where...
I love this show , but it won't be the same without Grahan !!


Mr. Gold doesn't look like he's doing any gardening at all.
More like he's burying or digging up something with that huge spade...


Up till this episode I've been doubting my taste in television for watching this show, then Graham swept in and owned this episode! Finally we have someone remembering his fairytale alter ego so the whole plot doesn't feel like a giant elaborate lie. Everyone should just go make out with Emma. Right now.

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