One Tree Hill Season 9 Promo: Welcome to Hell?

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"People say Hell is endless. They say it's our worst nightmare. The face of our darkness. Whatever it is, I say Hell is empty, and all the devils are here."

In a word: gulp.

The above quote is taken from a tied-up Nathan and is courtesy of the following promo for season nine of One Tree Hill. Juxtaposed against Brooke's positive narration ("I like Tree Hill like this. Warm. Safe. Loved.... It doesn't mean there haven't been hardships, but I'm here, and here is good."), it's safe to say the preview has us excited and intrigued over OTH's January 11 return. Watch now:

Viewers also get a shot of a returning Lucas in this teaser, while One Tree Hill will feature the returns/introductions of Lauren, David, Xavier, Nathan's mom and Brooke's father on its final season.

We can't wait.

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Beautiful tree! One of our cats likes to bat the balls off the bottom of the tree but we found by pnutitg all the ornaments that had bells on them on the bottom branches they don't knock over to much but finding them with the I didn't do that look can get pretty funny.


Anyone knows the song? #FML OTHS9 is here!


maybe it's skills or deb they have been main characters as well


OMG lucas looks... uhm... he supposed to be hot!! why ruin his hair? *sad face*


trailer looks amazing, ive never stopped watching and loving this show, so envyous of their lives. hopefully they surpise us and peyton and sawyer will be right behind lucas, all would be forgiven for leaving the show. i still believe the show is great, the only reason people have stopped watching it as it has turned into a more older audience, intead of the teen highschool show. its been great to see all the characters grow up! they should make a show with jamie in it all grown up, set in high school with sawyer and lily


oh god Chad's hair is like a Freaky Friday flashback!


oh no oh no oh no to lucas' hair SOOOO excited!!!!


What's the song??? I love it but i can't find it!! Help please =)


Oh my god. What is up with Chad's hair in the preview?! It looks horrendous! I'm excited for this but it doesn't feel complete without Peyton :(

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One Tree Hill Quotes

[ending voiceover]
Mouth: Take a look at yourself in a mirror who do you see looking back?
Haley: Is it the person you want to be?
Dan: Or is there someone else you were meant to be the person you were meant to be but fell short of?
Mia: Is someone telling you you can't or won't? Because you can.
Chase: Believe that love is out there.
Nathan: Believe that dreams come true every day. Because they do.
Peyton: Sometimes happiness doesn't come from money or fame or power. Sometimes happiness comes from good friends and family and the quiet nobility of leading a good life.
Julian: Believe that dreams come true every day. Because they do.
Brooke: Believe that dreams come true every day. Because they do.
Peyton: So take a look in that mirror and remind yourself to be happy because you deserve to be. Believe that.
Lucas: And believe that dreams come true every day. Because they do.

(voiceover) Robert Louis Stevenson once said, "You cannot run away from a weakness; you must sometimes fight it out or perish. And if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?"