Pan Am Review: Love Is In The Air

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In "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," Pan Am viewers were treated to a lot of kissing and a couple of bangs. Use your imagination to figure out what was what as we analyze the episode to find where each landed.

When worlds collide
Maggie agrees to fly her friend, Sam, to the World Atomic Symposium so he can be there to support his Ban the Bomb group. He calls Maggie to the carpet on her beliefs. She flies with some of the most influential people in the world and they're a captive audience. When has she ever taken the time to truly talk to them about he desires to change the world? If only it was so easy.

Maggie can't keep her job and change the world in the same time and space. Her two worlds are not simpatico. If she were to bring her personal beliefs to the job, she would be fired immediately. Heck, Laura was almost fired for having a broken hairpin! The representative she met on the flight gave her three flights of stairs to try to change his mind on banning atomic testing. Maggie hasn't lost herself for her job, she just knows where to draw the line. In case you were wondering, the line doesn't stop at the bedroom!

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One good turn deserves another
When Ted saves Laura from the disciplinary notice after spilling coffee on the unscrupulous, lewd pilot covering for Dean, she helps him with his ex. He wanted to avoid past mistakes, feeling the fool in front of her by having Laura swoop in looking gorgeous and proving how well he has done for himself.

In the meantime, the lewd pilot told Laura what Ted said about her. She's beautiful, intelligent and funny, things that made her feel for Ted something she hadn't before. But by then he found seeing his ex wasn't what he expected and has spirited her away, leaving Laura alone with her feelings.

Fly me through the farm
Colette wasn't sure what was happening as Dean decided they should skip work and visit his parents so he could teach her to fly their crop duster. It was especially uncomfortable when his mother assumed Colette was Bridget. Leave it to dad to really turn the tide. Lambasting Dean for not telling them what happened to Bridget was downright embarrassing.

Dean was hoping his parents would think Colette was so fantastic they would forget all about Bridget. Girly Moment Alert: when Dean told Colette he didn't take Bridget to meet his parents because something about her wasn't real, but after two weeks he knew what he has with Colette was. My hands went to my face and I gasped like a lovelorn teenager. Even though I know love isn't like it's portrayed on television, a part of me can still be whisked away with the dream that it be so.

To save her friends
Kate tried to get out of the CIA, but found it wasn't so easy. The agency had a list with the names of both Bridget and Nico on it, and were willing to leak it if she didn't go much farther into the mission than she was comfortable. The end result was she killed someone before he killed her partner. Getting out is either going to be harder than ever, or she will have to be banned to the netherworld like Bridget.

Of course, we have to wait until January 8 to find out the fate of our entire crew. Will you be there to greet them? I know I will. Safe travels through the holidays and remember: buckle up, adventure calls!


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Cliffhanger!! Can the people that run ABC take an opportunity during the festive season to mull over the need for such programming to be signed for a second season? I realize that I am just one of 10 million people out in TV land to recognize great TV but this show is getting better week by week. The ability for people to adhere themselves to characters is a time consuming process and we have now crossed a threshold with "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang�. Many of the great TV shows of the past took considerably longer establishing definable characters within an ensemble cast. Historically we placed our attention on a single character and followed their exploits but, recent television has delved deeper into "unreality shows" and people have lost the crux of entertainment... Stories. Lost, Grays, ER, Chicago Hope, MASH all had stories which drove their shows, they all had one concrete element allowing them to flourish and bloom “PRIME TIME�! Sunday evening at ten I'm getting into bed taking a book which I can close and fade off into Morpheus land. Pan Am is on so many levels just what the world needs right now. Lending its self to educate and commemorate the moralistic fiber that once made a nation great. Stylizing its self behind the backdrop of America's leading air carrier, jetting the world out its dark past. I now live in the former Soviet Union and the younger generations are in awe of this show. They have taken to other great shows like House and Lost but, this one seems to touch upon a chord of intrigue and a certain respect that America was not an enemy but had the interests of humanity. The political mileage to be gained from this show is immeasurable. So I pose the question, what can ten million viewers who are dedicated fans say? The answer is obvious. Place the show on prime time and you will have 20 million plus viewers. As I said many levels not just sex appeal, travel, and espionage, Moral integrity, history, and conscience.
As a child growing up Toronto in the sixties and seventies I am an authority on good television and I respectfully admire and acknowledge the craft that the producers, cast and crew have developed over the last year. My time living in this part of the world has shown me that money is not the currency of life and art cannot be sold. It must be admired and be a reflection of our world. Pan Am is a show that if left to its canvas can be many satisfying portraits reflecting our past.


Great episode & cliff-hanger! Nice to see them back. --Cindy


I know I stopped watching after the first episode, I am quite curious as to people's opinion of Margot robbie, who plays Laura. It's always great to see Australians on American tv, and I hope she does well in her career over there.


Whoever directed and edited this episode deserves congratulations, the pace of the show was excellent. I've enjoyed the show since the beginning but it has had a tendency to dawdle to long in individual scenes, the reason, I think, is because they want us to notice how much work is put into the details of the time period, to let our eyes linger over the sets, costumes, accessories, etc. Tonight's episode had enough going on that there wasn't time for that and the faster pace of the show made for a more enjoyable watch. And more then that I think the director and editor got the most out of each scene.

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Pan Am Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Colette: I cannot believe we are hooking.
Dean: You mean playing hookey. What you said is something else entirely.

Colette: Is this how it works? You kiss a girl once and you become her chauffeur?
Dean: You kissed me.