It's inching closer to 1964 on the season finale of Pan Am, as everyone's life is hurtling toward a new place.

"Romantic Languages"

Ginny scares the heck out of Dean on Pan Am this week. Elsewhere, Laura is enamored by the photographer who shot her for the Life cover.

"New Frontiers"

Dean pines for Colette, although she has bad news for him. Elsewhere, Laura receives some embarrassing news about her naked photos.

"Diplomatic Relations"

Dean first gets good news and then bad news on this episode of Pan Am. Kate, meanwhile, tries to pull off a mission in Moscow.

"Secrets and Lies"

Maggie writes a key piece for the Village Voice on the first Pan Am episode of 2012. Laura, meanwhile, finds herself in a tailspin.

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

Ashley Greene guest stars on this episode of Pan Am. The Twilight Saga actress appears as an old flame of Ted's.

"Unscheduled Departure"

It's off to Caracas this week on Pan Am. But problems arise when a passenger suffers a heart attack.

"Truth or Dare"

Gaius Charles guest stars on this week's episode of Pan Am. The actor plays a sailor.

"The Genuine Article"

Will Maggie lose her job this week on Pan Am? That's a real possibility, leading her to come up with a deal.

"One Coin in a Fountain"

It's off to Monte Carlo this week, as Kate and Maggie vie for the attention of guest star Goran Visnjic.