Psych Giveaway: A Toaster and A Snuggie!

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Attention, all Psychos: do we have a giveaway for you! Thanks to our friends at the USA Network, we are offering two lucky fans two incredibly cool prizes:

  1. A Psych toaster.
  2. A Psych prize pack that includes a DVD, a snuggie, a t-shirt and more.

It's all in promotion of this week's winter finale - titled "Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat," airing Wednesday at 10 p.m. - and one of these items can be yours by simply following the instructions below...

Psych toaster
The Psych Snuggie

Register for the site or Facebook Connect and leave a Comment and tell us your favorite Lassie moment from the show.


Enter via Twitter, posting the following message: I'm #PSYCH-O for Lassie because ____ #LassieChat

Also, you can actually chat live with star Tim Omundson during the finale itself via USA Character Chatter.

Contest is open to U.S. residents only and we'll select two winners at random by Wednesday, December 14 at noon EST. Good luck!

UPDATE: We have two winners! Thanks so much to all who participated, but the winning moments go to users "Danigirl" and "Jessica Fry." Scroll down to read their comments.

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Favorite Lassie Moment is the final scene in Lassie Did a Bad Bad Thing, when he pulls a hidden gun from a bowl of nuts and shoots the detective from the drug unit and then ejects and catches the shell casing. I love that they made him ejecting the shell part of the opening credits. Totally awesome Lassie Moment


Favorite moment: When Lassie catches the bullet shell in the end of Lassie Did A Bad Thing. Totally BA!


My favorite moment with Lassie is during season 6 right after Shawn passes the lie detector test admitting that he loved Juliet. Lassie straps himself to the machine and tells Gus that if he "hurts her in any way, he will discharge his weapon. . . repeatedly." It really made me like the character of Lassie more than I had previously.


My favorite Lassie moment is probably when he gave Shawn the "big brother talk" about Juliet! It made me go "aaaaaw"! I loved it so much! It was such a sweet thing to do, and since it was threatening Shawn Spencer it was still so totally in character!


My favorite "Lassie" moment was when he woke up next to Woody on the couch in the Psych office. Woody told him to come back to bed. LOL


I love Lassie he is so funny, it is really hard to pick a favorite moment. I think my favorite from this season is from Last Night Gus, when he wakes up in the psych office and freaks out. The best part is when he discovers his "baby" in the fish tank!


I'm Psych-O for Lassie because he is drop-dead sexy. Nuff said!


My favorite Lassie moment was in the episode "Dis-Lodged" whenever he had to deal with his "soon-to-be-ex-father-in-law."


Best Lassie moment:"We don't have balls." Someone needs to think before he speaks.


The best Lassie moment is when he tap dances at Gus' dance recital with the little kids. I just love how tap dancing helps him clear his head and solve crimes!

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