Special Grey's Anatomy Episode to Ask: What If...

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What if Derek and Addison never broke up? What if Ellis Grey never suffered from Alzheimer's? What if at least one victim from the Seattle Grace shooting survived?

Grey's Anatomy will ask all these questions and more in a special February Sweeps episode that will take place in an alternate reality, according to Michael Ausiello, one that brings back Kate Walsh and other series alums.

Shepherd Spouses

Remember when...

Everyone will be "affected,” by this hypothetical dimension says an insider, though no word has been given about how or why these what-if scenarios come about.

What do you think, fans? Is this a cool, fun idea? Or - like many felt about the ill-fated musical episode - is it a desperate ratings stunt for a show whose numbers are slipping? Sound off now!


this is what happens when screenwriters are desperate and they have nothing to write. this is getting soapy and i hate it. this season was so great i just wish they would have continues the heavily tense and dramatic season that they started and concentrate only on the core characters and stop deluding the mixture with this desperate attempted at versatility that is not necessary!


Well I don't know if I will like the "What if" episode. I love Meredith with Derrick. I liked Addy, but I like Meredith more. As far as bringing Meredith's mom back for the "what if" that has perked my interest. Don't really miss Issy Stevenson. Now George on the other hand. I was crushed when he was killed off the show. George was my Favourite person on the show. I was never a fan of what they did to him. I felt like he was always crapped on. Meredith crushed him, nobody like his wife Cally, Issy was so in love with him, then that didn't work out. Also, let's not forget, poor george had to be the one whom failed his inturn test and had to stay behind. Only to have little grey fall in love with him. Then he doesn't get to even notice her. Alex never likes him, Christina could take him or leave him. I just simply loved George. He should still be apart of the show. Then what a way to kill him off. The writers of the show couldn't even give him his own episode. He had to share the spot light with Issy. The show was all about poor Issy and alex. Then you don't even get to cry for George till the last 20mins. So if we are going to do a "what if" show, let's see some George.


I think this is a good idea, that is if there will just be one episode like this.
I am wondering if Merediths mom will be with Richard. and although I dont want Issie to come back for good I hope to see her on this episode. and I would love to see George again. Im trying to guess whom Meredith will be with if Derek will still be with Addison. the only one i can think of is Finn, he was so cute :)


If Derek and Addison never split, Mark might still be part of the show, because the whole reason Der ended up at SG is because of the affair. And if Ellis never got Alzheimers, I think Mer wouldn't be the great doctor she is now. She once said that if her mother hadn't gotten sick, she'd be like Alex. She'd still be dark and twisty bc her mum is a nightmare, so she'd still be friends with Cristina but she's probably be an alcoholic, either with someone (maybe Mark to get back at Derek?) or slutting around the hospital being the self-destructive Mer we saw in season 2. This episode definitely had potential unlike the musical episode which was DOA and so painful to watch I almost stopped watching the show entirely. As for the Mercy West-er, who gives a sh**? The only one who isn't annoying is Jackson.


Now that it's been confirmed Kate Burton is returning for this episode as Ellis Grey, I'm wondering if Ellis and Mer are actually working on the diabetes trial together which ties in with the storyline's of today. Take out Bailey insert Ellis.
Maybe they have a break through in their research, could be interesting.
My other idea would be that Mer is a resident in Neuro, Derek isn't really happy in his relationship with Addie, Der and Mer are flirting up a storm in the OR which turns into the affair.
Ellis is CoS instead of Richard too.


If Ellis never had Alzheimer's, then Mer can't get it, right?


Loving the If/Then concept. So if Ellis is alive and doesn't have Alzheimer's, my theory would be Meredith would not have donated her liver to Thatcher, she wouldn't had the need to go seek him out, and Meredith would not have slept with George after there meeting, because she would know why they left Seattle for Boston all those years ago, she would of figured it out just by watching Ellis with Richard, Lexie may or may not have come to Seattle Grace. The more I think about it the more I'm looking forward to February.


For the If/Then episode, I do not want to see again: 1) Erica
2) Sadie
3) Izzie
4) Reed
5) Charles
6) Callie's Father
7) Any of the O'Malleys except George
8) Sloane (I will turn off the TV is I see that girl!)
9) Ava/Rebecca
10)Denny (Loved the character, hated the storylines after S2)
11) Dr. Dixon
12) Rose Although I understand we are going to see either Reed or Charles in this episode, I can bear one of them as long I don't get any of the other 11 listed above.


'Friends' anyone? Shonda?
Hope is a great episode though


I love this idea...I imagine Mer would be a very different doctor if her mother hadn't gotten sick. And the big question is, if Der stayed with Addie, who would Mer end up with, if anyone? Please don't let it be Alex...as far as I'm concerned, he is the one character without, well...character. Yes, he comes through once in a while, but you always get the impression he does it under duress, not from the heart...but that's just me.

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