Terra Nova Season Finale Preview: How Will It End?

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Next Monday, Terra Nova wraps up what most critics - including ours - agree has been a consistently mediocre opening season.

On the two-hour finale, fans can expect the 11th Pilgrimage to reach Terra Nova, while the Phoenix Group goes ahead with its plan (via assistance from Lucas and Mira) and Taylor and Jim come together in resistance.

What life-changing decision will be made on what could easily be a series finale? Tune in. Find out. And watch the official Fox promo now:

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i cant wait for the next season. this is the one show i actually like. my favorite character is officer shannon. he is always fighting for terra nova and has a strong feeling that it will succeed


i watch terra nova all the time i wish that it was on more often and i am really looking forward for a better seoson and that terra nove will succeed


i just love this show one of the best shows on tv and
I really hope the will be season 2


I loved the show! My husband and I watched it every week. If you were expecting it to be logical when the premise is that people travel back in time 85 million years, then get a grip! It is quite well done in my opinion and I hope they come back for another season!


It will end in a hail of bad acting, worse writing, and little thought. I tried watching a few episodes and couldn't decide if the people associated with this show were as clumsy and inept as they appeared to be, if they purposely went for a tone where no single character even approached being real, sympathetic or believable, or if there was something else going on. I also had no clue what the show was about. Is it a family drama? A crime show? A sci fi thriller? A comedy? A kid's show? Its all of those and none. The type of show depends solely on who is on screen at any given moment. That's not bad writing - that's terrible writing. From what I could gather, every character on the show has some family member being held hostage by someone so that they will do something that doesn't matter and isn't needed to accomplish any of the nefarious goals of the "evil" people bent on ruining terra nova. I put evil in quotes because apparently the "heroes" of the show (the family) broke laws back in the future about having extra kids - so they are felons, narcissistic, untrustworthy, willing to sacrifice thousands and millions of others for their own selfishness! If only they had followed that rich vein, instead they wrote characters who come off as myopic and holier-than-thou. They have a third kid in a broken world because in their minds they are special, entitled, the 1%. So what is the real reason this show is so dismal? Over the past decade Spielberg has become a hack. Nothing he has done has held any resonance or depth. Apparently no one can say no to him so I will... Hey Spielberg... that new idea to make another show revolving around a too cute family in apocalyptic times...? NO! ps: Prior to writing this I received an anonymous phone call telling me that someone is "holding" my pet rock and if I mentioned Spielberg being a hack they would toss it into the river. But the truth is more important and I won't cave to terrorists - luckily I'm not a character on this ridiculous show.


How the hell did a dinosuar end up in 2149???? hmm, those things are getting very clever. and Steveo, that was maddy and mark (the soldier guy bf)


round the 0.21/0.22 sec mark theres 2 people kissing is it maddie (sp) and her soldier BF ?? its to fast to see properly

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Lieutenant Washington was a nice lady.


If you need another hug, just ask.

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