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Hart of Dixie will wrap up 2011 tonight with an episode that focuses on hairdos and the holidays.

As teased below in the official CW promo, and then in a behind-the-scenes teaser with producer Leila Gerstein, viewers will watch as Wade and George team up to track down the world's most perfect Christmas tree; and also as Zoe pushes Zoe to enter the Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant... which will pit her directly against Lemon and the Breelands.

But isn't that exactly how we like it, HoD fans? Watch these videos now and also prepare to flashback this evening to when Lemon and Lavon first got together.

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Holiday show was great...would love to see Lemon reconnect with her mom and extended family...would make for great drama and deepen her character.


This show is getting better and better!!! I can not wait!!! I agree, want me some Wade and Zoe flirtin' haha!


I really hope to see Wade and Zoe together. They would make a perfect couple. I LOVE WILSON BETHEL!


I really hope that we see the conclusion of flirtation between Zoe and Wade and we actually see a couple!
Side note: Levon and Lavon first got together? Hahahahahahahhaha.

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