White Collar Winter Premiere Promo: Jump In!

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White Collar is on its way back to USA.

On January 17, this TV Fanatic favorite picks up where its summer finale cliffhanger left off, as Neal was in possession of the stolen Nazi treasure, which, of course, led to Elizabeth's kidnapping. Are you ready to jump back in?

Circle the date now, bookmark our White Collar show section and check out the recently-released network promo for next month's return episode.

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Why is everyone hating on Sara shes a good character. Neal and Alex are good together if Neal goes back to his old life. Sara is good for him right now because hes trying to change. STOP HATING ON HILARIE BURTON. And calling her a bitch was unnecessary


I do think once the series gets in the final season, which I hope won't be for a very long time, I think ALEX and NEAL need to get together for good and he will realize she was the one after all, she stuck with him through it all.
That is if they ever hire her back.. HOPEFULLY ALEX (Gloria Votsis) will come back SOON. I do hope at some point that SARA (Hilarie Burton) will end up leaving the show, maybe Jeff Eastin can write her, her own new pilot. "Sara Ellis, Insurance Investigator, LA division". The sooner the better in my opinion.. That character wasn't the best and slowed down the show, making awkward scenes just so they could add her in. Neal and Alex have all the chemistry, Neal and Sara don't and it is obvious to many of us.. I did think the Raquel character had a lot of chemistry with Neal too.


If you follow this show closely, you will know that Alex and Neal are good friends (with benefits) and so she is a part of his PRESENT, just as Mozzie is. Alex and Neal have come in and out of each others lives, and seem to be there for each other when they need each other's support/help/protection the most. So I don't discount the relationship as if it is in the past.. Sara is currently broken up with Neal, is she in his past now too?? No, since she is a regular on the show, she will have more stories with Neal and so will Alex, once they bring her back.. I am not sure why everyone tends to comment about who is better for Neal.. Personally, I believe he doesn't need any long term relationships. I must admit that his scenes with Alex and the storyline with her has been exceptionally great, and the story developed well... the scenes and story with Sara were too underdeveloped to be believed, so i think that is why so many long time fans of this show do not like this character. I haven't enjoyed the way the Sara character was intro'd or how the 2 minute make out session in the archives with Neal, was suppose to make us believe that he all of a sudden had a relationship/feelings for her.. anyway, I hope WC writers will work it all out. Hopefully, they won't tie Neal down to any one lady. Neal is a great conman and Peter is a great lawman, that is what makes the show fun. I don't want to see Neal get too reformed, that would just make it another cop show. Looking forward to White Collar coming back and hoping that they do more with the Elizabeth and June too.


Wow, first of all i have no idea what you mean when you say it's racist. Also i can't make you like h. Burton but sara's character has nothing to do with OTH. By the way it would be nice if u'd use nicer language.


Hilarie Burton is a bitch and i don't like her at all cause evey scene this bitch has came on this show they have pushed alex aside and i know that this show is now racist to me like all the other shows and i would never watch a racist show like this ever again.I never like Hilarie Burton when she was on One Tree Hill she the reason that Lucas couldn't really be with Brooke cause that's all she was was a slut and a winey bitch.




LOVE THIS! Can't wait for round 2! PS. I LOVE Hilarie Burton on this show. I watched Season 2 again a few weeks ago, and I agree with a the reviewer who said they like that Alex is apart of his past. I think if he's going to eventually choose a side, she's one of the pulls to the "dark side." If he's going to change, Alex can't be a part of his future. Also, I liked how Sarah didn't slink away when Alex came back into the picture. She put herself out there, and I'm hoping there's still more to come between her and Neal. Great show! Neal + Peter = Fav pairing of any show.


Disagree, hilarie is great. And yeah so is alex, but i like that they have put alex as part of neal's past. Also they are both way better than kate ever was.


i gave up on this show since they brought Hilarie burton and have refused to promote the chick who plays Alex...at the end of the day....a show is as good as its supporting cast

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White Collar Quotes

Leave your heart off your sleeve.


Often the things we try to hide are most obvious to the people around us.

Vincent Adler [to Neal]