Body of Proof Review: What She Deserves?

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Mob mentality is a scary thing. It knows no reason or logic. It has no compassion and it twists the idea of justice into something frightening. And, most of all, it forgets that no matter what we think we know, there is the possibility that we are wrong.

Perhaps that's why I found "Sympathy for the Devil" so fascinating. It's always interesting to see who follows the mob and who breaks free.

Marcia Gay Harden on Body of Proof

Megan was absolutely right. No matter who the body on her table is, no matter what they've done, they deserve the same due diligence. 

I was disappointed in Ethan but not completely surprised. Sometimes smart people forget they don't know everything and this time Ethan forgot that his job was to observe. It wasn't to judge the body on the table. It was to collect evidence.

I was so proud of Kate when she told him off. His behavior was unprofessional and set up the entire department for a law suit. What was amusing was the Ethan didn't see it coming. Ethan's lucky he didn't lose his job.

This was definitely one of Body of Proof's darker episodes. One of the few lighter moments was watching Curtis kick the reporters out on their butts. He wanted nothing to do with the media circus. If I had one complaint it was that we didn't have nearly enough Curtis.

When Megan talked about the dirt underneath Hillary's eyelids I couldn't help but cringe. Imagine waking up to find yourself buried alive. That's just horrifying.

The one character who had my sympathy was Joan. She did her job and perhaps a murderer went free - but if the evidence wasn't there, that wasn't her fault. But in the court of public opinion it was, and a splendid career went down in flames. It's not fair but sometimes life is like that.

Bud and Sheila were entertaining. Even cynical, sarcastic Bud still believed he could get through to the jaded, fame-driven reporter. In the end she was simply on to her next victim... I mean news story. No offense, Nancy Grace.

So was Hillary's mother right? Did she kill her son? Or was a broken young woman who lost her own son the victim of her mother's misguided conclusions? The truth is that we'll never know the truth and perhaps that's the scariest part of all.


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Not a bad episode last night, but I still want to know how many M.E.'s with long hair wear it hanging down over the "body of proof?"


agree with debbie - it is a great entertaining show!! Entertainment has creative license and can have actor portray mothers to adults that in real life wouldn't be this entertaining show, great writing!!


I really like this show.. age differences can be disconcerting but it works..stop overthinking it and just enjoy.i love bluebloods but tom selleck and pop are approximately 7 yrs apart. That was hard to "get over".. they really should have picked an older man to be tom's dad but i really like his pop and i just enjoy show, the same as i do on "body of proof"...


Love this show as usual. Some of the comments are rediculous


Cassidy and Delany - in real life - are 11 years apart. I also have a bit of trouble with the mother-daughter "age spread" on Rizzoli & Isles. Though Angie Harmon and the actress who plays her mom are 18 years apart, to me they look considerably closer in age.


This show is a joke!If you watch any other crime shows like( Bones,Rozzoli & Isles)you'll see that the script is bad and not believable. How can Joanna Cassidy be Delany's Mother?Delany is at least 45 years old!


this show is a joke! If you watch any other crime shows ( Bones,Rozzoli & Isles,) Delany's character is NOT believable. How can Joanna Cassidy be her Mother? Delany is at least 45 years old!


I think this show is wonderful!!! I can't believe mid-season a C+ rating!!! This show needs to stay around a long time!!! The acting is excellent, all of the actors do a great job playing their characters!!! This show is a keeper for sure. I record it weekly so I don't miss it!!! Please don't have it taken off, that would be a terrible loss for the viewers and the network.
Kathy Dixon

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Hillary Stone. Chalk this up a problem that solved itself.


Choppers and an accused murderer under the big top. You still think this isn't a circus?